Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Mutant

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
The person by the window seemed very shocked that Ye Mo was able to notice him, and stuttered in Chinese, "You, did you detect my arrival?"

"Save the bullsh*t. Tell me who you are or you wont have a chance to talk again," Ye Mo said coldly. Even if this person told him who he was, Ye Mo still wasnt going to let him go. That room was Ning Qingxues. If he hadn't been there that day, Ning Qingxue would have been by herself. How could Ye Mo let a stranger who snuck into her room go? The reason Ye Mo had asked was to see if there was anyone else involved.

The man was a foreigner, he had white skin and a small figure.

Although Ye Mo had spirit sense, he couldnt keep it out 24/7. But even if he didnt, Ye Mo could still feel anyone coming near him. This was the first time he hadn't noticed a person, and this had raised alarm bells for Ye Mo.

As soon as Ye Mo spoke, another man jumped inside. He was much bulkier than the other man. This was a black man. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out, there was actually a third man outside. Ye Mo sneered, but stayed quiet about it.

"No chance?" the first man repeated and laughed. Then he said sardonically, "You say we have no chance? Do you know I can kill you simply by waving my hand?"

The other man also didnt move nor say anything. It was as though Ye Mo didnt exist in his eyes.

There were two white men and one black man. Ye Mo was confused, since when was he in conflict with those foreigners? Why did they want to capture Qingxue?

The had a strange chi around them. It wasnt like the qi wave of ancient martial arts cultivators, nor like his spirit chi. It was very subtle, but as strong as the power of ancient martial arts, so Ye Mo couldnt judge how strong they really were.

To be honest, Ye Mo had never seen such power before, and he didnt know what they were cultivating.

Ye Mo just asked coldly, "I dont know you, why are you here?"

"Youre unlucky, why are you in Ms Nings room? Oh, are you her man? Ms Ning Qingxue is quite pretty, but dont worry. Were here to invite her to our headquarters, we have no ill will. But its very troublesome that you know about this. However, if you tell us where she went, we can let you go," the first man said casually.

Ye Mos expression was cold. Ning Qingxue didnt know these people for sure, why did they want her? Ye Mo suddenly realized something. Eden must have told what Ning Qingxue had said to the US government, and now they wanted her for information. Because this matter was confidential, the US military wanted to abduct Ning Qingxue so the Chinese military couldn't find out.

One really cant be too kindhearted. Ye Mo had killing intent; if he had killed Eden then nothing wouldve happened. But he hadn't killed Eden, nor the pirate.

Although Ye Mo knew it wasnt Edens fault, in the cultivation realm dead people were the safest. The foreigner noticed Ye Mos killing intent. He sneered, "It seems that Ms Ning has told you about the incident, and you know how serious it is. If youre willing to come with us, we can let you live."

Ye Mo sneered, "I really wanted you to piss off, but now you no longer have that chance."

As soon as Ye Mo said this, he swept two wind blades at the two men, followed up by two fireballs. He didnt need to have mercy on these stupid foreigners.

Psh- The first man dodged the lethal strike with extremely rapid speed, so Ye Mo only managed to cut one of his arm off. The fireball turned that arm into ashes, but it didnt hurt his vital organs.

The other man completely dodged the wind blade and fireball, and he shot back a spark of lightning.

It was the first time Ye Mo saw someone as fast as these two, they were no lesser than ancient martial artists.

Lightning style attack was rather strong in the cultivation realm. Only those who had a lightning spiritual root could use it. Ye Mo hadn't expected to see someone use lightning style on Earth. His heart sunk, had he encountered a cultivator with lightning spiritual root?

If he had, then Ye Mo wouldnt be able to survive that night. But Ye Mo soon found out that he could dodge that lightning strike easily. It didnt have the lock on of a strong spirit sense. It struck the floor creating a large hole.

Was this even a lightning style attack? Ye Mo felt strange. He had never seen a lightning attacks as bad as this one. Even the weakest lightning spiritual root cultivator could use lightning arts much better than that.

"Hes a wind and fire type mutant and he has reached level four, we will retreat and request for backup," the white man who hadn't come in said in English.

Ye Mo just woke up from his shock, and realized that the two intruders were retreating. Regardless, since they had come, Ye Mo wasnt going to let them go. That lightning strike couldnt damage him, but if he let them go, that would be real disaster. If their lightning style cultivation reached a certain state, even he wouldnt be a match for them.

The first man was shorter and seemed to be agile, furthermore, he knew Chinese. Ye Mo threw three wind blades after him, before they jumped out of the window. The man already had an arm cut off, with a few more wind blades, he would be sliced into pieces and fall on the ground.

The lightning style man was tall and very fast. After seeing his teammate get killed, he threw two more lightning strikes at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo could feel that that lightning strike was even weaker than the one before. He shouldn't bother dodging it, so he just went past it and threw a fireball at that mans back.

Ye Mo thought that since they could dodge his wind blade and fireball, they would dodge that fireball for sure. But as soon as he did, the next wind blade would slice off their legs.

What Ye Mo didnt expect was that who he considered the strongest lightning style cultivator couldnt even dodge his fireball as he ran. He was just burnt into ashes.

Ye Mo was dazed, why was it that easy? It was as though he had used huge amounts of power to lift up something heavy, only to find out it was hollow and made out of plastic.

Could lightning style cultivators really be that week? Ye Mo shook his head and put down the thought. There had beeb one more, but when Ye Mo searched for him, he was already out of his spirit sense range.

Ye Mo thought about what just happened. He wanted Xu Yuehua to investigate, but there were mountains all around Flowing Snake, it was impossible for the current state of Flowing Snake to lock someone good down.

Unless this place became a city. A city? Ye Mo realized that he might actually have to build a city there.

Ye Mo walked to the lightning style mans body and didnt feel that he cultivated lightning steal cultivation method, nor spirit chi.

That man wasnt a dao cultivator. If he wasnt, how could he use lightning style magic?

Mutants? Ye Mo thought of this word.

That mutant power was too weak for him. Even if he had been struck, he wouldnt have gotten hurt.

The Americans had sent a few mutants to capture Ning Qingxue. It seemed they cared a lot about that Japanese organization.

Ye Mo destroyed the bodies casually and called Ning Qingxue.
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