Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Hidden Sects' Meeting
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Yu Tao saw that Ye Mo had accepted the jade card and regretted not giving him one too. Why hadnt he thought of it? He also handed over one to Ye Mo and said, "I also have one here. If Ye-Qianbei needs somewhere to go, you can use it."

Ye Mo thought of Han Yan. It would be good to take her with him. Furthermore, if he didnt take the card, Yu Tao would worry that he hadnt forgiven him. Thinking about that, Ye Mo took the card.

Seeing Ye Mo take the card, Xia Changtian and Yu Tao knew it was time for them to leave.

Ye Mo went back to find Han Yan. He was going to let her come with him and see, but she said she wanted to practice the three new moves. Ye Mo thought about it and agreed. The tournament was nothing for him, but it was a big deal for Han Yan. Moreover, if she went to the meeting, she wouldnt buy anything.

Their suite was very spacious. Ye Mo gave Han Yan a few pointers and left to the meeting on his own.

Ever since participating in that auction, Ye Mo never underestimated again the wealth of the hidden sects. They even had the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass, who could say that he wouldnt find something he needed there.

The Wild Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass was the most potent, but it wouldnt blossom for the second generation if it was grown artificially. The one Ye Mo bought was a real wild grown one. Ye Mo wanted to wait until it matured to concoct the foundation establishment pill with it.

His cultivation had reached a bottleneck. Without outside help, it was very hard for him to breakthrough in that deprived environment. The Silver Heart Grass was useful for chi gathering primary stage, but he was middle stage now, its use was very limited. Plus, he only had one Silver Heart Grass left. The Purple Gear Vine had some use, but it only budded.

Although the chi increasing pill had some use for him, it wasnt enough. If he used it all, he would reach the middle level of stage four at most, so he might as well use it to power up his men. This pill had the biggest effect on the first consumption, later on, its effects become weaker.

So, Ye Mo had some expectations for the hidden sects meeting.

Ye Mo got some food and arrived to the meeting before it was going to start. Ye Mo went inside the palace, which was old and had incense smell everywhere. There were many statues of minor buddhas and in the back room, there was a large hall with a banner on the door that said "Ancient Martial Arts Meeting." What Ye Mo was surprised about was that the meeting had just begun, but the hall was already filled with people.

Ye Mo just walked to the door and a waitress approached him. She looked at Ye Mos jade card and brought him into the hall. Ye Mo saw some the girl was surprised, as though she felt Ye Mo was too young, but one couldn't tell from her expression.

It was usually the sect leaders and powerful men who came. Other than the core disciples who had been brought by their elders to broaden their horizon, most people were above 40.

At the same time Ye Mo came in, all the eyes were on him. Ye Mo was so young, but he could come to the meeting. Many people were pondering over his identity.

Although almost no one had seen Ye Mo before, some still recognized him. They had seen Ye Mos picture before.

The small portion of people who recognized Ye Mo nodded to him. Although some people wanted to stand up and talk to Ye Mo, they were all from the hidden sects and needed to maintain their face. If they were too respectful to Ye Mo, other sects may look down on them. After all, Ye Mo was too young. More importantly, the big sects hadnt said anything yet.

These people were different from Xia Changtian and Yu Tao, they had seen him privately and still chose to offend Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didnt mind these people, it was normal for them to be prideful. He would never use his power to abuse them, unless they messed with him.

"Master, its this young man who taught the disciples of Yi Jian Sect and the Xia Family a lesson. They say his surname is Ye, Im not sure if hes the legendary Ye Mo," seeing Ye Mo walk in, a handsome young man in his 20s whispered to an old man next to him.

The old man nodded, "It must be true. His inner qi is collected, he probably is that Ye Mo. Although our sect isnt afraid of him, you shouldnt come into too much contact with someone with such power."

"Martial Brother, Ive also heard of Ye Mo. Some people even took his photo to recognize him, but this arrogant fool only dares to bully weaklings like the Yi Jian Sect or the Xia Family. If he dares challenge our Jiu Ming Academy, he will find that theres always someone stronger than him," a middle aged man said in contempt.

"Martial Brother Zheng, Ye Mo is different. He Liu Sect is a good example. If he could kill their earth levels, it means that hes at least earth level. Reaching earth level at his age is already like being a genius amongst geniuses. We should try to not touch him," the old man frowned and said.

This middle aged man didnt dare to refute, but said quietly, "Martial Brother is right. Although the He Liu Sect is said to be one of the six big sects, I dont think they deserve that title. They are quite inferior compared to the top three, even I can kill them easily."

The old man shook his head and didnt say anything. A middle-aged woman next to him said, "Martial Brother Zheng, just listen to our sect leader."

"Yes, Martial Sister." This time, martial brother Zheng didnt rebuke.

Ye Mo scanned and didnt find people from Serenity. It seemed that they hadnt come that time.

Ye Mos name didnt seem to be well received among the hidden sects. After he sat down, the seats next to him remained empty. It seemed like no one dared to sit next to him.

Ye Mo smiled, he didnt mind it. Other than some relationships based on interests, he didnt have any friends in the hidden sects, and didnt need them. Most of the hidden sects people looked down on outsiders. They felt they were better.

Other than the 36 Rivers, who had ranked quite low among the six big sects, the other three big sects obviously werent friendly to Ye Mo. And due to this, other people didnt dare show their goodwill to Ye Mo.

But not everyone cared about what the big sects thought. A short middle-aged man walked up to Ye Mo, sat down beside him and asked, "Friend, are you Ye Mo? Did you really annihilate the He Liu Sect?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Indeed, Im Ye Mo, but I didnt annihilate the He Liu Sect. I just swatted a few flies that were buzzing in Beijing."

"Great! Brother Ye, you have a lot of courage. Let me introduce myself, Im Gu Yanghe. Im not here for the tournament, Im here just for the meeting," the man said.

Ye Mo looked at Gu Yanghe, he was earth level middle stage. He nodded and didnt say anything.

In this moment, an old man stood up. He glanced at Gu Yanghe casually and said, "Friends, were usually spread across the land and its hard for us to have a chance to gather. Ancient martial arts are declining nowadays because the resources are scarce. Its hard to use these limited resources and get what everyone needs.

"On the occasion of this tournament once every five years, we can gather together. I wish that everyone can get what they need from this meeting. As one of the founders, Im responsible for the fairness of this meeting. If you dont respect the rules, dont blame me, Xiang Mingwang."

Then, the old man looked at Ye Mo specially, as though Ye Mo was the main rioter.

Ye Mo sneered, he couldn't care less about that old mans words. As long as the he didnt mess with him, it was fine. Even if the old man was earth level peak or even halfway to great heaven, Ye Mo didnt mind.
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