Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 487

Chapter 487: Black-Clothed Man
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"Qianbei, us wanbei are both disciples of the Black Capital Sect. Please forgive us once," the black level man begged.

Black Capital Sect? Ye Mo felt that name was familiar. He remembered that after he killed Daoist Xian, he got a card that read "Black Capital". So, they were from Daoist Xians Sect.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was no longer in the mood to ask any more questions, so he just threw two fireballs casually.

After this, Ye Mo headed to the cold womans place.

When Ye Mo arrived, he felt something wasnt right. The woman hadnt gotten there at all, which meant that she ran away as soon as he saved her.

Did she know that he wanted to look at the things she got last night? That was impossible. She didnt know who had brought her back last night. Ye Mo frowned, she was such a cunning woman. Ye Mo felt she had some enmity towards him, but he couldnt understand why.

Ye Mo shook his head and stopped thinking about it. The womans power didnt pose any threat to him. Even if she got something related to immortal cultivation, without resources she was still no threat to him.

After a while, Ye Mo was sure that the woman wouldnt be coming back, so he left the hotel in disappointment.

When Ye Mo came back to the top floor of his hotel, he found Zhang Hua sitting there talking to Han Yan. The two saw Ye Mo arrive and both got up.

"Zhang Hua, why are you here?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

Zhang Hua quickly bowed, "Qianbei, I got the black rising pill and I know that if I didnt come here, I would have no place to go."

Ye Mo immediately understood. Zhang Hua was very smart to think of coming to his place. He knew that no one would dare to rob at his place.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Okay, you can stay here." He didnt mind the youth borrowing his power.

"Ye-Qianbei, wanbei is a disciple of the Wu Dang Guang Yao Temple. My master has passed away, and wanbei is sure that people would be interested in my dao technique if I go back. So I have no place to go now. If Qianbeis sect needs disciples, wanbei is willing to join Qianbeis sect," Zhang Hua said respectfully.

So it was another lone wolf. Zhang Hua wasnt stupid. He knew he had caught everyones attention. That smart young man was indeed a good seed. His Flowing Snake needed people like him. Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "I dont have a sect, but I have a pharmaceutical company called Luo Yue. If you want to join, you can go to Flowing Snake. Im not that much older than you, no need to call me Qianbei.'"

"Yes, Big Brother Ye, Im willing to join Luo Yue. And Im also skilled in making medicine," Zhang Hua immediately replied.

"Okay, in that case, you two can leave tomorrow. Zhang Hua to Flowing Snake, Han Yan, you can go back to Beijing. There will be things happening tomorrow, and I might not be able to take care of you guys. Its best for you guys to leave early," Ye Mo decided.

The next morning, Ye Mo sent Zhang Hua and Han Yan away before going back to the Broken Top Mountain. If it weren't for that spirit well, he wouldnt have even come back.

There were obviously less people now. Those sects that got the black rising pill probably left.

Ye Mo scanned the elders of Gourd Cave and didnt notice anyone missing. If the Gourd Cave didnt kill him first, they wouldnt dare attack Han Yan and the others.

Feng Wu walked on the stage and said, "Today is the last day of our hidden sects tournament. Those who can compete today are the elite of their sects, geniuses amongst geniuses. Every one of them is our wealth, so I hope everyone can control themselves and stop appropriately. No need to cause unnecessary injuries. Okay, let the match begin!"

"Hold up," before Feng Wu got off, a sudden voice interrupted him.

Everyone looked at the person, wanting to know who he was.

A black-clothed man with a young man in his 20s approached him and walked straight to the stage.

The man saluted with his fists and said, "Its said that all the heroes of China are gathered here today. I wish to bring my disciple to compete as well to see if the Chinese masters arent just pushovers."

Feng Wu frowned. If that person could walk there just like that, it meant that the people outside had all been beaten down.

It was no ordinary person, but why was he using that provocative tone?

Feng Wu couldnt believe everyone was as crazily strong as Ye Mo. Thinking about this, he rejected it, "Im very sorry, but our tournament has limited spots, and today is the final match. If you want to watch, then please get off the stage, but if youre here to cause trouble then dont blame me," Feng Wu said.

The man kept saying, "you, Chinese people," which meant that he must not be Chinese.

"So, does this mean that the Chinese martial artists do not dare to accept our challenge?" the black-clothed man said.

"You came looking for trouble. What is your name? No matter which corner you came from, I, Feng Wu, will take the challenge," Feng Wu said coldly.

"Great, courageous! Where Im from is not important. I heard that you only have 12 people left in your tournament. I only have one disciple. Your geniuses can take turns to fight him. If anyone beats my disciple, Ill admit defeat, but if all 12 are no match for my disciple, then my request is simple," the black-clothed man said as though he was going to win for sure.

Feng Wus eyes narrowed, "Your disciple has no right to compete. Our spots in the tournament were already decided, but if you want, I can exchange some moves with you."

"You?" the black-clothed man looked at Feng Wu contemptuously and said, "Youre no match for me. If you want to fight, thats fine, but I need a reward."

"Is this the request you were talking about?" Feng Wu said contemptuously.

The black-clothed man laughed, "Thats right. This is my request: if I win, I get the four crystals."

"Keep dreaming!" Xiang Mingwang stood up abruptly.

The mans face didnt change at all, and he said slowly, "In that case, do you have no faith in beating me? Haha! China, the so called country of ancient martial arts heritage, doesnt even have the courage to fight me. What a joke!"

"Such an arrogant fool. Ill teach you a lesson today." Feng Wu was about to attack.

A middle-aged man suddenly jumped out and said, "Martial Brother, you dont need to deal with insects like him. Leave it to me."

Feng Wu saw it was Zheng Chao and immediately nodded.

Although his martial brother loved stealing the show, he was a good fighter indeed. Even he would need to put some effort to take him down. Thinking about this, he said, "Be careful."

Seeing this, the black-clothed man said to the young man, "Xihu, watch how master teaches people lessons."

"Yes, master." The young disciple got off the stage.

Zheng Chao sneered and grabbed the long sword from his back, "Coward who doesnt dare to tell us his origin, get ready."

Zheng Chaos sword chi covered the surroundings as he charged at the black-clothed man.

The black-clothed man laughed pridefully, and two short blades appeared in his hand. Just when everyone was surprised by his weapon, the mans blades clashed with the long sword.

After crackles of sparks, the mans body twisted unbelievably and landed a shot on Zheng Chaos back.

Zheng Chao hadnt expected it and immediately spat blood, but before he could even fall on the ground, he was kicked off the stage.

Everybody at the scene fell into silence. An earth level tertiary master had been kicked off the stage? The black-clothed man was too strong.
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