Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 448

Chapter 448: Taken By the Unexpected

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
Due to Li Chunsheng being late, the Senates meeting in He Feng was delayed by two hours.

Niu Zhengman was planning on kicking Chunsheng out of the game, how could he be absent? He wished to see Chunshengs despair with his own eyes. He liked the feeling of crushing his opponents beneath his feet.

As soon as Chunsheng arrived, Niu Zhengman got some news. He sneered and said to the secretary, "Start the meeting."

Most of the Senates meetings were started by Niu Zhengman. As for the Head Secretary, Qian Fanghan, he was just for show. He had one year left until retirement with no hopes of getting any promotion. Hence at every meeting, Qian Fanghans attitude was rather ambiguous.

Most people had expected this anyway.

By the time Chunsheng had arrived, almost everyone was already there except for him.

"Mayor Li is really busy! Luckily, were all free, so we have time to wait for Mayor Li," as soon as Chunsheng appeared, Chang Yaos voice sounded.

But no one in the Senate said anything, since they knew that Chunsheng might possibly leave before even having had the time to warm the mayors seat. At this moment, it wasnt smart to offend someone who was about to leave. Chunsheng wasn't old; who knew if he could climb back up again.

Niu Zhengman glanced at Chunsheng once before opening, "This meeting shall be conducted by me. Jiang Ping make the records-"

No one ever objected, so Niu Zhengman was very domineering.

Yet today, as soon as he said this, Qian Fanghan said slowly, "I will conduct the meeting today. Mayor Niu has been quite fatigued lately."

This was a very abnormal thing to happen in He Feng.

Ever since Qian Fanghan had come there, he had never done anything domineering nor prepared his own faction.

Qian Fanghan was like an old man ready to enter his grave. He had spent half a year telling people that he was just waiting to die.

For someone like this who was about to retire, it was unexpected for everyone that he chose to conduct the meeting today.

What was going on today? Was this his last shine or something?

Even Chunsheng didnt understand this. Was Qian Fanghan on the same side as Niu Zhengman?

Niu Zhengman immediately felt insulted. He had been very domineering yet today, Qian Fanghan took away his power without any premonition. He thought that even if the old fart wanted to do this, he couldve told him ealier. He couldnt just slap his face like that.

Everyone at the scene fell into silence. They had all intended to see how Chunsheng would be leaving yet now, it had become a fight between Qian Fanghan and Niu Zhengman.

After getting angry, Niu Zhengman clenched his fist, thinking, Even if youre going to retire, I wont back down for something like this. Otherwise, when you leave, how will I perform my job at He Feng? I require absolute compliance!

"Secretary Qian, youre quite old now, and its not easy conducting a meeting, being rather complicated. How about you point out what you have problems with after the meeting?" Niu Zhengman said with a smile.

Chunsheng didnt expect Qian Fanghan would be making this move right when he was about to fight Niu Zhengman.

Qian Fanghan didnt seem to comprehend the underlying meaning of Niu Zhengmans words and continued to talk slowly, "Im the Head Secretary for this city, are there really that many problems? The citizens gave us all of our jobs. Since they did it this way, that must mean that I will suffice. Although Mayor Niu is very capable, your eyes arent as bright as the citizens."

Niu Zhengmans anger dissipated, and he immediately became alarmed. Would a secretary who was about to retire use this kind of sharp language? What did this mean?

Not only Niu Zhengman, everyone else shivered too. What did those words mean? Everyone knew what Niu Zhengman was doing, but no one ever dared to say a thing. They all realized just now that theyd underestimated this old man. He was actually a level or two higher than everyone at the scene.

"I support Secretary Qian Fanghan conducting this meeting," Chunsheng was the first to react. He suspected that something was off. As soon as he was going to bring down Niu Zhengman, Qian Fanghan wanted to conduct the meeting. This was too coincidental.

Niu Zhengman had a really bad feeling. He felt like Chunsheng was quite peculiar today. He knew Chunsheng very well. Chunsheng usually kept a low profile, and he understood that that was because he hadnt stabilized his position yet. Why was he suddenly supporting Qian Fanghan, and what did that mean?

Thinking about this, Niu Zhengman smiled, "Haha, since Old Qian isnt afraid of fatigue, then Ill take a short break. This is the content I had prepared to discuss in the meeting."

Niu Zhengman handed his documents over to Qian Fanghan. Just because he had been taken by surprise didnt mean that he wasnt going to do what he had been planning to do. He would need to spend some time studying this Qian Fanghan after this meeting, though.

Qian Fanghan didnt even look at Niu Zhengman and said, "Ive been busy with work lately, so I havent been really impactful in this Senate."

Qian Fanghan didnt take the documents Niu Zhengman handed him and instead said, "We will be discussing three things this meeting. Firstly, about Luo Yue investing in He Feng and the recent news of their scandal. As for the second topic..."

Niu Zhengman was taken by surprise yet again. He had only been planning to discuss two things this meeting. The first was about Li Chunsheng mistakenly bringing in Luo Yue too, but how come there were three things now?
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