Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 453

Chapter 453: Ning Qingxues ideal

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Although he was already in Duan Heng Ranges and the chi was better than elsewhere, Ye Mo decided to come back to find spirit herbs in the future. His business there was done, and he desperately needed to go back to Flowing Snake to check.

When Ye Mo arrived to Flowing Snake, Luo Yue had once again became famous. Not only had Yuan Bei been exposed for framing Luo Yue, but they had also been removed from the market overnight.

This incident had made everyone remember the Si Yang milk powder incident from last year. This company had ignored their conscience in order to make more profits; they also got kicked out from the market in one night, and therefore shamed.

What Yuan Bei had done was worse than the milk powder companys incident. Not only were they harming the public, but also the citizens. They obtained their star product stealing it from a family, after killing the grandpa and brother. They were really evil. If it hadnt been for this incident and the victim, Lu Yingying, exposing them, no one would have even know how bloody the history of the Lu Family was.

With their plans to spread a virus, if the officials didnt declare Yuan Zhirong to have suicided, he wouldve probably been eaten alive by the furious public.

Although the Yuan Family was over, they still had a huge fortune. Under immense pressure, their wealth had been seized by the government for public use, and a part of it was given to victims as a compensation.

What is more, Luo Yue was now even more famous, and their products were on higher demand.


When Ye Mo came back to Flowing Snake, Ning Qingxue had been waiting for him for a long time.

"I want to go back to Yu State and have a look," Ning Qingxue had been waiting to tell him this.

"Only that?" Ye Mo smiled and caressed Ning Qingxues hair.

"I want to put all my efforts on developing Luo Yue after I go see my parents. I'm thinking the same as Sister Yu, perhaps one day we can turn this place into a city. This city would only belong to us, and no one would disturb us. I like it that way. Although I know its not very realistic, this is probably the ideal for everyone in Luo Yue." Ning Qingxue had grown up in a big family, and although she didnt participate in those schemes and shenanigans, she was still familiar with those matters.

She hated that sort of life, but Yu Miaodans suggestion about Luo Yue had given her hope.

If the land at Flowing Snake could really be bought, then perhaps they could build a paradise there. The main thing was that she believed in Ye Mo. He was an immortal cultivator, even if he couldnt become a real immortal, he could still build a city.

"Okay, I promise you." Ye Mo grabbed Ning Qingxues hand. She knew how hard it was to make it come true, but he wanted to fulfil her wish.

Im order to do that, he needed power. Without power, that was just a dream. On earth, it was too hard to raise his power. Even if he was the only cultivator, it was still very hard. Moreover, Ye Mo wasnt happy with Flowing Snakes land, but he didnt say that.

"Ill take you tomorrow, tonight-" Ye Mos mouth was blocked by Ning Qingxues lips.

Ning Qingxue felt her face warm up, she liked the feeling of kissing Ye Mo.

After a while, Ning Qingxue looked up blushing, "I can travel tomorrow on my own. In the future, I might have to go back and forth frequently. Furthermore, Im already at stage one peak level, I can take care of myself. You have a lot of things to do, I cant let you take me there every single time."

Ye Mo smiled. Although he didnt think that it was troublesome for him to take Ning Qingxue to Yu State, he respected Ning Qingxues opinion. She could protect herself now indeed.

"Okay, Ill teach you how to use fireballs tonight. I also have a chi increasing pill with me, Ill try to get you into stage two tonight," he said.

However, Ning Qingxue put her arms around Ye Mos neck and said, "You can teach me these later. Tonight, Ill stay with you."

Ye Mo and Silver sent Ning Qingxue off to the plane before going back to the company. Silver couldnt be taken on the plane, so she could only stay and let Ye Mo take care of her. Because Ning Qingxue hadn't learned the fireball the previous night, Ye Mo could only give her a few chi increasing pills and all of his fireball charms.

He had slept with Ning Qingxue last night, but they hadn't broken the final barrier. Although Ye Mo knew that if he wanted, Ning Qingxue wouldnt reject him, he still wanted to find Luo Ying first. He had been with Luo Ying in Luo Yue continent, she had saved him more than once. What is more, she had almost lost her life saving him before transmigrating there.

He owed Luo Ying two lifr reincarnations. So, in his heart his master was in the same place as Ning Qingxue. One thing Ye Mo hadn't said was that when he could really built a city like Ning Qingxue wished, he would organize the greatest wedding for them together.

Ning Qingxue knew what Ye Mo was thinking. She just embraced him for the rest night. Although they didnt do anything more, it was enough for Ning Qingxue. As long as she was with Ye Mo, she was happy. If Ning Qingxue really hadnt seen her parents for some time and if there weren't problems with Fei Yu, Ning Qingxue in reality wouldn't have wanted to leave Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew he still needed to increase his power. He couldnt take on an entire army, much less a country. If even in the hidden sects he wasnt invincible, in the inner hidden sects it was quite complicated. Even the monk Wu Dan was on a par with him, who could be sure that the only master in the outer hidden sects was Wu Dao?

Furthermore, Ye Mo wasnt fighting alone now. He had his family, wife and friends. Even if he could run away, they would be in great danger.

Although he hadnt been to the inner hidden sects, Ye Mo was sure there were people stronger than him, and not just one or two. But even so, he still needed to go to increase his power and find spirit herbs.

He also needed to take revenge on Tai Yi for almost killing Ning Qingxue. He wasnt going to tell her about this.

Before going to the inner hidden sects, Ye Mo still wanted to see the place where Zhang Zhihui had gone missing.


In Flowing Snake Ye Mo had stayed in his room making magic artefacts the entire day. Before he left, he wanted to give everyone important to him a defense artefact.

When Ye Mo was done, he put them away in his ring. He immediately after sensed someone entering his room.

Ye Mo was shook. Who was entering his room? He had just found out. Since when had a master like this arrived to Flowing Snake?

"Who are you?" Ye Mo suddenly turned around and saw a figure by the window.
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