Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 455

Chapter 455: 9 Moon Sect In Ruins

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Ning Qingxue was about to enter stage two and had a lot of fireball charms, so she should be capable of dealing with a few mutants. There was also Luo Fei, who was a black level, to take into account.

That night, Ye Mo went around Flowing Snake for a few hours but still couldnt find that escaped mutant. The next morning, Ye Mo called out all the managerial staff of Flowing Snake. Before he left, he needed to have another meeting.

Xu Yuehua suggested that the first step towards independence should be the instatement of Flowing Snakes own protection unit and establishment of a simple legal system, so they copied Chinas legal system.

After distributing the defensive artefacts, Ye Mo asked, "Who knows about mutants?"

Mutants? The only thing most people there knew about Ye Mo was that he was good at making pills, so now that Ye Mo asked this strange question, they thought, Is he a mutant?

"I know some things," Xu Yuehua said.

"There are many types of mutants, and though it is unknown how many there are, those who really have offensive capabilities to speak of number only ten to twenty types. For example, fire style mutants can use flames to attack, but if they arent at a certain level, the flames do little damage to the human body."

Seeing how Ye Mo was listening intently, she said again, "But once a mutants power has been completely awakened, it is rather strong. To be exact, the World Mutant Association has ranked the mutants power level into ten levels. Fire style mutants who barely control flames, for example, are level 1 mutants, also called primary mutants. The highest level is level ten; those 8 and above are tertiary mutants. Its said that wind style mutants have to be level 8 to be able to fly a short distance. Those are only theoretical data, though."

Ye Mo could rest easy now. He was sure that level 8 would be very hard to reach. Even when reached, it would be similar to his wind control at most.

"In fact, everyone has some mutant power in them, but the situation and type can vary strongly. We sometimes randomly see sparkles on people; that might be because they're a fire type mutant that cant control their power. One must have a certain body type and amount of talent to reach level 1. It could be said that mutants are very rare and each one of them is deemed a national treasure," Xu Yuehua explained.

"Indeed, although I dont know it very well, but every single country has a mutant organization, most of which serve their own nation," Zang Jiayan said.

Only now did Ye Mo realize how valuable those people who came last night were. They were the elite of the country, and there didnt seem to be much of them. He just didnt know what level they had been at. It seemed like the US really did take the Japanese incident seriously, even sending such important people.

After everyone had left, Ye Mo sighed. He didnt know how many mutants there were in China, but earth level ancient martial artists were no bit inferior to those mutants. China was inferior when it came to both intel and military organization, though.

There was no other reason than a lack of unity. Ye Mo had researched Chinese history, and it appeared that most of the Chinese wars had been lost due to either themselves or traitors.

They often fought among themselves, preferring outsiders to win instead of their opponents.

China was also far inferior in terms of technology.

Ye Mo shook his head.

Casting these thoughts aside, Ye Mo handed Silver to Yu Miaodan. He was going to finish up his things and go back to cultivating while searching for Luo Ying.


4 State, 9 Moon Sect.

This was the second time Ye Mo came here. The first time was when he was searching for Luo Ying.

Ye Mo once said that he was going to eradicate this evil place.

It wasnt the first time that the 9 Moon Sect people offended him, but he had been very busy in the past and didnt have time to deal with them.

Strictly speaking, the 9 Moon Sect was also in the ranges of Mount Qing Shao.

When Ye Mo came here today, he almost couldnt believe that this was the 9 Moon Sects place.

What was once a huge maze of structures now only had a few broken pillars and shattered walls. Burnt rubble laid everywhere.

Ye Mo came down from the sky, scanning around with his spirit sense, and he soon saw some clues. There must have been a huge fight!

Looking at the ruins, Ye Mo remembered Nie Shuangshuang. Ye Mo didnt have any great impression of her; if she hadnt risked her life trying to send him news, perhaps he wouldnt have even helped her last time.

Just as Ye Mo wanted to leave, his spirit sense stumbled upon an underground room. Although the entrance was blocked, Ye Mo could still scan his spirit sense in. The door wasnt very thick, and it couldnt block his spirit sense.

There was a body inside; it was a bit saggy, but it had a set of big red robes on it.

Ye Mo thought of Nie Hongyi. This woman might be the master of that Nie Hongyi. She had some dried blood on the corner of her mouth. She probably had a huge battle with someone right before she died.

She had a bag next to her, inside of which was an ancient sheepskin book.

Ye Mo thought that it had to be the cultivation method of the 9 Moon Sect. Ye Mo had no interest in it and didnt even want to go down. This stone room looked ghastly anyway, it was the kind of place where spirits and ghosts gather.

Ye Mo shook his head and just as he wanted to leave, three figures walked down the small crooked mountain path, clearly heading to the 9 Moon Sect.

Nie Shuangshuang? Although they were still far away, Ye Mo recognized her at first glance nonetheless.

It seemed like that lotus life pill had saved her, but what was she doing here? Ye Mo didnt want to see Nie Shuangshuang, so he hid.

When Ye Mos spirit sense scanned across them, he found that Nie Shuangshuangs was already below yellow level. Last time he saw her, she was yellow level middle stage. If this went on, perhaps in some time, she would become an ordinary person.

The two men who followed Nie Shuangshuang were very bulky and carried some digging tools with them. They were just normal humans, probably they had never cultivated. Ye Mo could immediately tell that Nie Shuangshuang wanted to dig out the cave the old woman was in.

"Its here. Dig open this place first." As Ye Mo was lost in thought, Nie Shuangshuang had already brought them to that underground room.
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