Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Hidden Sects Tournament
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Ye Mo was pretty certain that his guess would be right. If the Broken Fist Hall really did have such a master, he would definitely try to get revenge. Even if he couldnt find out that Ye Mo had his base of power in Flowing Snake, he would go to the Beijing Ye family.

Even if he didnt, he would definitely go to the Xuan Jiang Zhang family. Yet he hadnt gone to find him nor the Zhang family. This was strange.

Someone who could kill Zhang Zhihui had to be at least at the latter earth level stage. This kind of person shouldnt be afraid of him.

Ye Mo believed that what happened in Dian Cang couldn't have spread out. At most, some people maybe knew that hed killed multiple earth level middle stage and primary stage He Liu Sect sect members.

Before Ye Mo left, he really wanted to burn this place down, but because it must've been hard for the ancients to build this place, he didnt do it in the end.

Although he had no idea who might've killed Zhang Zhihui, Ye Mo still called Xu Yuehua to tell her about it so that she could be on alert.

Before Ye Mo could dial the number though, his phone rung.

Ye Mo frowned. Normal numbers couldnt dial him, so who was this?

"President, the call has gone through!" Somewhere in a high level mansion in Beijing, a caller grabbed the phone in excitement.

"What? Im coming, I'm coming!" Almost instantly, Han Zaixin rushed to the phone and grabbed it.

"Old Brother Ye, your phone is really hard to reach. I told these dialers to call your phone constantly 24/7 for more than ten hours to finally reach you, haha! But its my luck that I could reach you at all," Han Zaixins cheerful laughter sounded.

Ye Mo was speechless. This Han Zaixin really had his ways. The first time when he was in Hong Kong, he called for a few days nonstop. And now, as soon as he took out his phone, it was reached again.

"Elder Han, whats up this time?" Ye Mo asked speechlessly. He was so busy now that he couldnt even deal with his own things and cultivate, he really didnt want any further matters to deal with.

Han Zaixin laughed awkwardly, "Hehe, sorry, I really need your help this time. Your stay in Beijing last time was really short, so, I was thinking, euhm-"

Ye Mo quickly stopped him and said, "Old Han, its not your style to stutter. If there is something up, just say it."

Han Zaixin said, "I really desperately need your help, can you come to Beijing? Its hard to talk on the phone."

Ye Mo fell silent for a couple of seconds and said, "Okay, wait for me, Ill come over in the afternoon."

Han Zaixin wasn't a bad person, and he had helped him many times. Even when the Heaven Squad were looking for trouble with him, Han Zaixin still stood on his side. Now that he was in desperate need of help, Ye Mo had to help.

Ye Mo wanted to go to Ning Hai and take his sister, Tang Beiwei, to Flowing Snake and cultivate there for a while before going to the inner hidden sects but now, it seemed he could only go to Beijing.

Ye Mo called Xu Yuehua first before heading to Beijing.


Although Ye Mo didnt know why Han Zaixin needed him, Ye Mo knew that Han Zaixin knew what was or wasn't appropriate. He wouldnt trouble him with some small things even if he had helped him.

Han Zaixin didnt expect Ye Mo to come this quick. He had only called an hour ago yet Ye Mo was already in his house. What made him depressed was that every time Ye Mo came, his guards seemed to be just for show.

"Cant you just knock the door?"

"Are you having an affair in daylight?" Ye Mo asked confusedly and started to study Han Zaixin up and down.

"Youre having an affair!" Han Zaixins face went black. He was a supreme general yet now, he was being questioned whether he was having an affair.

"Thats right, since you arent, and since youre the one who called me, why care about some complicated gestures. Tell me, why did you call me here today?"

Hearing this, Han Zaixin smiled brightly, making Ye Mo doubt whether he wasnt perhaps an actor.

"Yaner, go help me make Brother Ye some tea. Use the premium grade West Lake Dragon Well Tea the old bandit gave me last time." Han Zaixin quickly pulled a chair for Ye Mo to sit on.

Ye Mo sat down and said, "Old Han, dont worry about that tea for now. Tell me why you need me first; you know that Ive been really busy lately. I was just in Sichuan before then coming over."

Han Zaixins face went black. Ye Mo was talking nonsense. One hour from Sichuan to Beijing? Who was he tricking; even if Ye Mo went by plane, it would be more than one hour.

But Han Zaixin wouldnt share these thoughts out loud, so he said with a smile, "Brother Ye, you know that all I have is this precious granddaughter Han Yan of mine. This time, I need you to help her a bit."

"Brother Ye, please have some tea." Han Yan made a warm cup of Dragon Well, and the aroma was good indeed.

Ye Mo looked at Han Yan in surprise and said, Brother Han, your granddaughter seems very well, what does she need my help for?"

Han Yan heard this and seemed to want to say something but eventually didnt. In the past, she wouldnt even have cared about Ye Mos words, but now she knew he was someone very powerful.

Han Zaixin sighed and said, "Im sure, Brother, that you know about the hidden sects, but have you heard of the Hidden Sect Tournament?"

Hidden Sect Tournament? Ye Mo had heard about it more than once. There was one every three years. Last time when he met Mo Kang, he said that it had been changed to once every five years and that the location had changed to some city. What did this have to do with Han Yan?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said subconsciously, "Of course I do, but hasnt it passed already?"

"Passed? Who said so?" Han Yan looked at Ye Mo strangely.

Ye Mo felt his nose awkwardly, "I dont know, maybe I heard wrong."

"I knew you would know about it," Han Zaixin clapped his hands and laughed.

Han Zaixin continued, "Han Yan is representing her sect for this tournament, and I want you to help."

"You want me to instruct her?" Ye Mo studied Han Yan. Her power was a bit too low: yellow level tertiary stage. Was the standard this low?

Han Zaixin stood up excitedly and said, "If you could instruct her then that would be even better!"

Ye Mo waved his hand helplessly, "I cultivate different techniques from her, so no point in instructing her. Tell me, how else can I help?"

Although his relationship with Han Zaixin wasnt bad, he didnt have that much chi increasing pills, so unless Han Zaixin mentioned it himself, he wouldn't use them.

Hearing this, Han Zaixin wore a disappointed look, but that face immediately faded. He said fervently, "Yaners sect is called the Guang Han Sect. Its a very small sect. Although its an outer hidden sect, it ranks at the very bottom. A sect like hers can only come to the tournament once every 3 times, which is 9 years. Now that its 5 years in between every tournament, Guang Han Sect can only come every two times. Each time, they only have one spot."

Ye Mo frowned, "If its that prejudiced then why go?"

Han Yan smiled bitterly, "Because the prize is very good each time. If you can enter the top 30, you get a black rising pill and a 500 million reward. The top 10 win those and an earth level cultivation method on top. The top 3 can enter a spirit pond to cultivate in for 3 months. Its said that one month in there is more efficient than one year on the outside. Other than this, everyone gets a pill to reach the earth level. This isnt even the main thing! The main thing is a secret reward that the top 30 all have a chance of getting."

Ye Mo thought, could that be a spirit well? If it was, then no matter how powerful the hidden sects were, he would be taking it for himself. As for the other rewards, they didnt interest Ye Mo.

"In fact, what I want the most is the top quality black rising pill. I dont even hope for the top ten," Han Yan said.

"In that case, why dont you just go compete. What can I help you with?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

Han Yan said with some embarrassment, "Because during the tournament period, there have been frequent cases of killing before the tournament, so each sect sends a master to protect the contestant. We dont have a master in our sect, and my master is still recovering from her failure to reach the earth level."

"So you want me to protect you?" Ye Mo asked.
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