Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Six Outer Hidden Sects
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"We support Xiang-Qianbei from the Gourd Cave. If theres anything you need, just tell us." Someone immediately came out to support this old man.

"Yes, with Xiang-Qianbei, Feng-Qianbei and Wang-Qianbei here, who would dare defy the rules?"

"Of course, we came here because of the three Qianbei. The auction at the temple last time was good, but it was too chaotic."

"Brother Liang is right, I went to that last auction. I heard that the people who bought the Tai Yi Sword and earth level cultivation method were all killed. Oh, and the person who bought the Liu Blue Carrot died too."

Seeing the discussion below, the old man called Xiang nodded in satisfaction and spoke, "This meeting will be held by me, Brother Feng from the Jing Ming Academy, and by Brother Wang from the Nan Mountain. We hope everyone finds this trip worthwhile. Well then, I wont waste anymore time, the meeting begins now. Those who need to trade, raise your jade card and say what youre trading and what you need."

Then the old man sat down as he looked at Ye Mo once more, as though he could do something bad at any moment.

Gu Yanghe whispered to Ye Mo and said, "Brother Ye, this long-bearded man is called Xiang Mingwang and is the Vice Sect Leader of the Gourd Cave. Hes half step great heaven, very strong. The Gourd Cave is ranked first among the big six and is far from what the He Liu Sect can compare with. Its said that he could annihilate the entire He Liu Sect by himself. This old man might look amicable, but hes the most aggressive one, the type to kill in the slightest of conflicts."

As though feeling Xiang Mingwangs eyes glance at him, Gu Yanghe ducked his head.

"Hes that strong? Then wouldnt the Sect Leader of the Gourd Cave be even stronger?" Ye Mo murmured subconsciously. Although he didnt know how many earth levels He Liu Sect had precisely, this Xiang Mingwang could annihilate the He Liu Sect by himself. Clearly, he exceeded Ye Mos estimations.

The He Liu Sect was similar to Dian Cang in power. Although Ye Mo had practically annihilated Dian Cang, he almost lost his life under their 7 Kill Formation and was forced away by that monk, Wu Dao. If this Xiang Mingwang really was that capable, then wouldnt he be on par with him or even Monk Wu Dao?

Gu Yanghe nodded and said, "Of course, but its said that the Sect Leader has been in solitary cultivation for more than ten years trying to reach great heaven. We dont know, though, if hes still alive or not, so right now, Xiang Mingwang stands at the top of the Gourd Cave."

"Then how about Jing Ming Academy?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously. He was thinking that if the sect leader of Jing Ming Academy was as strong as Xiang Mingwang, then he would be in trouble if they were to gang up on him.

Gu Yanghe said in an even quieter voice, "Other than Dian Cang and He Liu who sealed their sects, the other four big sects all came. The strongest is Gourd Cave and the second strongest Jing Ming Academy. The reason why Jing Ming academy is ranked second isnt because they arent as strong as the Gourd Cave. In terms of power, Jing Ming Academy should be stronger than Gourd Cave but since they rarely fight, their fame isnt as great as the Gourd Caves."

Ye Mo nodded. This Jiu Ming Academy was no simple place indeed.

Gu Yanghe continued, "The third strongest is the Wang family of the Nan Mountain. This time, their family leader, Wang Lenchan, came too. Its said that he fought with Xiang Mingwang once. They supposedly fought for a whole day before he lost by half a move. They have their business in the outside world, but the true ancient martial arts disciples are not allowed to be involved in business, so the Wang family isnt all too famous in the outside world either. The fourth strongest would be Dian Cang, with their sect leader, Bian Xihai, being said to be at the earth level tertiary stage.

At this moment, a very bulky and wild man brought out a wooden box and said, "Since no one is starting, I, Zeng Zhengxia, will kick of this meeting. This is a 300 year old yellow essence, which pill makers can use to make the essence chi pill. I wish to trade it for a magical weapon or rare ores."

Ye Mo was already touched by this. This place had good things indeed! Just by looking at this yellow essence, one could see intricate circles on it, meaning that it had to be a few hundred years old at least.

Yellow essence younger than a hundred years old was beneficial to health but useless to ancient martial artists. The essence chi pill, however, can recover inner qi speedily and also purify inner qi. The con of it is that it cant improve power.

As soon as Zeng Zhenxia said this, someone immediately said, "Sect Leader Zeng, dont mention the essence chi pill, Ive never heard anyone who can make the essence chi pill. I have a top grade black jade here, if Sect Leader Zeng is willing, we can trade."

Ye Mo shook his head. If it were extreme quality black jade then it mightve been barely worthy of this 300 year yellow essence, but top level black jade was far inferior.

Gu Yanghe said, "This Zeng Zhengxia is the Sect Leader of the 36 rivers, they are ranked fifth among these hidden sects. This Sect Leader Zeng is also at the earth level tertiary stage, but hes a very heroic person."

Ye Mo didnt know how this guy really was as a person, but he wasnt a villain at least. When he first came in, even though Zeng Zhengxia knew he was Ye Mo, he didnt hate him because hed killed He Liu Sects members. He had nodded at him from afar.

Zeng Zhengxia knew that top quality black jade was not equal to his yellow essence, and he shook his head for the trade.

Everyone knew that the man was right about the essence chi pill, so no one wanted to trade for Zeng Zhengxias yellow essence anymore. Seeing this, Zeng Zhengxia closed his wooden box in disappointment.

Just as Zeng Zhengxia was about to put away his box, Ye Mo suddenly said, "Ill take this yellow essence for this dagger, Brother Zeng would this please you?"

Then, Ye Mo threw out a dagger he had made. It was as if someone was carrying it in the air as it floated in front of Zeng Zhengxia.

The gathering turned silent for a few seconds. The way Ye Mo threw the sword alone was something only a few at the scene could accomplish.

"Manipulating an object with inner qi? Nothing to show off about, I can do that better." That martial brother Zheng from Jiu Ming Academy commented when he saw people all around admire Ye Mos power.

Feng Wu smiled, "Martial Brother Zheng, this wasnt inner qi telekinesis. This was just a casual throw, but the power was controlled very accurately. Even a normal person can do that if they control their power well."

Hearing this, everyone came to a sudden enlightenment.

"It seems I overestimated the guy," Zheng Chao sneered.

Ye Mo scanned the people and also sneered. What he jad done was something they could never learn. This was telekinesis by spirit sense. it wasn't just a casual throw. Ye Mo had used this method to see if people would be capable of realizing it, and now, it seemed that he had been worrying too much.

Zeng Zhengxia picked up the dagger. As soon as he did, it made a crisp sound that scared him. He immediately started to scrutinize the dagger.

"Brother Zeng should try inserting your inner qi into it," Ye Mo smiled and said.

Zeng Zhengxia did as advised subconsciously, and an even crisper sound appeared. The dagger began to glow with a white shine.

"Great dagger!" Zeng Zhengxia yelled in joy.

"This is a magical artefact?" Everyone present started to discuss.

The so-called magic artefacts sold to the outside world just carried that name, but they werent considered true magic artefacts. This one, however, was undoubtedly a real magic artefact!
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