Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 451

Chapter 451: Unexpected

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What made Xiao Lei very overjoyed was that not only could her channel broadcast live what was going on, but they had also captured Niu Zhengman and his men getting taken away.

What is more, when Li Chunsheng came out, he accepted her to interview him and invited their channel to go get the Yuan Family together.

All the workers in Peacock Channel felt that they had earned a lot that day. They were only an average news channel in Beijing, but thanks to Xiao Leis connections, they could broadcast something as significant as that in He Feng. Not even He Feng Channel got to broadcast it.

Almost all the higher-ups in He Feng, the police and many congregated reporters went towards the Yuan Familys place.

Lu Yingying trusted Ye Mo. She had been waiting at the outskirts of the Yuan Familys mansion. She hadnt even eaten lunch. Ye Mo indeed didnt disappoint her; when she saw the massive crow coming, she knew she would get her revenge

Lu Yingying wiped her years off. She was finally going to get her revenge. She walked towards Xiao Lei ready to tell her everything Yuan Zhirong had done.

The same feeling of shock took place in Gui Lin and Yu State. The video Yu Miaodan had played shocked everyone.

The problem with the beauty pill and the health pill was actually a shenanigan of the Yuan Bei Corporation. Yet not only had they done this, in order to dominate the market, Yuan Bei Corporation was going to spread a virus.

The uproar this caused even exceeded Luo Yues conference in Beijing last time.

Everyone gazed at Lu Cuiyang in contempt. She never wouldve thought that Luo Yue could take out such shocking video-proof. No wonder they had said they were going to give everyone a clear and happy answer, what could be more clear than that?

"CEO Yu, I knew that Luo Yue wouldnt be capable of doing such such a thing, I trust Luo Yue," a reporter said and then asked, "CEO Yu, may I get a copy of this clip?"

Yu Miaodan sneered. She knew these peoples character. If Luo Yue was on the downside, they would come to them and kick them; it was the law of the jungle in this world.

Yu Miaodan smiled and said, "You may download the clip from our official website. I don't want to disturb everyones work, I will conclude the press conference."

Almost everyone felt the trip there had been worth it.

It was in a matter of minutes for the clip to spread all over the country, but Xiao Leis channel still took the lead.

The press conference in Yu State had beem arranged by Ning Zhongfei and Li Mumei. Then, she also released a video of these departments threatening them to take away their license, among other stuff.

Yu State was in shock. Almost immediately after the video was released, the government reacted. They quickly fired these people and gave back what they had taken.

At that moment, everyone realized how powerful Luo Yue was, so great that no one would dare do anything.

And they hadnt seen all of their power yet. In that moment, everyones eyes were glued to Beijings Peacock News Channel.

They were broadcasting how the corrupted Yuan Family colluded with government officials, developing a virus, and framing Luo Yue.

Yuan Zhirong sat in his mansion with a pale face. He looked through the window as the police surrounded his manor. His heart sunk to the bottom. Although a few minutes ago he had received news that a video of their meeting last night had been leaked, he calmed down quickly. He tried to contact Chang Hui and Niu ZHengman, but their phones were turned off. Although he thought they might be in a meeting, he still had a bad feeling.

Yuan Zhirong still believed he could use his power and overcome it.

But when he heard that Chang Hui, Niu Zhengman and Ji Dun had been all taken away, he knew things were not good. He had underestimated Luo Yues power. It had only been one night and they completely turned the tables.

He needed to run away immediately, but he also realized it was too late.

"Yuan Zhirong, you have been surrounded. Raise your hands and come out," a policeman said with a microphone.

"President, we have been exposed," Yuan Weiping said calmly.

Yuan Zhirong looked at the people outside with a green face. He really couldnt understand who had exposed him. Those who had been in that room were only his brother, his son and Weiping, who would have leaked it?

But Yuan Zhirong knew it wasnt the moment to think about it l. He said to the police waiting outside, "We have 36 scientists in our manor. With only pressing the button of this controller, they will all die. I have no other requests but to let us go with a helicopter, and not to do anything in an hour."

Qian Fanghan and Li Chunsheng glanced at each other and laughed. Did he think he could run away in an hour with a helicopter?

Just when Qian Fanghan wanted to order the snipers to execute Yuan Zhirong, his secretary handed him the phone. After the call ended, Qian Fanghans expression wasnt good. No one knew what the content of the call was, but Ye Mo could hear a bit from the side.

"Agree to his words, let him go for now. The safety of the hostages is top priority." Although he knew this was unreasonable, Qian Fanghan couldnt do anything about it. He knew it was being broadcasted live.

Li Chunsheng looked at Qian Fanghan confused, he didnt say anything.

Ye Mo used his spirit sense.

Yuan Zhirong had a sneer on his face. He said to Yuanping, "Prepare the helicopter. We will leave immediately. Bing-er, you-"

Yuan Zhirong stopped speaking as Yuan Qibing ran out of the mansion as though he had gone mad, and shouted as he ran, "Ill tell you everything. A year ago, the movie star An Ru came to He Feng and didnt agree to sleep with me, I killed her. The four missing young girls in He Feng three years ago were also killed by me. A master of mine said I could use virgins to cultivate. I also came up the idea of the virus!"

Seeing him in this crazy state. everyone was shocked. No one understood why he had admitted all of this, but the more he admitted, the more unsolved cases became clear.

"Young CEP." Yuan Weiping looked at Yuan Qibing in shock.

Yuan Zhirong said hatefully, "This delinquent son, ignore him. Lets go."

Yuan Zhirong left without hesitation. Yuan Weiping glanced at Yuan Qibing and sighed.

As though he could feel Yuan Zhirong was leaving him, Yuan Qibing recovered his consciousness and turned back yelling as he ran, "Dad, wait for me! Ill die if I stay."

But Yuan Zhirong didnt seem to have heard it. After half a minute, a helicopter rose up and disappeared very fast.

Yuan Qibing collapsed on the ground, whimpering.

Yuan Zhirong sneered and pressed the controller, "I told you to investigate, but you never found anything."
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