Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 466

Chapter 466: This Is What The World Is Like
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

But the two men didnt seem to see him and just walked to Ye Mo, before bowing, "Xia family leader, Xia Changtian, together with Xia Pang greet Ye-Qianbei."

Ye Mo just nodded. He had seen this Xia Changtian at the auction in the temple. He had bought the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass from him, but at the time, he was no match for Xia Changtian. Times change however, and now, he was someone that Xia Changtian needed to look up to.

Ye Mo didnt talk to Xia Changtian and looked at the frozen Young Master Pei and sneered, "I really want to see how youre going to make me die."

"I-" At this moment, Young Master Pei was frozen. Why was the Xia family leader, Xia Changtian, this respectful to this young man? If he had known this, he wouldnt have dared do anything at all. Although he didnt know who this young man was, he understood that he'd kicked a hard brick this time.

Wu Yingyuan was full of cold sweat. He was much more experienced than that Young Master Pei, but he didnt expect a friend Wang Xiyue knew to be this absurdly powerful.

"Yi Jian Sects Yu Tao greets Ye-Qianbei. My sects disciple was disrespectful, hence I came here to ask for forgiveness." Before Young Master Pei could say anything, another old man ran in.

Another sect leader came to see this young man with such respect? Young Master Pei could no longer hold the terror in his heart. He was about to break down. God, who had he messed with! He felt his leg shaking and at the same time, he hated Wu Yingyuan so much that he wanted to eat him.

"You are Ping Jian Sects member?" Xia Changtian heard Ye Mos words and suddenly turned around to Young Master Pei asking a question. He knew that if the Xia family didnt act fast enough, the chance to prove themselves would be taken by Yu Tao.

This Young Master Pei shivered and stuttered, "Yes, Xia-Qianbei, this, no, I- Wu Yingyuan, said that Boss Wang had a place for me to stay at but wasnt letting me, so I came to find Boss Wang-"

Before he finished his explanation, he felt a huge kick on his chest as he was sent flying out of the room. He spat blood in midair and slumped onto the ground.

Ye Mo used his spirit sense and knew that the guys dantian was broken.

"Your Ping Jian Sects Liang Qisheng and Huo Quming dont even dare disrespect Ye-Qianbei! Youre quite bold, aren't you?" Xia Pang said.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Xia Pang but didnt say anything. He felt like Huo Quming was a familiar name, though and soon, he remembered the person. When he accompanied Luo Xuan to get the Ni Luo Sutra, the one he saw then was that Huo Quming. He was surprised to find out that he was from the hidden sects.

At this moment, Yu Tao understood the situation too. He walked up to Wu Yingyuan and slapped him in the face.

Just when Yu Tao was going to hit him some more, the elder before him said, "Sect Leader, this person is the Vice-Mayor of Gui Cheng."

Wu Yingyuan felt abused, but he knew that there was nothing he could do. He regretted his actions greatly.

"Haha, so youre a mayor! But my, my, how can someone like you become a mayor? Martial Brother Yan, you deal with this. I dont think he deserves to be a mayor." Yu Tao stopped attacking him. There were still rules he needed to follow.

"Count the Xia family in; Xia Pang, you and Brother Yan deal with this together." Xia Changtian didnt want to fall behind.

Wu Yingyuan was dazed. He didnt expect that he would lose his position in the end. He comprehended the power of these hidden sect behemoths well. It was no joke if they said that he wasnt going to be a mayor anymore.

"Ye-Qianbei, I was blind, please have mercy on me..." Wu Yingyuan knew that he needed to beg Ye Mo for mercy.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Wu Yingyuan and said, "Piss off now, if you stay here a moment longer, then you wont get the chance to leave at all."

Wu Yingyuan knew this wasnt a mere threat. Although he didnt know who Ye Mo was, he had to be someone significant. Losing his job was better than losing his life. Thinking like this, he didnt dare speak anymore and just ran out. He wanted some support first and see if there was any chance of a comeback afterwards.

When Wang Xiyue got up, he was confused. He knew Ye Mo was a hidden master but didnt expect him to be this influential. Even the powerhouse titans living here had to suck up to him.

Ye Mo watched as Wang Xiyue got up and knew that he didnt sustain any internal injuries. He looked at his empty wrist and asked speechlessly, "Old Wang, where is the bracelet I gave you?"

Wang Xiyue said shamefully, "I tested it and that bracelet indeed did have quite the defensive power, so I gave it to my son. I didnt expect this Wu Yingyuan to take action like this. Hes a mayor, yet he brought some hoodlum to beat me."

Ye Mo couldnt blame him. He could only say, "If I have the time, Ill make you another one; I dont have anymore on me."

"Ye-Qianbei..." Yu Tao saw that Ye Mo finally turned around and said awkwardly.

Ye Mo nodded. He knew that they were sucking up to him for now, but in their world, whoever was stronger was the boss.

The Xia family came because of Xia Seng and this Yu Tao came for Feng Nan. He beat their people, yet they still came sucking up to him just because he was stronger than them. There was nothing to be grateful about. If he didnt have his current power, what would be waiting for him was a coffin.

"Yu Tao came to ask for forgiveness, my sect disciple offended Qianbei; its my fault-" Yu Tao saw that Ye Mo was willing to talk to him calmly and felt a little relieved, but before he finished, Ye Mo stopped him.

Ye Mo looked at Yu Tao and Xia Changtian and said plainly, "I understand your intentions for coming, and this thing ends now. Wang Xiyue is my friend, so I hope your men dont cause trouble during your stay."

"Yes, rest assured Ye-Qianbei. We will control our sect disciples and make Boss Wang happy," Yu Tao immediately said and finally felt assured. To him, it was the best possible outcome that Ye Mo ended it now. He had heard too much about Ye Mos slaughterings.

Wang Xiyue was dazed and felt emotional. It was because he made a friend like Ye Mo that these titans had to restrict their disciples to make him happy. In the past, he had merely been the lowest in this hotel.

It seemed like building Ye Mo a suite here tuned out to be his lifes best decision. It was because of his actions that he managed to acquire Ye Mos friendship and get these titans respect.

"Ye-Qianbei, this is the jade card for entering the gathering tonight. If Ye-Qianbei has the time, you can come and take a look. The location is King Qing Guangs palace in the ghost city." Xia Changtian knew this was the best time to suck up to Ye Mo and took out his card without hesitation. He had three anyways.

"Oh, thank you, Sect Leader Xia." Ye Mo accepted the card. He was planning to go check it out at night anyways.
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