Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Nan Mountain Right Beneath Ones Feet
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As Ye Mos sword was about to be blocked by his, it suddenly swerved at an impossible angle and pierced into his adam's apple.

Wang Lenchans sword fell to the ground as he looked at Ye Mo in disbelief, "So this is your trump card. I underestimated you a fourth time" Wang Lenchans eyes lost their colour. He was really unsatisfied. He brought the Wang family to the tournament and now, he lost everyone.

Suddenly he seemed to have thought of something, and he opened his eyes for one last time. He pulled out a triangular object and desperately said, "Wang family seal the mountain for 50 years"

As soon as he said this, he threw the object out and pierced it into the young man the middle-aged man had saved. Then, Wang Lenchan died.

Even Ye Mo didnt expect this Wang Lenchan to be so decisive as to not leave anyone alive before he died. With him killing this youth, everyone of the Wang family who came had died.

This youth wouldve never expected the family leader to kill him. He was the greatest genius of the Wang family and was black level tertiary stage at the mere age of 25. But no words left his mouth now, his eyes went cold just like Wang Lenchans, and he died.

From the beginning to the end of the fight, Ye Mo hadnt found that bleak chi. It was as though after that first clash, it had disappeared.

Ye Mo decided to stop investigating this mountain. He sincerely felt like he had underestimated the masters of the world. If, a few hours earlier, he had fought with Xiang Mingwang, Feng Wu and Wang Lenchan together, victory would have truly been uncertain.

They were all part of the six great sects, but Wang Lenchans power was this high. Dian Cang and He Liu were too weak. Although Ye Mo knew that it was only Wang Lenchan that was this strong in his sect, this still raised alarm bells for Ye Mo. Wang family was ranked third, so what about the first and second? And what about the Sect Leader of the Gourd Cave that was in solitary cultivation, and the Sect Leader of Jiu Ming Academy?

One could imagine that Tai Yi of the inner hidden sects would be much stronger than these few outer hidden sects combined. It would be unlikely that Ye Mo would be able to make it out alive if he went to Tai Yi for revenge now.

For the first time, Ye Mo considered his strength properly. China had a long history and all sorts of masters who all pursued higher states and didnt care about mortal affairs. No wonder the government felt threatened by the hidden sects; they had frightening power indeed.

The hidden sects wouldnt let their greatest master join the heaven squad. Tan Jiao had reached great heaven but was still weaker than Wang Lenchan. There had to be some reason for that.

Ye Mo burned the bodies with fireballs and dumped the weapons on the ground into a ditch before burying them. If he hadnt damaged Wang Lenchans sword so severely, he wouldve taken it but now, he had no interest for it.

After all this, Ye Mo hopped onto his flying sword and headed to the Xiyue Hotel.

It was 3 a.m., but Ye Mo found that Han Yan still hadnt gone to sleep. She just sat in the room worriedly looking outside.

"Han Yan, you have a tournament today. Why arent you sleeping?" Ye Mo walked into the room and asked.

"Brother Ye, youre fine? Thats great," Han Yan immediately stood up in joy. She had decided to go find Ye Mo as soon as it was daylight. If Ye Mo didnt come, she wouldnt go to that tournament. She knew that to the hidden sects, killing didn't mean much.

Ye Mo asked curiously, "What couldve happened to me?"

Han Yan answered with red eyes, "In the morning, someone called Gai Cheng came, making me give him and his disciple the suite. He was about to attack and said you wont be coming back and that perhaps by tomorrow morning, I would be finding your body. Just as he was about to force me out, Sect Leader Zeng Zhengxia came. He yelled him away and stayed here for two hours before going. He told me that youd offended Sect Leaders Xiang and Wang and told me that if you didnt return before morning, I should leave this city immediately."

It seemed that quite a lot of people knew that Wang Lenchan was going to kill him tonight, but he before he could even die, these people had already come. If something did happen to him, what would be of the people who followed him?

"Who is that Gai Cheng, and where is he staying?" Ye Mo asked.

Han Yan said, "Sect Leader Zeng said he was a doctor who got into ancient martial arts by chance and knew the Wang family. The reason he could come along this time was due to the Wang family. Hes staying Yuan Cheng Hotel."

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Okay, wait here for me, Ill be back soon."

Han Yan saw Ye Mo leave and knew that he was going for Gai Cheng. She wasnt worried about this as Sect Leader Zeng had said that he was at most at the earth level primary stage.


Han Yan relaxed a lot after Ye Mo came back. She thought Ye Mo would only return by daytime, but Ye Mo unexpectedly came back in less than 20 minutes.

"Brother Ye, I thought youd gone after that Gai Cheng." Han Yan still felt relieved after seeing Ye Mo return despite knowing that Gai Cheng was no match for him.

Ye Mo only smiled. He didnt tell her that he had already killed Gai Cheng and his disciple and just asked, "How are those few moves I taught you coming along?"

"I just learned one and can barely use it." Han Yan thought that this sword move Ye Mo had taught her was quite substantial.

Ye Mo nodded, "En, you have a tournament tomorrow, so go to sleep. I still have some business."

After Han Yan went to sleep, Ye Mo then sat down to recover his wounds. Although Ye Mo wasnt seriously injured, he didnt dare be careless now. Even though he really wanted to go annihilate the Wang family now, he didnt know where Nan Mountain was.


It was 7 a.m. when Ye Mo walked out with a refreshed spirit. After one night, his wounds had all healed, and he had managed to grasp a sword move from Wang Lenchans sword technique. It entailed using the sword ray to envelop the inner qi and explode sword chi outwards in order to attack the enemy. This move used too much chi though, so he couldnt use it casually.

Han Yan looked at Ye Mos back and suddenly had this feeling that Ye Mo was 10.000 miles away from her. It was as though Ye Mo would fly into the clouds at any moment. This feeling was very weird.

"Youre awake; go wash yourself first, and then well go to Broken Top Mountain together," Ye Mo turned to her and smiled.

Han Yan felt relieved. After Ye Mo turned back his head, that feeling was gone. Ye Mo had returned to that normal person she knew.

"Brother Ye, haha, I knew you would be fine!" A hoarse voice sounded. Ye Mo didnt need to turn his head to know that it was Zeng Zhengxias.

Ye Mo brought him into the yard area of his suite and sat down before saying, "Thank you, Brother Zeng, for last night. If you hadnt come, Han Yan wouldve gotten hurt."

Zeng Zhengxia waved his hand casually and said, "Piece of cake, that Gai Cheng is nothing, but he does know the Wang family. I thought Wang Lenchan would come after you, but I didnt expect him to let you go last night."

From his point of view, if Wang Lenchan went for Ye Mo, Ye Mo wouldnt be sitting here.

Ye Mo smiled and asked casually, "Brother Zeng, have you ever heard of where the Nan Mountain Wang family is located?"

Zeng Zhengxia didnt understand Ye Mos meaning and just sighed, "The most hidden arent actually the Gourd Cave nor Jiu Ming Academy, but the Nan Mountain Wang family. Its said that the heritage they received is called the Nan Mountain which is right beneath ones feet. It means that no one knows where it is, and no one knows how strong it is-"

Then, Zeng Zhengxia seemed to have realized something, and he stood up abruptly, looking at Ye Mo in disbelief.
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