Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Underground Research Base

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No, I must wait for him to come back, thinking like this, Lu Yingying sat down.

When Ye Mo got to the Yuan family mansion, there were five people in Yuan Zhirongs room.

There were three men on the left side, one of which was in his 50s and had a scar on his forehead. His nose was flat, yet he had a certain temperament to him. Ye Mo believed this to be Yuan Zhirong.

There was a person beside Yuan Zhirong who was already in his 40s but still looked very ferocious. There were two men on the right, one was the righteous looking man that had been at the feast. Then there was a youth next to this man who Ye Mo thought was probably Yuan Qibing.

Remembering how this person had sent people to attack Ning Qingxue on the plane, killing intent appeared in Ye Mos eyes. If it wasnt for that Black Sun Empire, Ning Qingxue mightve really been abducted.

"Dad, your plan this time was really seamless. Even if that Yu from Flowing Snake knows we did it, she wont be able to do anything to us. Todays news was too satisfying! Luo Yue is over. Pity, if only that Ning Qingxue hadnt died, things would be perfect," Yuan Qibing said.

The middle aged man suddenly said, "Young CEO, Ning Qingxue probably didnt die. I received news that this morning, an extremely pretty woman appeared in Flowing Snake. Based on the description, this person might really be Ning Qingxue."

"What?!" Yuan Qibing stood up suddenly with a face full of excitement. He only had the image of Ning Qingxue in his mind, everything else didnt matter.

A moment later, Yuan Qibing asked desperately, "Uncle Ping, do you have her picture? Show me quick!"

The man replied, "No picture. Someone just happened to see her from a great distance and didnt have time to take a picture before the woman went inside. She never came back out. But apparently that womans husband also appeared in Flowing Snake, and he seems to be a higherup of Luo Yue."

Yuan Qibing was a bit dazed before clenching his teeth, "No wonder Fei Yu was able to be chosen. I have to let that man watch on as I torture his woman!"

Yuan Qibing quickly stopped though, as he saw his father sitting in front of him and felt that hed let loose too much.

Yuan Zhirong scanned Yuan Qibing and said, "Put this thing aside. Women are just an extra compared to your career. If you cant even control this, how can I feel assured handing over Yuan Bei Corporation to you? If that woman was indeed Ning Qingxue, we must not touch her. The entire plane went missing, yet she is the only one thats fine. There must be a lot of people looking for her. Not to memtion, Luo Yue is far from over yet."

"Yes father, I know," Yuan Qibing returned to being calm and acknowledged guiltily.

Yuan Zhirong ignored Yuan Qibings reaction and said to the middle-aged man, "Weiping, I know you just came back, but please report Flowing Snakes reaction nonetheless. By the way, when you did it, did you do it cleanly?"

"Yes, President," The man answered and spoke immediately, "This time, I targeted ten customers who bought the beauty pill and the health pill, with six of them having bought the beauty pill. After they ate one pill, I inserted some Blood Melting Serum into the other pills. No one will find out about it."

Yuan Zhirong nodded, "Although its a little less than what we wanted, our goal has been reached."

However, the middle-aged man said, "Yes, although I targeted ten, six of them died after eating it. Only four lived, but their faces have been partially destroyed."

"Go to the compound and watch over the creation of the Blood Melting Serum. We need to make it more accurate. Also, the WQ033 virus must be urgently produced. We can release it when Luo Yue collapses."

"Yes, President."

The righteous-looking man intervened, "Big Brother, Li Chunsheng seems to have a great background, and hes no simple man himself. Those last couple of times, the Senate wasnt able to do anything to him. I fear that once he consolidates his footing, no one will be a match for him. Now that hes responsible for the Health Department, I think we can start with the virus and give him a heavy blow. Even if we cant do anything to him, as long as we kick him out of He Feng, we win."

Ye Mo nodded. So this guy is Yuan Zhirongs brother? No wonder he could come to this meeting.

Yuan Zhirong hummed for a moment and said, "That can surely be done. Once this virus spreads, it will cause horror. I believe no one can withstand the responsibilities of it. Since Li Chunsheng is managing this sector, start from He Feng. Though I believe we can choose Xi Tong Town as the starting point. When Li Chunsheng isnt able to keep his head above water anymore, you can attack him from the Senate, and we will find a suitable time to provide the cure and help you build up power."

Ye Mos eyes went cold. He didnt expect this Yuan Zhirong to be this heartless and mad, actually using a virus to attack his political enemies. Ye Mo wanted to kill them.

But even if he did, it would be of no benefit to Luo Yue, and the people outside would suspect them. Since he was going to attack, he would be completely destroying the Yuan family.

"Since were going to attack, we need to kill them in one blow. Weiping, watch Luo Yue closely. I believe that tomorrow morning, they will have someone give a talk. Before we it's safe and clear, dont make any moves. Recently, Luo Yue seems to have been much more strict. You need to remind our men to be careful," Yuan Zhirong said.

"I know, President," Weiping nodded seriously.

"Big Brother, when I go back, I will have the city government make a notice prohibiting the purchase of any of Luo Yues products. Then, I will ask Mayor Niu to hold a press conference."

"Okay, this will be the end of todays meeting. Well discuss our next move after seeing how Luo Yue reacts. Chang Hui, youre He Fengs Vice-Mayor, no one knows that youre from the Yuan family so far, so dont come here unless there are special circumstances," Yuan Zhirong nodded and reminded.

Seeing them leave, Ye Mo sneered and packed away his camera. Other than that Weiping who was near the yellow level, all of them were ordinary people.

Ye Mo had decided to go to their factory to take a look first but before he did, he took out a needle and shot it into Yuan Qibings forehead.

Yuan Qibing stumbled and was held up by Weiping who asked, "What happened to you?"

Yuan Qibing shook his head, "Nothing, Im just feeling a little dizzy. Its fine now."

Yuan Zhirong reproached, "Youre this young, and youre feeling dizzy. Binger, I hold you in high regards, but I want you to start putting your focus on the company and not on women."

Ye Mo didnt want to listen anymore. He searched with his spirit sense and soon found a production factory outside the manor.

The entrance was in a well. Ye Mo used his camera to take pics as he jumped down. Although there were many alarms, they might as well have been just for show in front of Ye Mo.

The underground base was very big. Ye Mo suspected whether the Yuan family had even made it themselves. It was very spacious, with tens of men in blue uniforms checking bottles of serums. Looking at their white pale skin, it was obvious that they hadnt seen any sunlight for a long time.

Ye Mo immediately took out his camera to take pictures. It took only a few minutes before Yuan Zhirong came down with that middle-aged man.

As soon as he came, a researcher started to explain the progress to him.

He had to admit that these facilities were very secretive. It would be almost impossible for others to take pictures of this. Pity that Yuan Zhirong had encountered a cultivator.
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