Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Asking Xiao Lei Out

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"Formation disk?", Ye Mo took it and almost screamed. He was actually seeing a formation disk on Earth.

It was a spirit-gathering formation disk, were there really actual cultivators there? Was it someone like him, who had transmigrated from the cultivation realm? Or was it someone from the hidden sects that could make these formation disks?

There was starting energy in the disk, but he didnt know if it was spirit stones because it was almost out.

It was a pity, the starting energy had almost run out. When it was all gone, it would be useless if there was no spirit stones.

It was simple to make a formation disk like that one, but the main thing was the driving energy, whether it was essential chi or spirit stones. This was very important to Ye Mo. Comparatively, this formation disk was worth nothing, because Ye Mo could make it himself if he had the materials. Moreover, he didnt need a formation disk to make formations.

It seemed that the cultivators there were as simple as he had thought.

Lu Yingying looked worriedly as she saw Ye Mo get lost in his thoughts, staring at the disk. She didnt know if Ye Mo would attack her because of it.

Seeing Lu Yingyings worried expression, Ye Mo smiled faintly, "This disk has no use for me, you can keep it."

Lu Yingyings expression changed, her heart sank. Her grandpas words hadnt gotten true. Although she had waited at He Feng for these years and had finally found someone who knew about the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, he wasnt interested in her price.

Seeing her disappointed look, Ye Mo smiled and said, "Dont worry about your revenge, I came to He Feng this time also to get revenge from the Yuan Family. I wont hide it from you, Im the person responsible for Luo Yue in Flowing Snake. The beauty pill incident is due to the Yuan family, do you think I will let them live? So, in at most a week, you will see them disappear from He Feng."

"Are you the president of Luo Yue? Oh my god. The beauty pill and healthy pill are absurd, and you were the one who made them? When I saw that report on the negative effects, I knew it was someone trying to harm Luo Yue. It was so indeed." Lu Yingying stood up in joy.

She was joyful because had Ye Mo promised her to annihilate the Yuan Family, but she was also joyful for meeting the creator of Luo Yue. He was a legendary figure.

"So, you dont need to worry. When the Yuan Family is annihilated, you can also tell reporters about what they did to your family", Ye Mo said.

Lu Yingying bowed to Ye Mo once again. "Thank you. If it wasnt for you, I may never be able to get revenge in my entire life."

Ye Mo nodded, "That disk will be of no use in a short time, so dont use it to cultivate Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, the ones you cultivated didnt even have a single flower. Its medicinal value is very low."


After Ye Mo had left Lu Yingyings place, he decided to find a famous reporter to expose them and then look for Shi Xiu. He was going to give his material to Shi Xiu, and make him go find Li Chunsheng. This way, when Li Chunsheng stablises his position in He Feng, he would remember Shi Xius work. This was different from helping Shi Xiu because of him.

Ye Mo had low exposure to the media, and so he didnt know any popular reporters. He thought about asking his friends in Beijing for help, Zhang Jue or Zhuo AIguo, would both do.

Thinking about Zhuo Aiguo, Ye Mo suddenly thought of Xiao Lei. With these thoughts, Ye Mo took out Xiao Leis business card. Since he knew Xiao Lei and she was a famous reporter in Beijing, he might as well call her.

When Ye Mo called Xiao Leis number, he just realized it was already 3 a.m. But since he had already called, he wasnt going to hang up.

Xiao Lei was still half awake when the phone started ringing. She couldn't who would calling her at that moment, did that person have a problem?

Xiao Lei had been working for the whole day and didnt get enough rest, so, of course, anyone would be annoyed at getting a call in her situation.

Although she wanted to hang up, her professional behavior made her pick up.

"Who is this?", Xiao Leis tone wasnt nice, after all, it was very late.

Ye Mo knew Xiao Leis character. If there were bombshell news, she would give that top priority, so he didnt mind her tone.

"I have big news here. He Fengs mayor laundered tens of million and it resulted in a garbage construction that destroyed a few villages. A company is planning to spread a virus in order to promote its product. Journalist Xiao, are you interested in these news?", Ye Mo smiled.

"What?", Xiao Lei was shocked by Ye Mos words. She had been a journalist for so many years, but this kind of news were rare and it wasnt just one.

"Who are you? How do I know youre not lying?", Xiao Lei retained her composure and her tone turned cold.

Ye Mo smiled, "We know each other, I wouldnt lie to you."

"Who are you?", Xiao Lei thought Ye Mos voice was indeed familiar. Who was it?

"Im Ye Mo, I-", before Ye Mo could say where he was, the phone suddenly hung up.

Xiao Lei was struck. The person who had called her was Ye Mo, the man who she one sidedly loved and had a wife. Why did he call her in the middle of the night? Did he use the news as an excuse? She couldnt believe so many things were happening at the same time.

Xiao Leis hand started to shake. Ye Mo was asking her out in the middle of the night. She had been taken by surprise.

When she finally reacted, she found out that her phone was on the ground. Before she could think twice, she dialed back, but she realized she couldnt reach him. She didnt know Ye Mos phone and his number had a special contract. if he didnt set the number, other people cant call him.

"Out of battery?", Ye Mo said to himself and called again.

Xiao Lei was worried and sweating when Ye Mo called back again. She picked up as fast as she could and said, "Ye Mo, where are you?"

"Im at the Wu He Bar in He Feng. I really need your help, these news are real. I need you to spread it as fast as you can", e Mo said calmly, trying not to get her to misunderstand him.

"Is it really true?" Xiao Lei calmed down. She realized she was thinking too much. Ye Mo seemed to love Ning Qingxue a lot, how could he be asking her out on a date in the middle of the night? Even if he did, he didnt need to be like that.

Xiao Lei patted her head and calmed down. She thought about it; then she used a slower tone and said, "Ye Mo, you cant say things randomly like that. If you dont have any evidence, there will be legal consequences. Dont leave no matter what. If you need my help, wait until come. Before I arrive, dont do anything. Even if you have evidence, its about a mayor, you cant spread it out easily just like that."

"Okay. Ill wait for you at the bar in the morning." Ye Mo understood her worries. She must have thought he didnt have evidence. But Ye Mo didnt mind, if she didnt dare to do it, he would ask Li Qiuyang for help. This was a small thing for him. Even if he didnt have evidence, Ye Mo would still do it.
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