Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 471

Chapter 471: Shameless to the Extreme
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

The moment Qi Shiheng put the pill in his mouth, he felt it melt. A hot and spicy qi rose up from his dan tian, but it didnt feel uncomfortable. Was he telling the truth about the pill? Qi Shihengs expression change, he sat down to digest the pill without hesitation.

Immediately after, he felt the liquid turn into inner qi, filling up his meridians.

Feng Wu stared at Qi Shiheng. Seeing that his face was full of joy when he sat down to digest the pill, he realized that he might have been telling the truth about the pill.

Ye Mo was a young man in his 20s, yet he carried with him such a precious pill. This made Feng Wu take him seriously.

It was said that those who could concoct pills were great heaven level, was Ye Mo great heaven level? Or was he related to a great heaven? There hadn't been a great heaven in any the outer hidden sects recently, and even if there had been, it could have only been Wu Dao or the sect leader of the Gourd Cave. Ye Mo was that young, how could he be great heaven? If he hadn't gotten the pill by chance, it meant that there was a great heaven master behind him.

If that pill could really improve earth level power, then even if he found it by pure luck, it was still precious. How could he trade it for a Spirit Sensing Stone? He had probably done it to annoy Xiang Mingwang.

Thinking about this, Feng Wus mindset changed.

Tang Jiao had just reached great heaven and he also lost against Ye Mo. In order not to have to tell everyone, he chose to go into solitary cultivation enforcing his state, so barely anyone knew that Tan Jiao had reached great heaven. Feng Wu coughed and stood up saying, "Since Sect Leader Qi is digesting the pill, well continue the meeting."

The atmosphere of the meeting eased up and people started trading.

Hearing this, Xiang Mingwang frowned, but he didnt say anything and just sat down with a bleak face.

Ye Mo scanned Xiang Mingwang. Everyone thought he had traded the Space Abyssal Rock to challenge Xiang Mingwang, but he knew that he wasnt. He wasnt afraid of Xiang Mingwang at all, if he wanted to fight, Ye Mo would give him a fight.

The trades that followed were substantial to the people there, but they were too average for Ye Mo.

Jiu Ming Academy had a great wealth and took out an earth level high stage ancient martial arts cultivation method. Feng Wu was looking at Ye Mo from the moment he took it out, but it was useless to Ye Mo.

An hour passed quickly and the meeting was near its end, but then Qi Shiheng yelled and stood up. He stretched his arms and called out, "Great pill! I reached earth level middle stage this easily!"

Qi Shiheng seemed to suddenly realise where he was and carefully saluted Xiang Mingwang and Feng Wu with his fist. He said, "Qianbei, wanbei just broke through. Sorry for my impoliteness."

"Youve reached earth level middle stage?" Feng Wu looked at Qi Shiheng. He didnt have the spirit sense to decipher the inner qi of martial artists, so he could only ask.

"Yes, Feng-Qianbei. Wanbei reached earth level middle stage indeed."

The joy on Qi Shihengs face was still there.

Wang Lenchan said calmly, "So, is that pill real?"

Qi Shihengs tone grew more careful. The pill was the key to the fight between Ye Mo and Xiang Mingwang, but now everyone knew he had reached earth level middle stage and even if they didnt, he didnt dare to lie.

"Yes, Brother Yes pill works as he said." Then Qi Shiheng saluted Ye Mo with his fist, "Thank you, Brother Ye. Im truly grateful."

Xiang Mingwangs expression changed. He knew that he had lost completely, but if he didnt come out then and say anything, his authority would be damaged.

"Mmm- You have the remains of an ancient martial arts ruin. Its the wealth our predecessors left us. Ye Mo, if I were you, I would contribute to our waning Chinese ancient martial arts. Even if you cant give out everything for free, you should take out some for trade, in order to contribute to the development of Chinese ancient martial arts." Xiang Mingwang sneered. He knew that was impossible, but he couldnt let everyone judge him because of the chi increasing pill.

Ye Mo was angry, one could tell from his eyes. He had seen shameless people before, but never someone as shameless as Xiang Mingwang. He dared say such words. There were so many sects there, but it was Ye Mo who had to contribute with his things.

Ye Mo knew what Xiang Mingwang wanted to do. On the one hand, he wanted to save his own face, and on the other hand, he was trying to turn everyones attention to Ye Mo and make him the target.

He had said that Ye Mo had gotten the pill from an ancient martial arts ruin, and that these sort of ruins were the shared wealth of all ancient martial artists. Hence, Ye Mo should share it with everyone.

"Yes, that wealth should belong to everyone practicing ancient martial arts."

"I firmly support Xiang-Qianbeis words. It belongs to everyone."

Everyone seemed to be enlightened as to why Ye Mo had such absurdly potent pills and offense magic artefacts.

People were concerned about offending Ye Mo before, but now, with Xiang Mingwang taking the lead and them also being able to benefit from it, everyone supported Xiang Mingwang.

Ye Mo sneered. He sat without moving and looked around. Everyone who Ye Mo looked at subconsciously ducked their heads.

"Xiang Mingwang, to be honest, I, Ye Mo, have seen many shameless people, but this is the first time I see an old thing as shameless as you. If you want my things, its simple, come and take them if you have the balls." Ye Mo couldnt be bothered talking anymore, so he just challenged him.

"Ye Mo, Im Wang Lenchan from the Wang Family. Although Sect Leader Xiangs words are a bit straightforward, I agree with him. You were lucky to find an ancient ruin, but it still belongs to all of ancient martial artists. We wont ask you to give it for free, you can choose to trade or ask for something," Wang Lenchan, who hadnt spoken before, stood up.

Zeng Zhengxia looked at the situation and sighed. He didnt say anything because he knew it was useless.

Although Ye Mo didnt mind slaughtering everyone, it would mean he would become enemies with the entire hidden sects if he did. Although he wasnt afraid of that, he had friends and family now. If it wasnt for Xiang Mingwang, the people who were jealous of his things would only be able to attack in the dark, but with Xiang Mingwang as their lead, they all attacked openly.

After thinking carefully, Ye Mo calmed down and said, "Xiang Mingwang, since youre one of the people holding this meetinf, you mustve lived quite long and know a lot. Before I take out my things I want to ask you a few questions."

"Ive been upright all my life, theres nothing I cant answer." Xiang Mingwang sneered but felt satisfied, he had turned the tables.

"Haha, perfect. Since theres nothing you cant answer, I want to ask you a few questions. Youre the Vice-Sect Leader of Gourd Cave, I want to know how long your sect has been around to have such fame," Ye Mo asked plainly.

Xiang Mingwang laughed pridefully, "Weve only been around for 100 years, but our wealth is great and with the acknowledgement of the hidden sects dao friends, we were chosen as the number one sect."

Ye Mo sneered, "Youve only been around for 100 years and you dare say you have an abundant wealth? According to what I know, Serenity, Dian Cang and Broken Fist Hall have been around for more than 100 years. According to your words, wouldnt they be wealthier and with more reasons to be number one among the hidden sects? Even if they arent eligible, are there no sects around that are older than 100? With these many sects here, how come the first place should be your sect?"
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