Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 460

Chapter 460: Gifted Pill
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Ye Mo first intended to negotiate with Han Zaixin for his help with solving Ye Mos territorial problem if he managed to get the blueprint for him. Now however, Ye Mo changed his mind, because if the blueprint was really that good, why should he trade with Han Zaixin? He could just keep it for himself.

Leaving Han Zaixins place, Ye Mo went straight to Ning Hai, since he wanted to bring his sister, Tang Beiwei, to Flowing Snake.

"Brother!" Tang Beiwei just came back home when she saw Ye Mo standing in the garden. She was really happy to see her brother.

Ye Mo saw that Tang Beiwei had reached the stage 2 middle level and so was also happy. He saw the plastic bags in her hands and asked, "You went out shopping?"

Tang Beiwei blushed and nodded. She then changed the topic, "Brother, go inside and look around. Ive changed that flowerpot a bit."

Ye Mo followed her in. The current flowerpot was bigger, and the Silver Heart Grass was growing well. She must have spent quite a lot of time on it.

"Beiwei, you also moved the Purple Heart Vine in?" Ye Mo also saw the Purple Heart Vine beside it.

Tang Beiwei smiled and said, "Yep, what do you think? I was going to move the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass over too, but you said it needed a formation, so I didnt touch it."

Ye Mo couldnt help but pat her head and mutter, "Really growing beautifully."

"Brother, are you saying that Im growing beautiful or the grass?" Tang Beiwei smiled cheekily.

Ye Mo had known her for some time but never knew that she had this side to her. He touched his nose and said, "Both."

Pausing for a moment, Ye Mo said, "Beiwei, you probably know that Luo Yue is my property right? I came here to take you along to Flowing Snake. Im worried about you living here by yourself."

Ye Mo was happy that Tang Beiwei had brightened up. She had been depressed ever since Tang Jing died. Brightening up was nothing but good for the sake of her cultivation. Although Tang Beiwei once mentioned how she liked the peace and quiet, a girl just over twenty staying with a bunch of old nuns everyday worried Ye Mo a bit, because that was simply too depressing.

Luo Ying was better off, because she was cultivating the Tranquility Cultivation Method, but Tang Beiwei was just cultivating what Ye Mo taught her.

As soon as Ye Mo finished speaking, Tang Beiwei exclaimed in joy, "Brother, is Luo Yue really yours? I knew that you had something to do with that company, but I didnt expect it to be real. My brother is super rich now!"

"You little treasure hunter, lets go to Flowing Snake together. Ill let you count money every single day." Ye Mo petted Tang Beiweis hair.

What Ye Mo didnt expect was that Tang Beiwei would fall silent for a while and then say, "Brother, you know I like peaceful life. Serenity was good, and my mother was there too but sometimes, I would think about you, so I left. This place is very good and you even lived here before, so I like it."

"Stupid girl, dont be like those boring nuns. Youll be marrying someone in the future. Besides, its too lonely for you to live here." As Ye Mo witnessed Tang Beiweis change, he was very happy.

Tang Beiwei pouted her lips and murmured, "Im not marrying anyone. Also, Im not always alone, Jingwen moved over to live with me. Sister Yunbing and Ting Ting often come over too."

"Su Jingwen?" Ye Mo immediately said, "Isnt her house in Ning Hai? Why would she move here then? Where is she?"

"Jingwen really likes this place, and since I was lonely living here by myself anyway, she moved over. There was a reporter interviewing her today, so she-" Before Tang Beiwei could finish her sentence, Su Jingwen came walking in with a bag.

"Huh? Ye Mo, youre back?" Su Jingwen stood dazed as she saw Ye Mo talking to Tang Beiwei.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Jingwen, long time no see."

"Yes, it's been long indeed." Su Jingwen had always been wanting to see Ye Mo, but now that she finally did, she realized that she had nothing to say.

Tang Beiwei saw that the atmosphere was a little awkward, so she quickly brought out a few chairs.

"Sister Jingwen, what did the reporter interview you about?" Tang Beiwei broke the awkwardness.

Su Jingwen glanced at Ye Mo and said, "The reporter is my friend, Xiao Lei. Ye Mo also knows her. She wanted to interview my dad, but he wasnt around, so she interviewed me. Its about my uncle, Su Heng, who used to be a mayor at Xi Tong but was framed and was said to have commited suicide. The truth came to light, and Xiao Lei wants to do a special report just on him.

Ye Mo didnt expect this relationship. From the eyes with which Su Jingwen looked at him, Ye Mo knew that Xiao Lei must have told her everything he had done.

After a while, Su Jingwen opened up and became more casual.

"Ye Mo, the Luo Yue in Flowing Snake is yours?" Su Jingwen suddenly asked. She immediately realized, though, that if Luo Yue wasnt Ye Mos, how could Fei Yu have been chosen? This was obvious.

"Brother, youre really amazing! I saw the news too; that Yuan Bei Corporation is really shameless, such hypocrites! By the way, Brother, do you have any more of those face-preserving pills? Give one to Sister Jingwen. The beauty pill she bought is really expensive!" Tang Beiwei only realized after speaking that her words hadnt been very suitable. If the beauty pill was already that expensive, wouldnt the face-preserving pill be even more expensive? She had one before and knew how good it was.

But what she didnt know was that the face-preserving pill was on a whole different level. If she understood it properly, she probably wouldnt say such words.

Ye Mo felt a little awkward. He did have quite a bit, but he was waiting for them to increase in value. Last time, he told Mo Kang to only sell a few. After a few years pass and everyone knows its value, it wont be selling for just a few hundred million.

Now that his sister asked, he was put in a tough spot. With their relationship, it wasnt over the top to give something as expensive as this.

Su Jingwen saw Ye Mos awkward face and felt a little sad. She knew that it wasnt cheap but no matter how expensive it was, with Ye Mos current worth, he wouldnt mind. What she cared about wasnt the pill but Ye Mos attitude.

Ye Mos spirit sense immediately picked up Su Jingwens expression. Remembering how shed helped him before and how they were friends, he quickly took one out and gave it to Su Jingwen, "This thing is similar to the beauty pill, you can have one. Haha, if Beiwei hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have even thought of it."

Su Jingwen took the pill feeling very happy. She cared not about the pill but the fact that Ye Mo was willing to give her one. It meant that he gave her special treatment.

There was a faint fresh aroma coming from the pill. Su Jingwen immediately knew that this wasnt something the beauty pill could compare with. Perhaps it was worth hundreds of thousands. If she knew that even if she sold her company, she might not be able to buy it, she wouldnt be able to stay so calm.

Ye Mo quickly said, "Hurry up and eat it. If you dont, it will lose its potency."

Hearing this, she immediately put the pill in her mouth. What surprised her was that it melted in her mouth immediately.

After a moment, she felt there seemed to be something changing in her body and there seemed to be things seeping out of her skin. Just when she was feeling unsure, Tang Beiwei said, "After you eat the pill, there will be impurities pushed out of your body. Go take a shower."

After Su Jingwen left, Tang Beiwei said in a small voice, "Brother, was I a bit too rash? That pill must be very expensive."
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