Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 457

Chapter 457: Treasure Gone to Waste

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"Why isnt that f*ckbuddy of yours coming to save you today? Hahaha, youve been with him for so long, yet you're still a virgin? Does he have some problems with his manlyhood? Ahaha! I guess you can only give your first to your big martial brother now," Nie Pi laughed.

Nie Shuangshuang looked at her empty hand and started to worry. She just remembered that Nie Pi was an earth level master. She couldnt even kill herself in front of him.

Before Nie Shuangshuang could react, Nie Pi moved his crutches and dashed in front of Nie Shuangshuang. He slapped her on the neck and snarled, "Why don't you sleep for a while. After I take the thing, I will enjoy you and show you whether this big martial brother of yours is disabled or not."

Nie Shuangshuang fell down without resistance. Nie Pi was prepared to walk into the room yet at the entrance, he suddenly found that there was already someone there. Nie Pi was shocked. He was an earth level master! Even without his legs, no one should be able to come in front of him without him noticing, but he really hadnt noticed this person."

"Who are you?" Nie Pi soon calmed down as he saw a young man in his 20s stand before him.

Ye Mo sneered, "After cutting off your legs and seeing you run away in the river, I didnt think I would see you again today. It really must be fate."

"Its you, Ye Mo?" Nie Pis heart sunk. He was really feeling regretful. He cursed himself for not thinking that Ye Mo might come today. Since Nie Shuangshuang came, of course Ye Mo could come too.

Nie Pi realized that there would be no way for him to escape today. Ye Mo was the strongest master he had ever seen. Although he wished to take revenge, he would rather never see Ye Mo again, yet hed still encountered him today.

As Nie Pi was still dazed, Ye Mo threw out a few wind blades. Nie Pi was an earth level primary stage, sure, but he was still killed by Ye Mo without any resistance.

Ye Mo hadnt planned on going inside the cave but since it was opened, he entered it and brought a bag out.

The bag was made out of very good materials, but it wasn't attractive to Ye Mo. He opened the book in a casual way but soon, Ye Mo was stunned.

This was a real dao cultivation method! It was called the 9 Moon Evergreen Chant. This wasnt some evil cultivation method at all, and it was actually much stronger than those ancient martial arts cultivation methods. Even though this cultivation method could only make one reach the chi gathering stage at most, on Earth, it was invaluable.

If Ye Mo didnt have his own cultivation method and if this cultivation method wasnt meant for women, he would cultivate it for sure.

Ye Mo opened the book and immediately understood why the 9 Moon Sect members had been so evil.

The introduction of the chant said, "To fate, people are mere toys to play around with; it wants man to have death in life, to have life in death. Yet my dao is one of longevity Using the self as the universe, the heart and liver as the Heaven and Earth, gathering the yin essence, cultivating the yin soul Forget the hollow and fake, see not, think not, hear not, worry not, there is neither internal, nor external" Ye Mo sighed, it indeed clearly instructed how to absorb spirit chi of the heavens and earth as the basis of cultivating ones own soul. The inventor of this manual had to have been a genius, but she was born on this Earth deprecated of spirit chi, so she could only write out the cultivation method up till the chi gathering tertiary stage.

But her cultivation method was understood as men having to devour womens essence yin in order to cultivate. What was this?

TL note: essence yin = pretty much virgin chi: taking a womans virginity while cultivating a special cultivation method which devours the essence yin.

Ye Mo closed the book and sighed. This was a treasure gone to waste. He dumped it in front of Nie Shuangshuang. It would be uo to her own fortune to see if she could understand it. If she couldnt, then even if he taught her, her progress wouldnt be high in the future.

Putting it down, Ye Mo scanned Nie Shuangshuang and ignored her afterwards. He stood on his flying sword and left.

Not long after Ye Mo left, Nie Shuangshuang woke up. She noticed that she was laying on the ground and was shook. She checked her clothes and saw that they hadn't been touched. Finally, she felt relieved yet also confused. Did Nie Pi not rape her?

It took a moment for her to see Nie Pis body which was split in half.

Nie Shuangshuang stood up in horror; why was she still fine when Nie Pi had been killed? Who had saved her? Nie Shuangshuang was dazed for a few seconds before seeing the bag on the ground.

She opened it and found a jade jewel and the 9 Moon Evergreen Chant. She immediately realized that someone had saved her and didnt take the thing.

Who was it thag was so generous? Both items were invaluable. Who couldve dumped it like grass?

Had Ye Mo come again? Nie Shuangshuang immediately thought of Ye Mo and with great sadness realized that other than Ye Mo, she didnt have a single real friend.

Nie Shuangshuang dumped Nie Pis body and left as fast as she could; she wasnt the only person who knew about the sect.


Ye Mo found the place that the man had drawn for him, but it had no clues left anymore.

Sichuans Mount Qing Shao was where one of the origins of Chinese Daoism lay. The tallest peak, Peak Lao Jun, was 2363 meters above sea level. It wasnt as beautiful as Mount Qing Cheng, so it wasnt as famous. Nevertheless, it still became one of Chinas protected areas 20 years ago.

This place was steep and lacking spirit chi, so Ye Mo really didnt know why the Broken Fist Hall had chosen this place to establish their sect. Still, Ye Mo had come to find Zhang Zhihui today, so he had to go see their sect.

Ye Mo only spent a little more than ten minutes to find the sect.

This sect was located in the mountains; Ye Mo couldnt help but commend the ancients for building this place on this steep mountain.

There were cliffs everywhere. On the top of the mountain, one could read the three blurry words Broken Fist Hall, showing its past glory.

Ye Mo walked in. It was very quiet inside. Ye Mo sighed, it seemed that Zhang Zhihui had agreed to his words and annihilated everyone here, but he had never returned.

Ye Mo pushed open the front door to the main hall, and there was a loud creak which seemed eerily dominant in the middle of this silence.

All the chairs were covered in dust. Ye Mo scanned outwards with his spirit sense and there was no one around as expected, but when his eyes fell on the painting of the Broken Fist Halls ancestor, his eyes went cold.

A dried human head covered in dust was sitting in the middle of the candle table. This head was Zhang Zhihuis head.

Zhang Zhihui was killed and his head was here? Was there someone in the Broken Fist Hall stronger than Zhang Zhihui?

Ye Mo took down the head and in his rage, he kicked the drawing and shattered the tables.

Adterwards, Ye Mo found a good spot and buried the head, before making an epitaph which said, "Brother Zhang, you died for my sake, thus I shall avenge you."

Then, Ye Mo suddenly came to realization. Zhang Zhihui had definitely annihilated the Broken Fist Hall, but if he was still killed afterwards, wouldnt that last survivor target the Zhang family as well as Flowing Snake? If the person who killed Zhang Zhihui wasnt from the Broken Fist Hall, why would he put Zhang Zhihuis head there?

Concluding this, Ye Mo couldnt stay here anymore. He felt like there was something hed missed, but wasn't able to think of what it could be.
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