Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Loud Slap in the Face
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Zeng Zhengxia looked at Ye Mo in shock. After a few days, he felt he knew Ye Mo. He was not a cocky person, specially if you didnt mess with him and didnt mind other peoples business. But now, he offended the Gourd Cave for a young man he didnt know?

Even if he was a judge and needed to be impartial, Ye Mo shouldnt have said it so arrogantly. But Zeng Zhengxia immediately realized that Ye Mo was doing it intentionally. He was provoking Xiang Mingwang to attack. Perhaps he intended to annihilate the Gourd Cave, like he did with the Wang family.

Zeng Zhengxia was shook because of these thoughts.

Feng Wus eyes glimmered but he immediately looked down, as though he hadnt heard Ye Mos words.

Ye Mo sneered. Indeed, he did plan to kill Xiang Mingwang. If the Gourd Cave did anything, he wouldnt mind annihilating the entire sect. Ye Mo wasnt cocky enough to take on the entire hidden sects by himself, but he was sure that the Gourd Cave wouldnt have many helpers on this. They had been too unruly.

Immediately, everyone looked at Ye Mo. No one had expected him to stand up and publicly slap Gourd Cave in the face.

The judge who was going to cut off the young mans arm also stopped walking. He looked at Xiang Mingwang, as though he was waiting for his order.

The scene was silent. Even the fight in the other stage stopped. Many people there werent from the hidden sects, they were big bosses from all over the world. Many of them didnt know Ye Mo, and they all wanted to see what sort of person had dared to do this to the Gourd Cave.

Although the judge wasnt very just, everyone knew that justice was only established by power. The Gourd Caves disciples could accidentally kill other contestants, but other people werent allowed to hurt them.

Xiang Mingwangs face was green, he suddenly stood up and said angrily, "Ye Mo, youre a judge. Its obviously not fair that pills were used in the fight, why are you stopping the judge?"

"Xiang Mingwang, Im a judge. How come I dont see a rule that says that pills must not be used? When youre fighting a life-and-death battle with your enemy, are you going to restrict them from eating pills?" Ye Mo sneered.

That middle-aged man who was behind Xiang Mingwang said something to him and Xiang Mingwang sat down grumpily. The middle-aged man saluted with his fists and then said, "Brother Ye, Im the External Affairs Elder of the Gourd Cave Yan Kai. Its not right to use pills. Even the international competitions nowadays forbid the use of performance enhancing drugs. This little guy used one, so he did go against the rules."

Then, Yan Kai looked at Feng Wu, as though he was expecting him to say something, but Feng Wu didnt seem to notice him and just kept staring at the paper in his hands.

Ye Mo said lazily, "Thats true, indeed. But they clearly stated that those drugs were forbidden. How come I dont see that on the rules for this tournament? Secondly, theres a system of heavyweight and lightweight in international fights. How come I see a black level middle stage against a yellow level tertiary stage young man? Thirdly, since when have judges been able to go on stage in international events and punish contestants?"

Although Ye Mo had said this, he was disappointed that Xiang Mingwang hadnt charged at him, he didnt have an excuse to kill that old fart. He couldnt just go attack him first.

"Mmmm. Im a judge. Am I not allowed to punish a rule-breaking contestant?" the judge said with a red face. He had lost all his face that day.

Ye Mo stood up and smiled, "Indeed, youve just reminded me. Im the grand judge, I can deal with judges that go against the rules."

Seeing Ye Mo stand up, Feng Wu immediately knew things werent good. He stopped the Gourd Cave judge and said at once, "Ye Mo is a grand judge, and youre a judge, go back. Please, let this go on my account, Brother Ye."

That elder knew what Ye Mo meant, Feng Wu had saved his life. He quickly ran away.

Ye Mo sneered. "This time on account of Sect Leader Feng, Ill let you go. You wont have this opportunity next time."

Feng Wu knew that if Ye Mo hurt the Gourd Cave Elder, then it would become a real feud. There was no benefit for him if they fought now.

"Okay, lets continue the tournament now. Everyone, please dont deal heavy blows and have mercy when possible,"Feng Wu said.

Seeing that Feng Wu wasnt helping him, Xiang Mingwang was even unhappier. The reason he hadnt stood up to fight Ye Mo was because he knew Wang Lenchans power. Wang Lenchan, even still with the power he had, had been silently removed by Ye Mo, together with the entire Wang family group.

Xiang Mingwan believed he was a little stronger than Wang Lenchan, but he didnt think he could kill Wang Lenchan silently without getting hurt at all. He hadnt come by himself that time, there were five core disciples there. They were the future of the Gourd Cave. One was even a genius amongst genius, if they were all killed by Ye Mo, that mad man, he would be the sinner of Gourd Cave.

He agreed to Yan Kais words. Ye Mo needed to be killed, but not now.

"Martial Brother, well let that Ye Mo be cocky for now. Theres still another round in the afternoon. I can let Lu Ran face Han Yan. With his power, he will kill Han Yan before she can react. This is a tournament, even if Han Yan is killed, Ye Mo cant do anything about it," Yan Kai said.

Xiang Mingwang nodded, "Okay, well kill Han Yan first in the afternoon. As for Ye Mo himself-"

Yan Kai said ghastly, "Dont worry about Ye Mo, well talk when we get back. I have a way to make him die and get all of his fortune."


Everybody at the scene was shook. Ye Mo had dared to come out and provoke the Gourd Cave, but what made everyone even more shocked was that Xiang Mingwang had actually done nothing about it. Who was that Ye Mo? Everyone was trying to find out.

Han Yan also looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. She knew that Ye Mo was capable and could even become friends with someone like Zeng Zhengxia, but she didnt expect Ye Mo to be able to slap the Gourd Cave in the face without them doing anything back.

In a corner, a cold woman gave Ye Mo a deadly stare but sighed, "Hes too strong and Im still risking my life for a black rising pill. I really dont know why I need to get revenge for the Song family. Is it just because my surname is Song? Why do I have to do all of this when there are so many other people who escaped?"
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