Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Prepare for Live Broadcast

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When Ye Mo got back to He Feng, it was still early. If Li Chunsheng hadnt been able to take advantage of the evidence he gave him, he wasnt going to wait for him.

As soon as Xiao Lei arrived, he would ask her to make it public. There was a great difference between the media reporting this and Li Chunsheng reporting it himself.

If Li Chunsheng was the first one to expose it, his abilities would be recognized and many people would think of him as a mayor who actually worked for the people. If the media reported it first and then he did, the impact on his reputation would be less.


Xiao Lei had just bought the plane ticket and she was waiting to take it at the airport. Shew knew that there was going to be a press conference in Gui Lin about Luo Yue. If it had been something else, she would have gone there without hesitation; but Ye Mo had asked her out and she gave it all up without a second thought.

She couldnt help feeling impotent. If only the press conference took place a few days later, she would have been able to get first hand news. Furthermore, she was planning on going to Flowing Snake and interviewing some people. It seemed like she could only go afterwards.

There were quite a lot of planes to He Feng from Beijing, yet Ye Mo didnt have to wait for long. He saw Xiao Lei, who was dressed very professionally, walk into the bar.

It seemed like she didnt think of herself as a journalist that day. She hadnt even brought the things they needed for the interview.

It was 8 a.m. and there were few people in the bar. Just when Xiao Lei was looking in confusion into the bar, that was almost empty, a voice called out behind her, "Xiao Lei, this way."

The moment Xiao Lei saw Ye Mo, her face was full of surprise and joy. Although she knew she was coming to see Ye Mo that day, she was still very happy when she saw him. She had wanted to ask him out many times, but she didnt even know his number.

"I came to see you today, but I had to give up huge news." Xiao Lei walked up to Ye Mo, as though she wanted to get some compensation.

"Its quite significant that the great Reporter Xiao has called off big news, could you leak me some info?" Ye Mo felt that this time it was much more comfortable seeing her than before. Although she was still fond of him, she no longer had eyes for him like before. She probably knew that he was married.

Xiao Lei smiled, "Of course, I heard this morning that Luo Yue was going to have a press conference regarding the beauty pill. They say they will give everyone a satisfying answer. Do you think this is big news?"

Ye Mo was dazed and said subconsciously, "How come I dont know?" He immediately thought that it was Yu Miaodans idea. She must have not wanted Yuan Bei corporation to have it easy. But that was good, it could support Xiao Leis report.

Xiao Lei covered her mouth as she laughed, "I only got the news this morning as well. Youre not in the media industry, how could you know?"

Seeing that Ye Mos smile was a little weird, Xiao Lei stopped.

"Im the president of Luo Yue, dont you think I should know about it before anyone?" Ye Mo smiled.

Xiao Lei rolled her eyes, "Nice joke, tell me, what do you need from me today? Youre my lifesaver. One word and I came from Beijing to He Feng. What do you think? Arent I reliable?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Very reliable. But this isnt the place to talk, lets get a room. I will-"

"What? Get a room?" Xiao Leis smile receded. She didnt think Ye Mo was that sort of person, they werent even close and they were already going to get a room at the hotel together. Wasnt it a bit absurd? Even if she had a good impression of Ye Mo, he was married. And even if he wasnt married, they couldnt do that so soon.

Ye Mo saw Xiao Leis face and realized she had misunderstood him. He quickly said, "I dont mean that. Im booking a room because some things cant be said in public. I told you I gathered some evidence, didnt I? I want you to help me spread it."

Xiao Lei blushed. What was she thinking? It was too embarrassing.

"You really have mayor Nius-" Xiao Lei stopped subconsciously. She knew she couldnt say that in the middle of the street.

Ye Mo nodded and didnt talk.

Xiao Lei felt that Ye Mo was telling the truth. At least, she could tell he wasnt kidding.

"You- Are you really the president of Luo Yue?" Xiao Lei just remembered Ye Mos words, and her expression froze.

Ye Mo nodded, "Indeed, Im the president of Luo Yue. Dont worry, it wont impede your job. The press conference at Luo Yue is also because of the same recording."


Half an hour later, in a hotel room in He Feng, Xiao Lei was completely shocked by Ye Mos resources. He has given her a very clear and complete set of video recordings. Each one of them would cause a huge thunderstorm.

Who was Ye Mo truly? She couldnt even conceive it anymore. Luo Yue was actually his company. Theyve just been attacked, and he immediately got enough proof that would mean the end of his enemies. He was a bit too powerful.

Seeing Xiao Lei not talk, Ye Mo thought she was too afraid to expose these news and said, "In fact, I didnt know that my company is holding a press conference. If I did, I wouldnt have invited you over. Im just afraid that if this gets exposed in Gui Lin, it wouldnt be as influential as doing it in Beijing."

"Ill do it, Ill immediately notify the people from the channel to come to He Feng. I will do a special report on this matter," Xiao Lei immediately realized how valuable these news were. If her news channel was the first to report it live, their popularity would certainly increase.

"But-" Xiao Lei hesitated. It was fine to report Yuan Bei Corporation for framing Luo Yue; but as for the Niu Zhengmans case, it couldnt be made public so easily. She knew it was one of the taboos in the industry.

Ye Mo could tell what Xiao Lei was concerned about just by looking at her face. He smiled and said, "Report it however you like, dont worry. This will also published in the He Feng Senate, so you dont need to worry about anything. No one would dare say anything. If youre lucky, you may get to interview some of He Fengs leaders and broadcast it live."

"Okay, if thats it then, I really have nothing to worry about." Xiao Lei looked at Ye Mo. She knew that Ye Mo meant that he had given the proof to Niu Zhengmans political enemy.

Ye Mo said again, "There should be people going to investigate the Yuan Familys underground research base. If your film team can make it in time, perhaps you can also get a live broadcast."

If Yuan Zhirong had known that these were the consequences of challenging Luo Yue, then perhaps he wouldnt have dared to, even if he had 100 lives.
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