Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Very Cool Indeed

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Lu Yingying was still rapidly thinking about how she could make Gu Chong let them go when she realized that the youth she had pulled along had already walked up to Gu Chong.

"I was never planning on running. The reason why I came here was because I didnt want to cause a disturbance in the bar," Ye Mo said plainly.

Ye Mo didnt want to be caught by the Yuan family because of his plan going into action.

"Ha-" Gu Chong laughed first but soon stopped his smile, because he realized that this youth wasnt just saying stuff randomly. As soon as hed finished, there were people getting slapped in the face over and over and kicked. Gu Chongs two men didnt even have the time to react before being knocked to the ground. The only sound he heard was that of bones breaking but even then, his men didnt even get to scream.

"You!" Gu Chong realized the situation wasnt good.

Ye Mo walked up to Gu Chong and sent a slap his way.

Gu Chong was smacked away like a fly. He spat mouthfuls of blood and crouched on the ground, looking in horror as Ye Mo slowly approached him.

"My brother-in-law is He Feng Police Departments Vice-Chief. You cant do anything to me-"

Before Gu Chong could even finish, Ye Mo slapped again with multiple teeth falling out of Gu Chongs mouth. At this moment, he realized that his brother-in-law would be of no use as a backup. His two men were laying still on the ground, and it was unknown whether they were dead or alive.

If this person had really just killed those three Gu Chong shivered. If he were to be killed, then no matter what his sister did to get avenge him, he wouldnt be able to come back to life.

"Dont hit me, I can give you a lot of money, I can make you a major government official of He Feng..." Gu Chong thought of all sorts of reasons for Ye Mo to stop attacking him.

But when he said that, this man stopped attacking him unexpectedly.

Ye Mo took back the leg he was about to kick Gu Chong with and looked at him coldly, "Your brother-in-law is just a police chief, a vice-chief at that; how can he give me a major government official position?"

Gu Chong breathed easy. Although he was beaten quite heavily, it was good that he could bargain with this person. As long as he agreed, Gu Chong had ways to deal with thim. Thinking about this, Gu Chong wanted to trick Ye Mo.

Crack- Ye Mo was far above the level of Gu Chong. He could see what Gu Chong was thinking just by looking into his eyes. Ye Mo couldnt even be bothered to talk and just kicked, breaking Gu Chongs arm.

Gu Chongs soul was about to be blown away due to fear. He knew that this person really had the guts to kill him. He no longer dared to make up stories and said, "I really do have a way. I have evidence against Mayor Niu which I can blackmail him with. If you use this to threaten him, he will agree to you for sure."

Ye Mo thought, Mayor Niu? This must be that half-bald guy he had seen. How could someone like Gu Chong have evidence against him? Thinking about this, Ye Mo questioned in contempt, "Who do you think you are? How can you have evidence against him?"

Seeing Ye Mos doubt, Gu Chong quickly said, "Big Brother, I really do. I got this from my brother-in-law. He has worked for Mayor Niu, and every time he did, he would keep evidence in his diary. Once, I went to my brother-in-laws house and found it on his computer, after which I copied it secretly. As long as Big Brother has mercy on me, I can give these to you."

A mayors secret could be caught by a Vice-Chief of the police? This must be something not-all-too-important.

Gu Chong thought about how his two men had been killed before, and he just wanted Ye Mo to let him live. Seeing that Ye Mo was still doubting him, he immediately continued, "Its because I knew that my brother-in-law has a computer that never connects to the internet. Every time he used the computer, he would turn it off. I figured this computer had to have secrets on it, so while he went to the toilet, I sneaked into his room and copied the files that were on it."

Ye Mo sneered and stood on Gu Chongs broken hand, saying, "Your eyes are dodging mine, which means youre lying. Dont blame me for not giving you a chance. You can be on your way now."

Having declared that, Ye Mo was going to kick Gu Chong.

Gu Chong saw with his own eyes how Ye Mo killed his two men with a kick. How could he let Ye Mo kick him! He quickly called out, "Big Brother, Ill tell you, my sister told me to do it. She thought my brother-in-law was going to divorce her, so she wanted to use this against him. Im really telling the truth this time!"

Lu Yingying stood frozen by the side. She didnt expect this youth to be this strong. What shocked her even more was his cruelty; had he really killed? Those two still hadnt moved up until now.

Ye Mo sneered not saying a word. Suddenly, a dagger appeared in his hand, reflecting the moonlight from under the tree, giving the dagger a frosty glow.

Gu Chong forgot that Ye Mo didnt need a weapon to kill him. He thought Ye Mo was going to kill him and screamed, "Big Brother, I still havent given the evidence to you, so dont kill me! That evidence is about Mayor Niu; it has his records of being bribed and political misconducts."

Seeing that Ye Mo didnt move, Gu Chong quickly continued, "A year ago, the water storage of Xi Tong Town was broken by the water due to trashy construction which flooded many villages. That was all because of him."

Hmm? Ye Mo immediately remembered Shi Xiu telling him how hed saved some people in a flood, was that then?

"Keep talking." Ye Mo held some interest, since it involved Shi Xiu.

Seeing Ye Mo finally have some interest, Gu Chong quickly said, "The mayor of Xi Tong Town had great dreams. When he first came, he wanted to make Xi Tong into a touristic area. He used his connections to get 60 million worth of funds to build a metal-like dam for water storage and move the villagers from downstream away.

Because this fund had to go through the city, Mayor Niu took 50 million from the sum and only gave a few million. He even sent a few people to monitor the progress, and at that time, Su Heng happened to be hospitalized due to an illness. Thus, this dam building was supervised by another mayor and the people Mayor Niu had sent."

Noticing how Ye Mo was listening intently, Gu Chong further explained with increased vigor, "Mayor Niu used the money for a holiday in the US. He even brought a gambling master along, but he lost all the money in Las Vegas."

Ye Mo finally understood. Mayor Niu wanted to earn from that money yet lost everything. A dam built with a few million; no wonder it was a garbage construction.

"Because there were no more funds to build the dam, it could only be finished in a rush. When Su Heng came out of the hospital, there was a thunderstorm before he could check the construction. The rain with the blood blew the dam apart and Mayor Niu blamed all of that on Su Heng and the assistant he had sent. They later committed suicide," Gu Chong said this and looked at Ye Mo carefully. He didnt know if this would be enough to save his life.

Ye Mo sneered. Committed suicide? Su Heng knew he had been set up, he would never commit suicide. The timing of Su Heng going into the hospital was too coincidental. Niu Manzheng managed to cover all this up? He was quite capable!
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