Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Keep Running

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Although Ye Mo had already come out of the underground room, he had to commend Yuan Zhirong for his cruelty. Not only had he built the base underground, he also had planted seven or eight bombs.

This wasnt the first time Ye Mo had to deal with bombs. Ye Mo was going to dig them all out and bury them around their mansion. The mansion probably cost around a few hundred million to have it built. He wondered what Yuan Zhirong would feel when he pressed the button, and his own mansion was blown away.

Although Ye Mo also wanted to place a few at their office building, but he thought that would cost the life of a lot of innocent people, so he stopped that thought.

Ye Mo shook his head, he wasnt cruel enough. A cruel person would bury Yuan Zhirong in his building without doubts.

Three hours later, Ye Mo left the Yuan Familys mansion.


Luo Sheng was a bartender, he knew Sister Ying. He usually worked from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Although Sister Ying was a promoter, she never stayed over 10 p.m. at the bar.

But that day it was already morning and she was still there. She didnt try to promote her wine, she just sat nervously at the table as though she was waiting for someone.

"Aiyo, isnt this Sister Ying? How come you still havent finished work by now?", a casual voice sounded. A young man in his twenties walked to Lu Yingying and sat down beside her. There were two other young men with him, but when they saw the young man sit next to Lu Yingying, they sat on a different table.

Lu Yingying frowned. She knew that young man, he had kept pestering her for more than once. She never gave him any chance because she finished work at 10 p.m. everyday.

"Lets have two cups of Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine, on me this time", the young man said.

Lu Yingying said coldly, "Gu Chong, I dont want to drink with you, move aside."

The young man smiled, "Sister Ying, Im helping you do business. Is this how you treat someone who helps your business?"

Lu Yingying stood up as though she hadnt heard him, and tried to sit somewhere else. She knew Gu Chong was an overlord there, but she also knew what to do and rarely messed with him. He usually came to the bar at after 11, and she left earlier. If it had been another time, she would have had a drink, but this time, she was annoyed and desperately wanted to see Ye Mo. She wasnt in the mood to waste time with Gu Chong.

"Hmm. Brother Gu treated you for drink and is advertising for you, but you treat him with this attitude. How can you be like this, Sister Ying?", the two young men got on Lu Yingyings way.

Gu Chongs expression sunk. Usually, when he saw that woman and messed with her, she never dared to speak up. Had she taken the wrong medicine that day?

Lu Yingying had been listed as one of his women ages ago. Although she wasnt some rare beauty, she wasn't ugly. Her main attractive was her chest, it was too enticing.

However, Gu Chong rarely came to the bar before ten, so he forgot about that woman most of the time. He didnt lack women. For him, if he could have a wealthy girl, he would take her. But sometimes, it was another kind of fun playing with a bargirl.

Lu Yingyings face looked bad, she knew what she had done just then wasnt too good, but she was too excited.

"Sorry, Young Master Gu, I wasnt in a good mood. I will apologise, this shot will be on me." Then she drank a cup.

Gu Chong laughed, "Thats how it should be, but" Then, Gu Chong signaled his two lackeys.

The young man who had stopped her raised his thumb. "Sister Ying is really understanding but today youve made our Brother Gu angry. Brother Gu is magnanimous, but dont you think you need to give him something in return?"

"What else do you want?" Lu Yingyings face didnt change, she had seen this in the bar too often. If he was going to continue pressuring her, she wouldnt retreat anymore. The more you backed down, the more cocky these people got.

"What do we want to do? Sister Ying, Brother Gu admires you, so, today you will have to stay with him. From now on, your business will be handled by Brother Gu", one of the young men said.

Lu Yingyings face changed and immediately said, "Keep dreaming."

Gu Chong sneered, "Youre asking for it."

As soon as Gu Chong said this, the young rose his hand to slap Lu Yingying. Lu Yingying had been using the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine for a long time and, although she hadnt cultivated, she was agile. Before the young man could slap her, she blocked it subconsciously.

However, the young mans strength was great and she still stumbled and fell into a seat.

Luo Sheng was worried, but he knew that he couldnt offend Gu Chong. But before he could call the police, he was stopped.

"Boss." Luo Sheng hadnt expected his boss to stop him.

"Luo Sheng, I know what youre thinking but Gu Chong isnt someone we can offend. If you call the police, he will still be fine, but you would be in trouble and I would be involved. Sigh- Lu Yingying is unlucky today. Furthermore, being in this profession, you would come across this one way or another", the middle-aged man sighed.

Many people saw the scene, but no one came to help.

Lu Yingying had a sliver of desperation in her eyes. She looked at Gu Chong and said, "Young Master Gu, I agree to what you want, but just give me one night. Im seeing a friend tonight, I will stay with you tomorrow."

Gu Chong laughed, "Although youre not some teenage virgin, you must go in bed with someone else after me."

"Youre called Gu CHiong", a plain voice sounded.

Lu Yingying had excitement flash across her eyes. She didnt think she was being rescued, but the person she was waiting for finally had arrived.

"Youre finally here." Lu Yingying seemed to have a thousand things to say. This time, she wouldnt let the young man go, no matter what. In that moment, she actually forgot she was being oppressed by Gu Chong.

Gu Chong studied Ye Mo and said in contempt, "This was the friend you were waiting for to sleep with?"

Lu Yingying just realized that the issue there hadnt been solved. Her face changed. She didnt know if Ye Mo was the person she was looking for, but if he wasnt, then she had gotten him into trouble.

Although Ye Mo didnt know what had happened, he could tell by the looks.

Ye Mo didnt reply to Gu Chong and said to Lu Yingying, "Didnt you need me for something? Lets go."

Lu Yingying looked at Gu Chong and the others and bit her lips. She walked around the two lackeys, but what made her feel something was off was that they didnt stop her.

"Lets go quickly." Lu Yingying pulled Ye Mo and wanted to leave as fast as possible.

Ye Mo smiled, "Okay, lets go."

As soon as Ye Mo and Lu Yingying walked past the two guys, Gu Chong and his two men finally reacted. They had felt their bodies freeze.

"Chase her." Although Gu Chong didnt know what that was, he wouldnt let food escape from his mouth.

"Theyre chasing us, lets run." Lu Yingying pulled Ye Mo, as she got ready to run.

Ye Mo nodded, but Lu Yingyings expression changed rapidly. She found out that Ye Mo didnt run very fast, and they only had been running for a kilometer before they were stopped under a tree again by them.

Lu Yingying had finally found someone who knew about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, and she really didnt want to let Ye Mo go like that.

"Why dont you keep running?", Gu Chong scorned.
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