Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Tomb Raider
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Ye Mo had seen these two girls before. One of them was the woman whose arm Ye Mo had cut off after he had just left the desert. That woman had come with her master to the auction last time. Her hand had been reconnected with the rest of the body.

Her master was a beautiful nun, and her name was Zi Xu. He didnt expect her to come to the tournament. She was already at the yellow level tertiary stage. Ye Mos opinion was that she good at using flying daggers.

Ye Mo had seen the other girl not long ago. She was the cold woman he had seen when he went to the military base in Xiang Yun. She didnt seem to have good intentions towards him. Ye Mo didnt know how she was called, but both of those girls had some kind of enmity with him.

In the second round, Han Yan also defeated a yellow level peak stage warrior easily and then came back to the 36 Rivers region to watch the tournament.

Zi Xus opponent was at the yellow level middle stage, which was the lowest power level in the tournament. The girl didnt use her flying daggers. She just used a long sword to defeat her opponent and easily won that round. The cold woman also easily beat her opponent, but Ye Mo felt that after she finished, she gave him a cold-eyed stare.

Ye Mo rested his thumb and index finger on his chin while thinking, Ive never met you before, why do you have such prejudice about me?

The afternoon round took longer than the morning round. When the 80 people had been decided, it was already 6 p.m.

The next round could only take place the next day. There wouldnt be anyone staying at the Broken Top Mountain overnight, so everyone went back to their hotels.

When Ye Mo got invited by Wang Xiyue to the rooftop for dinner, he found that there were already a lot of people waiting for him.

It could be said that almost every representative of the sects staying at the hotel came to greet him. Han Yan didnt know that Ye Mo had killed Wang Lenchan, so she was frightened by many people.

Ye Mo had no intention of getting close to any of these people, so he dealt with them simply and afterwards he let them leave.

After Ye Mo sent them away, he left Han Yan, who was praticing the second sword movement, and he went back to the Broken Top Mountain again. This time, he went there on the flying sword.

As soon as Ye Mo landed, he saw two men sneakily move around. He was already at the foot of the mountain. Ye Mo was dazed. Everyone knew that the place was haunted, why would they come there in the middle of the night?

It took Ye Mo just a moment of hesitation before he found out that there was actually another person behind those two. Soon, Ye Mo knew that those two had no cultivation, and what they carried were tools for raiding tombs.

Ye Mo shook his head. Those two tomb raiders didnt want to live.

But when Ye Mo saw the person behind them, he was even more shocked: it was that cold woman. What was she doing there at that time, following two tomb raiders who had never cultivated before?

Ye Mo went near them in invisibility mode and watched the two tomb raiders, as they carefully stepped into the depth of the mountain.

Ye Mo was very confused. Since they were used to raiding tombs, they shouldnt have chosen these days. It was the hidden sects tournament, there were a lot of people.

"Er Ya, why do I feel that this place is colder and eerier than other places. I dont feel comfortable. There wont be any problems, right?" the shorter man shivered and said.

The man called Er Ya was slightly taller and seemed a lot more astute than the shorter man. He replied quietly, "Gang Hu, we can only do it these days. The Broken Top Mountain is no ordinary place. Do you think were the only ones who know about this place? Im sure others do, but why dont they dare come? Its because the yin chi here is too strong.

These last days, the government seems to be running some event at the top, so there are a lot of people. You saw during the day as well, there were about 10,000 people at the top. With that many people, the yan chi must be intense and it's thinning down the yin chi. This is our best shot. After this, there wont be anyone coming here again. After the yin chi will gathers, we won't have any chances at all."

Gang Hu nodded and said quietly, "If this really is Yuan Tiangangs descendants tomb, then perhaps we can change our business to feng shui after this."

Ye Mo couldnt help but agree with Er Yas logic, yet they didnt know that the yin chi there wasnt natural. It was someone's doing.

Once Ye Mo heard about Yuan Tiangangs descendants, he started to get interested. Yuan Tiangang was a fortune teller and a feng shui master, perhaps there would be something useful to Ye Mo there. So naturally, Ye Mo followed the three of them

Er Ya and the others kept walking for nearly an hour. When Er Ya reached a slope, he took out a measuring device and looked around for a long time, before stopping at a spot.

"Is it here?" Gang Hu saw this and asked.

"It should be here." Er Ya put down his bag and took out a Luo Yang spade. He assembled it in a few seconds.

"Er Ya, I feel scared. This time something doesn't feel right," Gang Hu tucked in his neck and said worriedly.

Er Ya cursed, "Useless! Its not the first time were doing this. If this is really is his tomb, then this will be our last job. You must remember not to fear in moments like these, only then can your yang chi stay intense. And Im sure we wont be able to finish making the raid hole today; we will need at least three days."

The two spoke as they dug. Ye Mo had to commend them, they had no cultivation yet they still dug very fast. They cooperated very well together.

Ye Mo noticed that the cold woman was hiding on the side, but she wasn't going up. He didnt know what she was thinking. Perhaps she wanted to earn money out of those two, or she was interested in the potential knowledge hidden in this tomb.

An hour later, Er Ya crawled out and set up a pipe bomb. Then they ran away a bunch of meters from it.

There was a low bang, and the pipe bomb actually blasted out an old raid hole. Someone had already been there long ago, but Ye Mos spirit sense soon found that the hole hadnt been made all the way it through. Two bodies laid inside the raid hole.

For some reason, those two had been trapped here.

Er Ya and Gang Hu took the torch and ran inside. After a while, Er Ya yelled in joy, "Hu Zi, were lucky this time. Theres an already dug raid hole, but its not fully opened. We just need to dig a little more. Two qianbei died in here. Hu Zi, get me two black donkey hoofs, in case there are undead is inside."
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