Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Yuan Familys Signature Product

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Seeing Ye Mos continued silence, Gu Chong quickly added, "Four years ago, at the Yuan Bei Lou food poisoning incident, 43 workers died. This was also suppressed by Mayor Niu, who at the time was only a Vice-Mayor."

Even that could be suppressed? With modern-day technology, you'd have to be very capable for that. This was different from Ye Mos slaughter in the hidden sects. No matter how many people died in the hidden sects, no government would care.

However, Ye Mo wouldnt have expected something to the extent of a food poisoning incident to have been covered up.

Gu Chong said, "These were homeless people the Yuan family had found from all over the place. So when the incident happened, it didnt matter much. Many people never even heard about it."

No wonder! Ye Mo thought.

Wait, if the Yuan family really wanted to build Yuan Bei Lou, they would need more than 40 workers. As for these workers, why would they need to be homeless people?

Maybe to create that underground base? Ye Mo immediately understood. On the surface, the Yuan family used them to build Yuan Bei Lou but secretly, they used them to dig into the earth to prepare for the building of the underground base. After that was done, they were all killed. This was comparable to the means of ancient emperors.

"How did your brother-in-law come to know about this stuff?" Ye Mo continued to ask.

Gu Chong answered without hesitation, "My brother-in-law used to be the mayors secretary. Only this year did he become the Police Vice-Chief."

So that was it! Ye Mo nodded.

"Bring me to the location where you keep the things youve copied. You have saved your life," Ye Mo said. Some things that werent of much use to him, he could give to Shi Xiu as means for him to progress.

"Yes, yes Big Brother. About my two men" Gu Chong muttered shakily.

Ye Mo said plainly, "They wont die yet. Once you come back, all you have to do is pee on their face."

Gu Chong knew that Ye Mo meant that he had to splash them with water, but he didnt dare refute. He was scared he would die if he pissed Ye Mo off.


Gu Chong didnt live that far away so twenty minutes later, Ye Mo and Lu Yingying were taking away a storage disk from Gu Chongs place. After confirming the data on it, Ye Mo couldnt be bothered with Gu Chong anymore. He left with Lu Yingying without even curing his hand.

Ye Mo believed that Gu Chong wouldnt have the guts to spill this. If word got out, this would be no good for him nor for his brother-in-law.

"Come over for a chat at my house?" Lu Yingying looked at Ye Mo with anticipation.

"Sure." Ye Mo wanted to know where Lu Yingying had gotten her Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass from. If there really was that much, he wouldnt need to worry about cultivation resources anymore. He would be able to entre the chi gathering tertiary stage without a problem.


Lu Yingyings place was not too far from the bar. She rented a one-bedroom house.

It was an old building, so when Ye Mo arrived, there was only a sleeping old man acting as the guard, and no one could be seen inside the entire building block. Even the road lights were a dim yellow.

Lu Yingying lived on the third floor. When Ye Mo entered the room after her, he found the lighting was very bad there. Luckily they were on the third floor; if it had been the first or second floor, there wouldve probably been a musty smell too.

Ye Mo sat down in the living room as Lu Yingying poured him a drink. Ye Mo could tell the drink contained Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, but it was a pity that it had no use for Ye Mo as the herb didnt even have a single flower.

Although Ye Mo was disappointed, he didnt speak up. He knew that since Lu Yingying had brought him here, it had to be because of the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass. There was no need for him to ask anything before Lu Yingying started to speak.

Lu Yingying also poured herself something and sat down facing Ye Mo. Then, she asked shakily, "So, since you know its a herb, then are you a cultivator?"

Ye Mo thought for a moment. The term cultivator was a very ambiguous word; doing ancient martial arts was cultivation, truth(spirit chi) cultivation was also cultivation. Since she had asked the question in this way, it meant that she didnt understand cultivation.

Ye Mo didnt explain the difference and nodded, "Yes, I am."

Lu Yingying heard this reply and almost tipped over her drink. She suddenly stood up and knelt down in front of Ye Mo.

Just as Ye Mo was feeling strange, Lu Yingying begged with a crying voice, "Pease help me, Qianbei."

Ye Mo frowned and said coldly, "If there is anything you want to ask, sit down and speak. I have something to ask you too, but if you keep kneeling down, then sorry, but Ill be leaving."

Lu Yingying quickly got up and sat back in her seat. She wiped her eyes and said, "My family comes from a small, far-off village in Jing City, but my parents were never there. I used to live with my younger brother and my grandfather. My grandfather managed to become a doctor of Chinese medicine, because he had been taught by a master and obtained some recipes and a method for cultivating herbs."

A herb cultivation method? Ye Mo immediately thought of the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, but that needed a certain amount of spirit chi to be able to survive. Even in the wild it had to grow in places containing spirit chi. Although he could tell Lu Yingyings herb didnt even have a single flower, if she had grown it herself, that would be astonishing enough.

Lu Yingying continued, "This recipe is the Heart Protection Serum, and it requires tens of different herbs, being very complicated to make. Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass is one of the main ingredients. Four years ago, a man in his 50s and a man in his 40s came to my grandpa to buy the serum. My grandpa rejected them, but what we didnt expect was that they would be so heartless. They killed my grandpa, killed my brother and took our ancestral recipe."

Ye Mo sighed. Lu Yingying was quite pitiful.

Lu Yingying bit her teeth as she continued, "The dogs barking let the people in the village know and frightened the two away. When I got back, it was clear my grandpa wasnt going to make it. Before he died, he told me what they looked like and told me that if I ever find someone who knows about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, I can ask that person for help.

He said that without finding someone who knows about it, I mustnt try to get revenge. Those people didnt know that the recipe didnt contain the main ingredient, the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass. Although it would still work without it, it would be far less potent."

"Why must it be someone who knows of the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

Lu Yingying calmed down from her excited state and explained, "Because the master who gave my grandpa the recipe was a cultivator, and he said that only cultivators would know about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass."

Lu Yingying eyed Ye Mo once before continuing, "Three years ago, the Yuan Bei Corporations Heart Safety Serum entered the market and became their top product. Only then did I finally find out it was the Yuan family who had stolen it. I then chose to stay in He Feng, in the bar closest to the Yuan family, advertising the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine. I wanted to attract someone who knew about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass and find a way to kill Yuan Zhirong.

But in these three years, I havent found anyone, nor have I had a chance to kill Yuan Zhirong. In my moment of desperation, I met you. My grandpa said that if I encounter a cultivator who knows about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, I may give him the cultivation method and ask him to get revenge for us."

After saying this, Lu Yingying walked to a cabin and opened it, taking out a disk-shaped thing from it, "This is what cultivates the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass. You only need to plant the seed in an environment with fresh air and put the disk next to the seed. After that, the herb can live."
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