Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Making a Contribution
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo knew that with Xiang Mingwangs temperament, he would be angry if someone were to doubt that his sect was number one.

And indeed, Xiang Mingwang yelled furiously, "How dare you, our Gourd Cave originates from the end of the Han Dynastys Zuo Ci, having more than 2000 years of history! How can normal sects compare?"

The elder next to Xiang Mingwang quickly stood up and said, "Our Sect Leader just wants to mention that our sect has been passed down for more than 2000 years. He does not mean to look down on any sect."

Xiang Mingwang seemed to have realized that his words were offensive, and he glared at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled and continued, "But Old Man Xiang, you just said your Gourd Cave was built a 100 years ago, yet now its 2000 years. Arent you lying to me and everyone else present?"

"You-" Xiang Mingwang pointed at Ye Mo, "I, Xiang Mingwang, never lie. Our Gourd Caves origin can be found 1800 years ago indeed, but I said we only built the cave 100 years ago, whats wrong with that?"

Ye Mo shook his head, "I dont know if its right or wrong, but I cant understand."

Xiang Mingwang knew that Ye Mo was intentionally saying that and laughed in anger, "Alright, Ill make you understand. 120 years ago, the first ancestor of our Gourd Cave found the ancient ruins of Great Ancestor Zuo Ci, and so he established a sect over at the Gourd Cave. These are all facts the people know of, would I be lying about that?"

The other elder with Xiang Mingwang suddenly wondered about something. Why was Ye Mo asking about this?

Before he could continue his thoughts, Ye Mo said again, "Then, that Zuo Ci mustve passed on quite a lot of things, right?"

Xiang Mingwang sneered, "Thats our business!"

People were already starting to get what Ye Mo was trying to say, but Xiang Mingwang was too agitated to realize.

Ye Mo sneered. So it was like that indeed; the hidden sects must all have been formed from what has been passed down. It was impossible to create a cultivation method by oneself.

"Okay, now that I heard Sect Leader Xiangs words, I feel greatly ashamed and admire his upright character. Hes too right, those who found ancient remains of ancient martial arts qianbei should share it with everyone. Good thing I didnt understand too late, or I would really feel too ashamed to face my fellow Chinese ancient martial artists."

Ye Mo stood up and cupped his hands, "Ive already given out a dagger and a pill, yet I actually had very little heritage, far less than the Gourd Cave. Now that Sect Leader Xiang said that the Gourd Cave has been passed down for 2000 years, he must be sharing much greater things with everyone. Im very eager and excited to see for myself and also give my deepest respect. I believe everyone here feels the same way."

Then, Ye Mo looked at Xiang Mingwang and said, "Sect Leader Xiang, its now your turn to contribute what you inherited. I didnt expect to be able to get things from Sect Leader Xiang, but you now have my gratitude."

"You! Ye Mo are you playing with me, do you think my sword is not sharp?!" Xiang Mingwang realized what Ye Mo was doing and pulled out his sword again.

Ye Mo also stood up and stared coldly at Xiang Mingwang and said, "So Sect Leader Xiang means to say that other people must contribute their heritage, but you get to keep yours? Whats with this logic? Im going to ask everyone here to be the judges; if everyone thinks that what Sect Leader Xiang has, he should keep to himself, yet what I get I should give to everyone, then I will have nothing to say."

Everyone understood what Ye Mo meant, but no one dared to come forward and say it.

Ye Mo laughed, "Since no one is saying anything, it means that Sect Leader Xiang should also contribute your heritage, then?"

Xiang Mingwangs face was green. He didnt expect to throw a stone and crush his own foot with it. This little bastard, very sly! Xiang Mingwang made up his mind to not let Ye Mo go no matter what.

Seeing Xiang Mingwangs face change without finding any suitable words to utter, the scene turned weirdly silent. No one wanted to talk at this time. Ye Mo had forced Xiang Mingwang into a corner.

The man sitting next to Xiang Mingwang whispered a few words in his ear, and Xiang Mingwangs expression calmed down.

He looked at Ye Mo sardonically and suddenly took out a bag that was next to him and said, "Youre right, we should contribute something. Weve made up our mind to bring out everything we were going to trade, but can you bring out anything else?"

Ye Mos spirit sense had already scanned this bag. He knew that these were the things the Gourd Cave was going to trade. His goal was for this old fart to take out this bag from the beginning, and now it was accomplished.

Then, Ye Mo looked at the bag next to him and worriedly grabbed it, muttering, "Ive already traded everything, theres only some pots left inside my bag."

After saying this though, Ye Mo accidentally let everyone hear the sound of weapons clashing. Xiang Mingwang sneered, "Perhaps people will like those pots. After all, they were passed down from our ancestors. How about this, we will both take out everything we have and put it on the table to trade with everyone here."

Although he didnt want to trade, Xiang Mingwang felt it was worth it to make Ye Mo trade all the weapons and pills in his bag. He wouldnt believe that Ye Mo would carry a bag of pots here unless the kid was mad. Looking at Ye Mos bleak face, he knew that there was more of those weapons and pills inside.

Ye Mo had a troubled look on his face but turned to Wang Lenchan, "Oy, Wang, I dont have to talk about the history of your Wang family, Im sure everyone knows about it. Arent you going to contribute to Chinese ancient martial arts like me and Sect Leader Xiang?"

Ye Mo was bluffing. He actually didnt know whether the Wang family had inherited anything from anny ruins.

Hearing this, Wang Lenchans face changed, he still had 2/3 of his things in the bag left that hadnt been traded for anything he wanted. He would lose a lot if he took it all out.

Xiang Mingwang was sure that Ye Mo just didnt want to take out anything, so he said to Wang Lenchan, "Brother Wang, perhaps one dagger is worth everything."

Wang Lenchan immediately understood Xiang Mingwangs idea and realized that it would take just one dagger and one pill to earn back everything and then some. Thinking about this, he dumped his bag on the table.

Ye Mos face looked even more bitter; it was clear that he wasnt willing. He put his hand in the bag as though wanting to hide something, but there was still the sound of weapons clanking and nothing else. With everyone looking at him, there were no tricks he could play.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo as though he was a clown.

Wang Lenchan cleared his throat and said, "We took out our things, but if someone were to keep raising the price of their item and not let anyone buy it, wouldnt that make all of our previous words worth nothing?"

Ye Mo immediately stood up, "Its your own property, so of course you get to decide the price."

"No, that would turn all of our discourse to waste. I think the price should be-"

"Should be what? Why dont you just say its free, that whoever wants it, can take it?" Ye Mo sneered.

"Okay, well do that! Since its for the development of Chinese ancient martial arts, we should support it thoroughly. It wouldnt count as support if it wasnt free," Wang Lenchan said.
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