Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 463

Chapter 463: Ye Mos Suite
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Although the front desk's staff really didnt want to do it, they didnt dare go against Ye Mos words. They picked up the phone and called Wang Xiyues office.

Wang Xiyue had noticed that the noise had quieted down, so he finally was relaxed; but at that moment his phone rung.

Usually, he wouldnt pick up these calls. He didnt want to hear it, in fear of the dissatisfaction of the people staying there. But he still picked it up, praying that it wasnt someone looking for trouble.

"President Wang, theres someone at the front desk saying hes an old friend of yours. He wants you to come downstairs," The front desk lady said with a little stutter.

"Oh, okay, Ill come downstairs immediately." Wang Xiyue hung up the phone with a bitter look. He didn't dare not to go.

Ye Mo didnt have to wait for long before Wang Xiyuer's round body came out of the elevator, "May I ask which Qianbei is looking for me? Im Wang Xiyue. Haha."

Before Wang Xiyue got to them, they could already hear his laughter. No one could tell if he was really happy, or faking it.

"Its me. Can't you recognize me?" Ye Mo smiled.

"Huh. Its you, Brother Ye, it really is you. Ive been hoping to see you for months, and youre finally here! Haha." Wang Xiyue finally relaxed.

Ye Mo had only stayed at the hotel for a week. He was very capably, but wasnt cocky. He was very grateful to Ye Mo for the gift and didnt fear him. He knew Ye Mo was easy to get along and that he was a true master.

Ye Mo saw that Wang Xiyue was truly happy, so he patted his shoulder smiling, "I came here looking for a place to stay, do you have any rooms left?"

"Yes, of course," Wang Xiyue said without hesitation. "Brother Ye, first let's go somewhere else."

The front desk girl looked at her boss in shock, "Boss, we have no more rooms in the hotel." She was afraid that her boss had forgotten.

"Haha, other people might not, but Brother Ye has a private suite in our hotel. It doesnt belong to the hotel, it belongs to Brother Ye." Wang Xiyue pulled Ye Mo into the elevator.

The people around them stared at Ye Mo, who was already going up. That young man was so powerful. He only had mention himself once and he had gotten a place to stay. Even more shockingly, he got a suite.

After Ye Mo had disappeared, the people in the lounge started to chatter.

"Since when do I have a private suite at your place?" Ye Mo asked confusedly.

Wang Xiyue smiled cleverly, "At any other moment, you can have as many rooms as you want, but these days I dont get to decide. I had predicted this would happen. Last time you left, I decided to build a suite on the 8th floor, this one is just for you. As I said, it doesn't belong to me. Come, Ill show you around, I hope you like it. I thought it would be unlikely for you to come again, but you actually did. Its truly an honor."

Ye Mo laughed and said, "Thank you. If you have any troubles, just come ask me for help. I owe you one today."

Wang Xiyue smiled, "Brother Ye, look, youve already solved my biggest problem last time you were here. My hotel got to be recognized as a 5 star one in only half a year. I give you the credit. I only built a small suite, its nothing compared."

Wang Xiyue brought Ye Mo to the top, and there was indeed a mansion-like suite. Not only did it have all sorts of flowers, the inside was also very clean. It was obvious that someone had been cleaning there every day.

"Such a pretty suite!" Han Yan exclaimed.

"Not bad," Ye Mo also casually complimented. The most important thing was that Wang Xiyue was a truly good manager. Although he hadn't known if he would come or not, he had prepare everything for him. It might have seemed simple to achieve for him, but his effort was appreciated. No wonder his hotel was the best in ghost city.

Han Yan walked around happily. She hadn't really expected Ye Mo to be able to find such a great place to stay at. In her heart, her view of Ye Mos capabilities had increased a lot too.

"Brother Ye, if youre happy, stay here. The waiters can come 24/7. As for food, you can choose whether you want to eat downstairs, or get the waiters to bring it here." Wang Xiyue saw that Ye Mo was very happy with it, so he felt proud of what he had prepared a few months ago. Ye Mo had only been gone for a month when he had started building it. Now, it was put to use indeed. He also felt lucky, if he hadn't built it, Ye Mo would have no place to stay. He would't have been dared to offend anyone staying there then.

"Boss Wang, I came just for you, I need some help." Just when they were talking, the elevator door opened again and a man with a huge beer belly walked in.

"Aiyo, Mayor Wu, when did you arrive? If you need something, just give me a call. No need for you to come here personally." Wang Xiyue saw the man, and quickly walked over to him with a hospitable smile.

That man was Wu Yingyuan, the Vice-Mayor of Gui Cheng City. He already knew why he had come.

The man scanned Ye Mo and Han Yan and said, "President Wang, your hotel really has brought honor to our city, but I really need your help today. I have a friend and hes also coming to the tournament, but he's arrived late and now has no place to sleep. And you know, if he stays somewhere else, he would lose face, so could you please get him a room in your hotel?"

There was only one 5 star hotel in the ghost city, and most of the hidden sects' people were staying there. If you stayed somewhere else, you would be losing face indeed.

Wang Xiyue said with hardship, "Im really sorry, Mayor Wu, but as you know, I dont get to decide this."

The man wasnt disappointed at Wang Xiyues words at all, he kept smiling, "I know this, of course. I wasnt asking you to empty a room, but I know you have an empty suite. How about letting my friend stay there? What do you think?"

Ye Mos expression didnt change, he was waiting to see how Wang Xiyue would react, but Han Yans expression changed. Ye Mo had already offended two sects, she didn't want to think what would happen if he offended one more.

With these thoughts, Han Yan had a worried look and wanted to persuade Ye Mo to change to another hotel. Although Ye Mo was strong, he couldn't face that many people.

Wang Xiyue didnt looked troubled at all, he just laughed and said, "It's no surprise that Mayor Wu asks me this. If this suite belonged to me, Mayor Wu could let anyone live in there, but its Brother Yes property, I just helped him build it."

"Brother Ye?" Wu Yingyuan looked strangely at Ye Mo and Han Yan.
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