Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 459

Chapter 459: Space Flower
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Han Zaixin rubbed his hand awkwardly, Brother Ye, Yan'er is my only granddaughter. If something happens to her, I wont be able to handle it. It was my idea, she didnt want to trouble you, but since we've had a good relationship so far-"

Ye Mo stopped Han Zaixin. If Han Yan hadn't mentioned the spirit pond cultivation thing, he would have rather given one or two pills to Han Yan. These pills would be much more reliable than the black rising pill. But Ye Mo suspected that the spirit pond was a spirit well, and he wanted to go see it.

Ye Mo immediately nodded, "How long till the tournament and where is it at? Do the participants have to fulfill any requirements?"

Han Yan at once replied,"Its in three days at Broken Hill Peak in the ghost city. Participants must be under 30, and have their own identity jade card."

Then, Han Yan took out hers, which was a small card made with white jade.

"Okay, I agree. In three days, I will be waiting for you at the Xi Yue Hotel in the ghost city", Ye Mo quickly agreed.

Ye Mo knew about the ghost city. Its real name was Gui Cheng City, but people were accustomed to calling it "the ghost city". He had been there before when he was searching for Luo Ying, so he knew about it.

It was famous nationally and abroad, it attracted large amounts of tourists. But a few years ago, when some people claimed that it was haunted, newcomers started to decline.

Although there werent as many people as before, most people who went there nowadays had some power. Some were monks or daoists, others were from the hidden sects.

The Xi Yue Hotel was the biggest hotel of the city, he had stayed there last time. Ye Mo also knew the boss since the hotel used to be haunted. He was a nice person, so Ye Mo gave him a magic 8 Trigramn Plate to him for defense.

Because the power of the magic artifact was much stronger than those runes and charms the monks and daoists had given him, the boss respected Ye Mo greatly.

"Brother Ye, will you manage to book a room at Xi Yue Hotel?" Han Yan asked with surprise joyfully.

"Whats wrong? Xi Yue Hotel is a place where people usually stay at, why wouldn't I get a spot?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

Han Yans joy disappeared, she replied in disappointment, "Because of the Hidden Sects Tournament, you cant even book a room there. They are fully booked because of the sects. Not even government workers can get a room, so you wont be able to get one now."

Ye Mo smiled, "Other people might not, but that doesnt mean I cant. Just make sure to meet me there."

Ye Mo trusted that the hotel's boss would be able to get him a room.

Han Yan looked dubiously at Ye Mo, wondering if he was telling the truth. But Ye Mos face was calm, and she couldnt see any doubt.

Han Zaixin put on a serious expression and said, "Ill leave Yan'er to you, Old Brother Ye. But I called you here today for an even more important matter."

Seeing Ye Mo look at him with confusion, Han Zaixin sighed, "You know about last time's data report, right? It was about the Space Flower blueprint, you actually only gave a small part of it to Li Hu. This blueprint is very significant. Up until now, our researchers still cant understand what sort of genius could design it."

Han Yan also looked at her grandpa strangely, "Grandpa, its amazing, but it cant be that great. Is it better than a spaceship?"

Han Zaixin had a very serious expression. "If the Space Flower gets developed, a spaceship would be a broken wooden ship next to it. The Space Flower blueprint really allows the possibility of a marine and air-based weaponry. Its power-efficient, fast, evasive and easy to control. If the Space Flower is really built, it can destroy a country easily. Of course, Im talking about a scenario in our current situation. When the radar systems become more advanced, not even the Space Flower will be able to go undetected. But the Space Flower can also constantly improve. Sigh-"

Ye Mo asked confusedly, "Is it really that strong?"

Han Zaixins expression became even more serious, "The Space Flower blueprint is a blueprint that will be begin a new era, but we only control a part of it. We still haven't built its energy source, mobility systems nor cloaking technology. The person who designed it is not just a genius, hes a genius of the universe. Ive never seen someone with this much knowledge."

Hearing this, Ye Mo also thought about it thoroughly. Could someone that amazing really exist on Earth? Or was that person also a transmigrator who came from a technological civilization like him?

Han Zaixin continued, "The blueprint probably comes from the Northern Sand, this organization is very mysterious. Theyve been gathering the talents of different countries. According to our intelligence, more than ten countries know about the blueprint, and this is because the US accidentally spilled it. These countries all want the blueprint. If this blueprint is taken away, it wont benefit our country in any way. If its taken by the US or a European country, it wouldn't matter that much. They need to maintain their face, but if its a country like Japan, it would be a disaster for the world."

Ye Mo nodded, "I know. I promised to help you find it last time, but Ive been really busy. I havent had the time."

Han Zaixin immediately looked happy and said, "You arent to be blamed. If one could get it that easily, it wouldnt be something desired by the whole world. Since the US brought up the plan to steal it, they should be taking more the initiative, but for some reason, theyve been dealing with something in the Pacific. I dont know whats going on."

Of course, Ye Mo knew why the US had been messing around with something in the Pacific. They were looking for the Black Sun Empire, the US wouldnt let such a threat slide.

"The HQ of Northern Sand is very well hidden. There are many, but no one has been able to find one up until now. Even if they did, they wouldn't dare scare them, or the blueprint would never touch the surface again. I presume the US knows about one or two bases, but they would never make public such info," Han Zaixin said worriedly.

Ye Mo wondered about if he could get the blueprint, whether he could sell it for a lot of money and use that money to buy land.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo realized that perhaps he needed to find that blueprint.

And one more thing, if that blueprint was really that good, could he take it for himself? He wouldn't have a proper army for his land, but if he had that war machine, he could protect his city before he actually reached a certain power level.
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