Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 485

Chapter 485: Ye Mo is Too Frightening
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Han Yans heart froze. She thought she already overestimated Lu Ran, but she found out that the difference between them was too great. It took only one move for her to be in disadvantage.

Just when Han Yan had given up hope, a white light flicked out of her wrist and formed a protective barrier. Although it was very short, it still stopped Lu Rans sword rays. The ray stopped for a moment and then penetrated the barrier.

In this second, Han Yan managed to gather up her qi again and used the first move Ye Mo had taught her, the 10 sword style.

More than ten sword rays flew towards Lu Ran and, because Lu Rans move was near the end of its force, Han Yans sword rays stopped Lu Rans sword ray and continued forward.

Lu Ran didnt expect Han Yan to be able to use sword techniques that strong. In his desperation, he quickly retreated and used his sword to block. His reaction speed was much stronger than Han Yans, and due to that the sword rays only cut a few slashes on him.

Lu Ran was angry and shocked at the same time. How did his sword ray get stopped mysteriously and why did Han Yan know a sword technique that strong?

He must not give her a second chance. Ignoring his wounds, he scooped up another sword ray and flung it towards Han Yan.

Ye Mo sighed. Han Yan had only learnt the superficial part of that move. Otherwise, no matter how strong Lu Ran was, he wouldnt have been able to dodge it. From this, he could tell the hundred sword style and random sword style he taught her would be even worse.

The moment Lu Ran retreated, he used his killing blow and he brought sword light clashing into Han Yan. Their sword chi clashed together, and because Han Yan had weaker inner qi, she immediately felt an immense pressure. The force made her spit blood, but she bit her teeth and didnt take a step back. She knew that if she did, she would lose. She wouldnt have the power to use a 3rd sword attack. Lu Ran was too strong.

Although Lu Ran completely blocked Han Yans move, and even took the upper hand, the direction of Han Yan sword qi was hard to deal with and when he completely took down all the chi, Han Yan also stabilized her stance.

"Lin, lin!" Regardless of whether the charms Ye Mo had given her were useful, Han Yan immediately used her final card and threw both rune papers out. She had more faith in them after she saw the barrier from her bracelet.

Lu ran sneered. She was using rune papers that were meant for capturing ghosts on him, she was asking to die. Lu Ran grabbed the two rune papers and focused his sword qi, while yelling, "B*tch, Ill cut you in half for inju-"

Suddenly, Lu Ran stopped talking. He felt the two rune papers Han Yan had thrown had a sharp sword chi in them.

Lu Ran wanted to use his sword to block it, but the sword chi sliced through his arm and chest.

"How can it be like this?" Lu Rans eyes were wide open, while he refused to believe that he was being killed by a rune paper.

Lu Ran collapsed on the stage, one of his arms had been cut off and his chest was like a fountain of blood.

Han Yan saw this and started puking. She couldnt believe that she had actually killed Lu Ran, moreover, he had died in such a gruesome way.

Everyone at the scene was silent. Lu Ran had actually died, killed by a disciple of Guang Han Sect. No one could believe it, but it was fact. Gourd Caves higher-ups were also stunned. Lu Ran was an important genius of theirs and he had just died on the stage.

No one could take this trauma. Xiang Mingwang was shaking in anger, Yan Kai was pale. It had been his idea to send Lu Ran to the stage, it could be said that he had lead Lu Ran to his death.

"B*tch, you dare to kill Lu Ran! Die!" That judge from the Gourd Cave could no longer care and jumped on the stage. At the same time, his sword swirled with sharp chi slicing towards Han Yan, who was still stunned.

Seeing this, everyone thought that Han Yan was dead for sure, not even Ye Mo would be able to save her.

When the sword light came down, Han Yans whole body was frozen as if she was in an ice cave. She felt all of her qi dense and heavy.

At that moment, she suddenly felt the pressure disappear, and a sneer sounded. It was Big Brother Yes voice, Han Yan rejoiced.

Not only Han Yan, but everyone else also saw a figure dash. Blood was spewed once again on the stage.

Slump- The elder fell dead next to Lu Ran.

No one saw how Ye Mo had attacked, and no one saw how the elder died.

"Go down first," Ye Mo said to Han Yan. After she got off, he said coldly, "I said If you have the balls to get on stage again, I would make sure you wouldnt return."

Everyone was shook. He was such a strong and domineering young man. People that morning thought that Ye Mo had a strong support, but now they all realized Ye Mos reliance was on himself. He could kill in an instant a Gourd Cave elder. Everyone knew that an elder in Gourd Cave had to be at least earth level middle stage. Now they all thought Ye Mo was too frightening.

Jiu Ming Academys Shi Zhongzhi sucked in a cold breath and murmured, "This Ye Mo is so strong. I was planning to fight him before, but hes already at this stage. How does he cultivate? Martial Sister Xiao Yu said he killed Lone Wolf. I thought it was just bullshit."

"Zhongzhi, you dont need to feel bad. Youre only in your twenties and youre already black level tertiary stage. If you have ten more years, you will be able to catch up to Ye Mo. Dont lose your will to fight before you even fight," a middle aged woman from the Jiu Ming Academy said.

"Yes, Martial Uncle Cai Ji. I will remember this." Shi Zhongzhi bowed.

"Ye Mo, youve done it this time." Xiang MIngwang roared and pulled out his sword, charging onto the stage.

Feng Wu saw that things were out of control and quickly signaled Zeng Zhengxia. They both leapt onto the stage. In that moment, the remaining elders of Gourd Cave also charged onto the stage.

Ye Mo sneered and a short sword appeared in his hand. He looked at Xiang Mingwang saying,"I hope you dont run away this time."

Xiang Mingwangs heart went cold. He could feel the killing intent in Ye Mos eyes. He felt he was too impulsive. The thought of Ye Mo killing an elder made Xiang Mingwangs go even colder. Would he be able to do that in such a short time?
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