Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Rapid Reaction

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After looking at the video recording, Li Chunsheng was frozen. After a while, he muttered to himself, "Amazing, amazing."

"Mayor Li, this is probably useful", Shi Xiu said happily.

Li Chunsheng reacted and grabbed Shi Xius arm in excitement, "Shi Xiu, where did you get this? With this, how could they even fight back? Youre a really good right hand.

Mmm, wait, Shi Xiu, how did you get this? Every single recording is full of information, where did you get such a complete set?", Li Chunsheng didnt suspect it was fake, it looked very real.

Shi Xiu had also been very excited all day. He pointed at the video of Yuan Zhirongs room and said, "Of course it was-"

"Young Master Mo", Li Chunsheng immediately reacted. Who else other than Ye Mo could get this? The supporter of Yuan Bei corporation was Mayor Niu and they were plotting against Ye Mos Luo Yue. This had offended Ye Mo and he had come to investigate.

Did Ye Mo come to investigate? Li Chunsheng suddenly had goosebumps. How long did it take for Ye Mo find such precise evidence?

He was strong, too strong. He rejoiced for having picked the best side early. He had been on Ye Mos side for a long time ago. These people probably dont want to live, how dare they offend Ye Mo? If Ye Mo was easy to defy, the Song family wouldnt have disappeared that fast. The Qiu family wouldnt have needed Qiu Zhongxin to go to the restaurant to apologise personally.

Li Chunsheng wanted to scream. It is your fault for being blind, Mayor Niu, how dare you act against Young Master Mo?

Mmm, something wasnt right. Li Chunsheng immediately remembered Ye Mos usual way of doing things, he killed them all. Why did he take the complicated approach this time? He had the power to end it quickly.

Why did he collect all the evidence and make Shi Xiu send it over?

Li Chunsheng was experience in life, so he understood why. Ye Mo was different from before. Firstly, he had a base in Flowing Snake and had a group of people working for him, his past behavior was no longer suitable. But this way, it made Li Chunsheng happier, it was easier for him to do things according to the rules.

The second reason was that Ye Mo wanted to develop Luo Yue and he needed to bring down the Yuan Family overtly. If he secretly went to the Yuan Family and massacred them, then although he would get his revenge, others would blame Luo Yue for it.

The third reason was that he wanted him to help Shi Xiu.

Thinking about this, Li Chunsheng walked up to Shi Xiu and patted his shoulder, "Shi Xiu, Im a few years older than you and were friends, just call me Brother Li from now on. Just looking at what you gave me today, if I didnt reorganize He Feng completely, I wouldve lived for nothing."

Li Chunsheng spoke from his heart. Ye Mo had done 90% of the work, if he couldnt do the rest, he might as well die.

Shi Xiu said, "Brother Li, what do we do now?"

Li Chunsheng said confidently, "I will take away Mayor Nius power. We cant rely on He Feng, I will call Young Master Li. Since its been cleared out, the martial police will be coming soon. I didnt expect Niu Zhengman to be this bold."

After hearing Li Chunshengs report and knowing that Li Chunsheng had evidence, Li Qiuyang immediately asked Li Chunsheng to give his all; in return, he would give him complete support.

"What is it?", Yu Miaodan picked up Luo Feis call joyfully.

"CEO Yu, there are people from the government here who want to cancel our sales license, saying that were selling fake medicine that harms its users. What do we do?", Luo Fei sounded worried.

Yu Miaodan immediately got up. These people were really shameless. Things hadnt even been investigated properly and they had already come looking for trouble. It seemed that if they stayed low, people really would think Luo Yue was weak. If these people were already at Fei Yu, they would come to Luo Yue soon.

"What is it, sister Yu?", Ning Qingxue walked into the office and found Yu Miaodan with an angry face on the phone. She already knew that Ye Mo had the evidence, he had told her one hour ago. Since things were solved, why was Sister Yu still so angry?

Yu Miaodan explained things to Ning Qingxue. Ning Qingxue frowned and took the phone, "Yifei, arrange it so that we record their everything movement. Let them take what they want, but dont forget to capture the process. And, after they leave, immediately tell my dad to hold a press conference in Yu State. We will broadcast what happens live at Yu State."

Yu Miaodan heard this and asked why.

Ning Qingxue smiled and said, "These people wont stop. Since theyve gone all the way to Yu State, it means they wil soon come to Flowing Snake. If they want to cause trouble, then let them do so. Sister Yu, quickly post a notice on our website. Say that there will be a press conference at Gui Lin. Say its about the negative effects of the beauty pill, and that we will give customers all over the world a happy answer."

Yu Miaodan heard this and clapped in agreement, "Yes, we need to do it like this. If we just put it on our website, theyll think were scared. But if we do this, will President Ye-"

Ye Mod was worried, he hadnt said anything about holding a press conference. He had just told her to upload it to publicly when he called.

Ning Qingxue said calmly, "Hes afraid of troubling us. I think he would do the same for sure, but its better if we arrange it now, so it can be live."

Just as Ning Qingxue and Yu Miaodan thought, if Luo Yue hadnt posted the notice, the government officials going to Flowing Snake wouldnt have stopped. No one knew if Luo Yue had support, so no one wanted to be the team facing them on this. With Luo Yues official announcement of a press conference to explain things, they stopped their journey. They decided to investigate after that.

This announcement shocked the world. Although there were some cases of side effects, there were only four. Many people suspected that Luo Ye was being attacked.

Luo Yues rapid reaction made everyone happy. It had only been 36 hours.

As soon as this was announced, almost all the journalists in the country knew what they had to do, their first reaction was to go to Gui Lin. But there were only a few flights each day. Because of the desperation and constant negotiation of media entities, airlines made available extra flights to Gui Lin.

Meanwhile, Yu Miaodan and the others had already taken a helicopter to Luo Yues new building in Gui Lin.
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