Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Cruel Person
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Han Yan was a yellow level latter stage warrior, but this man was at the yellow level peak stage. With him attacking unexpectedly, Han Yan wasnt able to dodge it.

Slap- Han Yan was hit spot on.

Han Yan could no longer control the anger in her heart. Since when had she been treated like this? She didnt even think before pulling the sword from her bag and thrusting it towards her attacker.

"You wanna fight? Very well, big brother will play with ya!" This man swiped his waist, and a soft sword appeared in his hand.

Ding ding- After just two strikes Han Yans sword was hacked to pieces, after which the man kicked at Han Yan without mercy.

If Han Yan were still cool headed, this kick might not have landed, but she had lost her clarity of mind. She just wanted to kill this guy whod insulted her, but the more she was like that, the more the man would gain the upper hand.

The guy kicked Han Yans leg as she flew meters away onto the floor, incapable of any resistance. Han Yan was stunned.

The man then walked up and sneered, "Do you believe that if I step down once more, your other leg with also break?"

Han Yan gritted her teeth and stared at the man in anger without saying anything.

"I don't," a cold voice replied for Han Yan.

The man was dazed and looked at Ye Mo, who wore an ice cold expression on his face, "Who the hell do you think you are to be acting against me?"

People around were getting more excited as they saw the fight heating up.

Ye Mo ignored the man and connected Han Yans broken leg before giving her a pill. Then, he helped her up and apologized guiltily, "Sorry, I came late."

As Han Yan saw that Ye Mo had come, she finally couldnt hold the grief in her heart and fell into Ye Mos arms, crying. She knew it would be very chaotic at the time of the tournament, but she didnt expect this to happen. There was not a single bit of sympathy in this world at all.

Ye Mo held her and saw the palm print on her face. He inquired coldly, "Who hit your face?"

Before Han Yan could reply, the man cockily said, "Your grandpa, I, did. If youve got the balls, why don't you come hit me? If you dont, then slap yourself, and roll the hell out of here."

People laughed yet again, but this time, the laughter was obviously less. Many people had noticed how Ye Mo reconnected Han Yans obviously broken bone like it was nothing. Even in the hospital, itd take a month to barely be able to walk, yet this man just reconnected it in a moment and gave her a pill. And now, she could already walk! This was too absurd.

Ye Mo sneered and dashed forward in a single step. He appeared in front of the guys face in a blink and slapped him twice, quickly going on to kicking his chest.

Before anyone could react, Ye Mos leg connected to the mans stomach. He took more than ten steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood, ending up seated on the ground as his face was covered in blood.

Ye Mo walked over slowly and stepped down. There was the ghastly sound of bones getting crushed. Ye Mo pulverized this mans leg.

The scene was silent now. When the man bullied Han Yan, they thought it was funny, but now seeing Ye Mo crush this mans leg, no one felt amused. They felt cold. Who was this guy as to be so cruel?

No one stood out to help this man, just like when Han Yan had been getting abused.

Wang Xiyue who was still upstairs didnt dare to come down for a look. He was scared of getting caught in the crossfire.

"I am Yi Jian Sects Feng Nan, you cant atta-" Before the man was able to finish speaking, Ye Mo already stamped down on his other leg and then stomped on his chest. Even more bones cracked this time, astonishing everyone with his cruelty.

Feng Nan no longer had the power to talk. His head slumped down, but no one dared to help him.

Han Yan had calmed down now and quickly told Ye Mo to come over. Ye Mo didnt know about the Yi Jian Sect, but she did. It was a sect in no way inferior to the Xia family. Her Guang Han Sect couldnt mess with this sect either.

"Brother Ye, lets go," Han Yan grabbed Ye Mos arm and said worriedly. She glanced at Feng Nan subconsciously. Although the police didnt pass by there, nor would anyone call them, she was still worried that the guy was dead.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Were staying here, how can we leave? Tell me, who else bullied you?"

As soon as Ye Mo said this, Xia Seng subconsciously lowered his head. Ye Mo was definitely black level or above. With Ye Mos cruelty, he would be beaten up like Feng Nan all the same.

Xia Seng wanted to call for the older generation of his sect, but no one was here.

Han Yan didnt say anything, just looking at Xia Seng, because everyone was looking at him anyway.

Ye Mo walked up and studied him coldly, before saying, "You also attacked?"

Xia Seng shivered and no longer had the composure of when hed looked down on Han Yan. He just uttered worriedly, "No, Qianbei, I didnt hit her."

Seeing Ye Mos eyes get more and more intensive, Xia Seng couldnt take it anymore and knelt down, "Qianbei, have mercy, I really didnt hit her, I just jeered at her, I, I-"

Xia Seng then started slapping his own face until there was blood. Ye Mo then said coldly, "Piss off, dont let me see you again."

"Yes, yes, Qianbei, I will piss off immediately!" Xia Seng felt humiliated and angry, but he knew now wasnt the time to act up. He would need to be alive to get back at Ye Mo.

Xia Seng ignored everyones contempt and ran into the elevator as he returned to his room. In his heart, though, Ye Mo was a dead man. A mere black level dared hit a Xia family member and almost beat Feng Nan to dead?

The other two Yi Jian Sect members carefully carried Feng Nan back into their rooms. They had to report to their masters in order to get revenge.

Near the window, there were three people, two girls and one man, who had watched the whole event from start to finish. The girls wore beautiful accessories on their heads, and the man was also very handsome. He had a certain bourgeois temperament.

"This person is cruel and decisive, and hes at least at the black level tertiary stage. I wonder which sect hes from. But since he knows the Guang Han Sect people, he probably isnt from some big sect. What a pity, when the Yi Jian Sect and Xia family people come, he" the young man sighed and shook his head, obviously thinking that Ye Mo would be dead soon.

"Martial Sister, have we seen this person before? I feel like he looks like that person?" the younger one out of the two nuns suddenly asked.

The older nun nodded:, "Yuer, youre right, hes the masked man who went to the auction at Mount Wu Liang. Hes not to be messed with."

"Martial Sisters, do you know him?" the handsome man asked.

The older nun nodded, "Yes, if Im not mistaken, this man went to the auction at Xi Xia Temple. You didnt go last time, but he killed the Long brothers all by himself, and its said that the earth level Lone Wolf also died by his hands. Hes a very strong man, Martial Brother Shi. Avoid contact with him, because hes very murderous."

"Oh, he can kill the Long brothers and Lone Wolf? Is he earth level? But how is that possible? Hes only in his twenties! Ive never even heard of such thing," Martial Brother Shi questioned in surprise.

Shi Zhongzhi was himself a genius, being only 26 years old yet already at the black level tertiary stage. It could be said that no man could reach his level, yet this young man was even more absurd than him.

Due to the huge difference between black and earth level, Shi Zhongzhi didnt think Ye Mo could kill Lone Wolf as black level.

"Interesting. Shi Zhongzhi looked at Ye Mo with interest.

Although Han Yan really wanted to leave, Ye Mo still brought her to the front desk.

"Sorry, Sir, there are no rooms left." The front desk girl had witnessed Ye Mos rampage and was shaking.

Ye Mo smiled, "Tell your boss, Wang Xiyue, to come down. Tell him an old friend is here."
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