Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Whos Going To Piss Off

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Is there any use in trying to kill me? Dont you know that the whole world would immediately know about this, idiot? Wen Dong sneered at this man.

Ca calm down... Wen Dong, I was not the one who wanted to kill you, it was However, he didnt even have the time to say who it was before she had already opened fire.

I dont need to know. Wen Dongs face returned to normal as she coldly killed the man with a single shot.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo was wondering if Wen Dong would ask him where he came from, but even if she did, Ye Mo wouldnt tell her anything; he just came here for the 50,000 dollars she promised. However, he wouldnt have thought that earning this little money would be so hard. If he hadnt been careful, he actually mightve died here. After a while, although he didnt expect Wen Dong to ask anything anymore, instead, she simply said to Ye Mo, Lets leave, the two I just killed were probably the door guard, so now, there might not be anyone left. I will set off a bomb to blow this place up.

Hearing her words, Ye Mo wondered where that bomb was.

But before he even had the chance to ask, Wen Dong had already taken off a series of bombs from her waist, which shocked Ye Mo: She really did bring bombs; however, it was hung around her waist, so this meant that her timed bomb threat previously was real! This woman really is a maniac! If she had set off the bomb earlier, wouldnt I be

Although Ye Mo didnt like it, he didnt say much. He had experienced quite a lot of dangerous situations and didnt care about another one.

20 minutes after the car had started to drive away, the heavenly shocking explosion could be heard from afar.

If youre planning to go to Gui Ling, why dont you go there by plane? Wen Dong sat silently for a long time before asking. She already knew that Ye Mo wasnt an ordinary person which explained why he was so calm since the beginning despite everything that happened. Now that Ye Mo wasnt saying anything, she knew that Ye Mo wasnt feeling happy. Plus if it wasnt for Ye Mo today, she would have died along with those people; there was no way she couldve survived in that situation.

She wasnt afraid of death, but if she died, she wouldnt be able to use the money the way she wanted. Although she didnt say it, she was still very grateful toward Ye Mo.

I dont have my identity papers on me, Ye Mos reply was simple, yet he wouldnt actually dare to use his identity papers even if he had them. He had killed Song Shaowen and also disappeared that night, the Song Family would find out that he was the culprit eventually; Ye Mo knew this a long time ago. If he bought a plane ticket with his identity, this would be like directly sending clues to the Song Family, and right now, he didnt have the ability to speak on equal grounds with them.

After Wang Pengs hand had recovered, he was on high alert; it made him realize that he wasnt the only strong one in this world. After staying silent for another while, Wen Dong said: Thank you for what happened this time, without you, I probably would have lost my life there. The 50,000 dollars I promised you is too little, but I cannot give you this money either, it has other uses. You can take the case containing the model; that thing is worth a lot of money. With your power, you should be able to protect it, but dont ask me what it is, I dont know much either.

However, if you trust me, there are only 3 hours until we reach Hu Yang which is a far off mountain district, and I can help you get a real identity there.

Ye Mo really wasnt interested in that model thing and didnt care at all whether he had it or not. However, with a new identity, it would be so much easier for him. Now, that Wen Dong could actually get him one, of course, he would be happy to. He quickly said, Fine, Ill believe you, I really need a new identity anyway.

As for payment, Ye Mo was satisfied with the 50,000. He didnt really care that much about money as long as he had enough to use. Even if Wen Dong were to give him those US Dollars, he would actually find it troublesome to exchange them.

Wen Dong immediately had a good impression of Ye Mo. This guy not only had absurd power but was easy to talk to and didnt take money into much consideration. With his power, it was as easy as eating and drinking for him to kill her and rob everything from her, but from the beginning till now, Ye Mo didnt even look at the case once. He even didnt complain about only being paid 50,000 while risking so much. Furthermore, Ye Mo didnt even ask who she really was, or what she did, or even where she was going; it was as though he was simply a roadside stranger. Well, perhaps he was, but definitely not an ordinary one.

Do you have a phone number? Wen Dong wanted to be connected with Ye Mo.

No, I like peace, Ye Mos words made her realize that he didnt like getting to know other people, so Wen Dong didnt talk anymore. She wasnt the type of woman to annoy someone.

Three hours later, the car arrived at Hu Yang. Ye Mo went into a little hotel after Wen Dong had taken a picture of Ye Mo and left, and when Wen Dong came back the second day, it was already 3 pm. She really wasnt bluffing, Ye Mos new identity was already completed; he was also called Ye Mo; however, his place of residence was a rural place in Hu Yang, but Ye Mo didnt mind. There were too many people also called Ye Mo in this world. Wen Dong gave Ye Mo 50,000 dollars as well as the case with the file and the model since she said she had no use for it anymore.

When Ye Mo opened the case, he saw that this thing inside wasnt heavy, so he threw the case away and found a plastic bag to put its contents in. He stuffed it in his backpack and said goodbye to Wen Dong.


That night, Ye Mo took the train to Hu Zhong Provinces southernmost city, Xian Shan. Xian Shan was the borderline city between the Hu Zhong Province and the Xiang Huai Province. Meanwhile, Xiang Huai was also neighbors with the Gui Nan Province.

Gui Lin, where Ye Mo wanted to go, belonged to the Gui Nan Province. Right now, he was at Xian Shan, so he had to pass through Xiang Huai Province before he could go in Gui Nan. Finally, he would have to go to Gui Nan Provinces southernmost city, which was Gui Lin City.

After arriving in Xian Shan, Ye Mo wasnt in a hurry to travel anymore. After all, this was a few thousand kilometers from Ning Hai. Even if the Song Family already knew that he killed Song Shaowen, they wouldnt be able to find him here for quite some time. Besides, in Ye Mos opinion, even if the Song Family found their way to Ning Hai from the roads the BMW traveled, they still needed some time to realize he had gone missing.

After staying one night in Xian Shan, Ye Mo went out to buy things the next day as he had decided to get a new set of clothing. In order to prevent him from being pointed at by a gun again, Ye Mo took the time to go to a shop and bought a packet or metal nails. The nails were minuscule, and each box had a few hundred of them. For others people, it might be absurd to use nails as projectiles; however, it was more than enough for Ye Mo.

After buying the nails, Ye Mo casually walked around the market and realized that the clothes here were all expensive; it was all branded shops. For Ye Mo, his clothes only needed to be wearable and suited to his body; he didnt care about what brand it was. No matter how good the brand was, how could it get better than the clothes made in the cultivation realm? Plus, he didnt have that much money to spend on clothes.

People would look down on people like Ye Mo who wore cheap clothes when they went into these branded shops; however, he didnt care.

He was just about to leave a store when he noticed a poshly-dressed man reaching his hand into a small bag under the armpit of a middle-aged man. Meanwhile, this middle-aged man was on the phone with a worried face and didnt notice that he was being robbed.

Thief? The bag the man had under his armpit appeared to be made from real leather. How was the thief going to break into it? Ye Mo was looking curiously when another poshly-dressed youth beside the thief walked up to Ye Mo and said in a low voice, Kid, if you stare any longer, Ill gouge your eyes out! P*ss off!

Ye Mos eyes became cold as he lifted his leg and delivered a kick, kicking this youth who told him to p*ss off, right in the face.
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