Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Robber Stopping You In The Tracks

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Su Jingwen felt the bracelet on her wrist, and suddenly, she regretted giving three beads to Ning Qingxue. She felt that she shouldnt have listened to Su Meis words and changed her opinion of Ye Mo. Even if that day she saw that teacher saying awful things about Ye Mo with her own eyes, it didnt necessarily mean that it was Ye Mos fault; perhaps this teacher was wrong. Besides, even if it was Ye Mos fault, it didnt have anything to do with her so she wouldnt be affected.

If similar things were to happen again, she would rather believe Ye Mo. After all, she knew Ye Mo, but she didnt know this teacher. You know ones face, but you dont know ones heart On the surface, the teacher looked cold, but it didnt mean she was actually like this. She believed that Ye Mo wasnt like what the teacher and Su Mei said about him.

However, she already gave the three beads to Ning Qingxue, and she couldnt really ask them back. She could only blame Ning Qingxue for picking the perfect time to ask for it. If it had been a while since her meeting with Yun Bing, perhaps even a single day, she would have changed her mind.

Luckily, she only gave three beads to Ning Qingxue. If she gave her the whole thing, she would probably be regretting so much more now. After all, Ye Mo gave this to her. Although it wasnt worth much, it was the only one out of all her presents that were handmade by the person himself.

She wanted to visit Ye Mo but didnt know where he was; even Ning Qingxue didnt know. Li Mumei didnt either, but she still wanted to ask, just in case. Su Jingwen took out her phone and wanted to call Li Mumei to ask if she knew where Ye Mo was, but suddenly, her phone rang; the call was actually made by that teacher, Yun Bing, and she knew that only Su Mei could have given her number.

After arranging to see each other, Yun Bing came very quickly and saw Su Jingwen within half an hour. Hearing Yun Bings intentions, Su Jingwen was very surprised: What?! You want to see Ye Mo? Why? The last time I asked you about him, you said that he was a

Su Jingwen didnt finish her sentence, but her meaning was very clear. Since you are already talking about Ye Mo like that, why do you still want to see him? However, Su Jingwen just didnt want to say it in front of Yun Bing. After all, they werent familiar with each other. Although she really wanted to see Ye Mo, it didnt mean that she wanted to take Yun Bing with her.

Sorry, I misunderstood him last time, I want to see him so I can apologize to him, Yun Bing was very straight forward.

As soon as Su Jingwen heard what she said, her heart felt a bit lighter as she was right about Ye Mo. However, she disliked people like Yun Bing more who didnt even figure out what happened before saying this and that about someone; this type of woman was very annoying. It was right for her to apologize after she had said terrible things about Ye Mo, and she even wanted to see Ye Mo herself now.

After a short call with Li Mumei, Su Jingwen knew that there was still no news of Ye Mo; it was as though he had just suddenly vanished without leaving a trace.

What? Where did Ye Mo go? Yun Bing was very disappointed. She even suspected that Su Jingwen disliked her and didnt want her to know where Ye Mo went, but looking at Su Jingwens expression, she knew that Su Jingwen wasnt lying to her.

Ye Mo moved to Zhuo Aiguos hotel and went on the plane at 8 am the following day. Fortunately, he didnt even need to worry about the plane tickets since Zhuo Aiguo had it all figured out. Two hours later, the plane stopped at Gui Lin City Airport, and nothing troublesome happened on the way. It appeared that Zhuo Aiguo was more reliable than that Wen Dong. Wen Dong promised Ye Mo there would be nothing, but in the end, if Ye Mo wasnt in the 2nd stage of Chi Gathering and was particularly careful, he might have lost his life there. If that woman lost her life, so be it, but he, Ye Mo, was innocent. It wasnt worth for him to lose his life for 50,000 dollars.

Ye Mo, weve arrived at Gui Lin Airport now, and someone will pick us up soon. My plan is to go straight to Flowing Snake so we can avoid sleeping one night at Gui Lin and any unnecessary trouble. Zhuo Aiguo seemed to want to get it done immediately so he could leave this damned place as fast as possible. He didnt want to stay a moment longer, but this situation was exactly what Ye Mo wanted; he didnt want to waste time on these unnecessary things either.

After the two had walked out of the airport, an Audi car drove over. The driver was a relatively innocent-looking youth. When he saw Zhuo Aiguo, he respectfully called him Boss.

This is my chauffeur Xiao Yu, hes also my employee. Although he doesnt practice martial arts, he had been a few times to Flowing Snake and is relatively familiar with the place, Zhuo Aiguo introduced him casually.

Ye Mo glanced at the youth and knew that he only looked fairly strong but didnt learn any martial arts. Although this young chauffeur didnt talk much, his driving was steady yet fast. After leaving Gui Lin for two hours, the car left from the decent road to the steep mountain ones. It was another two hours before the roads finally got better, but at this point, there wasnt even a village to be seen around; it was all barren wilderness. Ye Mo didnt know why Zhuo Aiguo came here, but this place was indeed far off. No wonder he needed someone to come with him.

However, he really liked it here. In some sense, he was running for his life, and this place was the best for him to cultivate and hide. A colossal organization like the Song Family wasnt something that Ye Mo could mess with at this point.

The car went on for another ten minutes and entered a big valley. As soon as the car went in, Ye Mo heard some sound from behind; he opened the window to look back and saw that the way they came from had been blocked.

Zhuo Aiguo and the chauffeur also noticed this situation. Zhuo Aiguos face immediately became awful, but the driver seemed indifferent. He looked at Zhuo Aiguo once and said, Boss, you just need to give them some money but dont worry, these people usually only come for money. Zhuo Aiguo nodded, and after the chauffeur had driven the car another 100 meters, they were stopped, and it appeared that it wasnt just their car, but also another Mercedes that was also stopped.

Get out! All of you, get out! a bulky man wearing weird clothes and a megaphone in his hand yelled at them. He had two people by his side carrying a gun each, but they were incomparable with Wen Dongs AK. Ye Mo even suspected that even if they fired at him before he had noticed, he would still be able to dodge it.

Two people got off the Mercedes. There were one tall man and a tall figured woman. The man was handsome-looking and was a bit bulky. His clothes were obviously from famous brands; although Ye Mo didnt care about brands, he still knew some of them. Unexpectedly, the man was pale-faced, as if something like this happening to him was actually surprising.

The woman turned her head and looked at Ye Mos Audi, confused. This woman had a graceful temperament, her perfectly fitted jeans complimented her long legs and full bottom, making it very eye-attracting. She had some faint makeup on her face, and half a silver necklace showing at her snow-white neck made her seem very sophisticated.

Although she wasnt as pretty as Su Jingwen and Ning Qingxue, her long hair with her temperament gave her a unique flavor. The woman obviously had a special relationship with the handsome man as she was standing close behind the man, and although her face looked worried, she wasnt as scared as the man.
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