Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 489

Chapter 489: A Bit Strange
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

The black-clothed mans expression got ugly. He suddenly clashed the two rulers in his hands and, just when everyone wondered what he was doing, he disappeared on the spot.

Everyone watching the fight shivered. What sort of martial arts could make someone disappear for a brief moment? Anyone would be caught off guard in that situation. Although Ye Mo was strong, could he dodge an invisible attack?

Even Zeng Zhengxia was worried, since it was the highest level of ninjutsu. Before everyone could think, there was a howl of pain.

Everybody focused on the two people fighting on the stage. Ye Mo stood where he was without moving, but the black-clothed man had lost an arm.

After a moment of silence, the crowd burst into applause. The black-clothed man was too cocky and he was undermining Chinese ancient martial arts.

Although no one had seen how Ye Mo had cut the black-clothed mans arm, it wasnt important now. Only Xiang Mingwang looked unhappy, he didnt expect Ye Mo to be that strong.

It would have been hard for him to fight the black-clothed man, but Ye Mo could instantly cut off his arm. What he didnt know was that in a real fight in Ye Mos eyes he was much stronger than the black-clothed man.

At this moment, Yan Kai, who had been gone for some time, came over and whispered something to Xiang Mingwangs ear. Xiang Mingwang heard this and his expression got even unhappier. After a long while, he sighed and nodded.

The black-clothed man didnt seem to care about the arm that was cut off, and instead looked at Ye Mo and said, "You can see where I truly am?"

Ye Mo sneered. Even ghosts were visible under his spirit sense, much less that little trick.

"Im no match for you, what is your name? I will come back in the future for payback." The black-clothed man appeared cruel.

Ye Mo said plainly, "You wont have a future. Since youve come, theres no need for you to leave."

"China is a big country, is this how you treat your guests? This tournament is just a meeting, does it mean you must die if you lose?" just when he was going to keep talking, Ye Mo threw a wind blade at him.

Ye Mo still wanted revenge for the Japanese men who had captured Qingxues plane. Now there was no way he was going to let the black-clothed man get away.

The black-clothed man suddenly sneered, "Do you want to kill me? Keep dreaming, Lord Black Sun wont let you go."

At the same time, the black-clothed man disappeared from the stage. Everyone looked at Ye Mo, who was standing alone on it in shock.

What was that martial art technique? Had he just disappeared again?

Ye Mo said slowly, "Playing this trick in front of me will be your demise."

Then, Ye Mo kicked a ruler that was on the stage. It flew up like a comet hitting the black-clothed man, who was trying to run away through the door, and it pinned him on a post.

The metal ruler pierced through his neck.

Everyone looked at the post in astonishment. They didnt know how the black-clothed man had gotten already to the door, how long had it been?

The black-clothed man grabbed the ruler. He wanted to say something but he could only make strange sounds.

Ye Mo walked up to him and said coldly, "Your earth mobility is quite good."

After hearing this, the black-clothed man rolled his eyes and died.

Ye Mo took out a black sun badge from his clothes and he thought about it. He hadnt had time to find them, and yet they were already messing with him again.

Ye Mo put the badge away, but he was even more confused. He didnt know why these people wanted the crystals nor how they knew about the spirit well and the crystals.

Ye Mo was sure that they didnt know where the spirit well was, just like them; otherwise, they would go straight there.

Feng Wu thought he was already overestimating Ye Mo, but he had clearly underestimated him once again. If he had gone on the stage, he wouldnt have been able to beat that easily the black-clothed mans eerie moves. It was very likely that he would have lost the match and his life as well. But Ye Mo had killed him quite easily.

Seeing Ye Mo return to his seat, Zeng Zhengdxia smiled and said, "Brother Ye, nice kill. How can a mere Japanese guy dare to act cocky at the heart of the ancient martial arts sects?"

Feng Wu could only come and congratulate him too. Then, he announced, "Now, let the tournament continue!"

The top three were decided soon after that. They were Shi Zhongzhi, Zeng Xihou and Yi Shuang from the Lian Hang Jing Temple.

Lu Ran shouldve been in the top three, but he had been killed; hence, the Gourd Cave didnt have one of theirs in the top three. This made Xiang MIngwang hate Ye Mo even more.

The awards ceremony was coming up next, but Ye Mo didnt care. He only cared about how to get to the spirit well. Where was this place? If it was a place with spirit chi, they couldnt blame him for taking it all.

Resources were scarce there and he had used all possible means to finally reach chi gathering middle stage. Without luck he would never reach stage five, even if he cultivated for another ten years.

So if there were any resources that could cause a breakthrough, he would take it. Ye Mos logic was that power comes always first, without power you are nothing. If he hadnt reached stage four, he wouldve been completely devoured by many people.

After the tournament ended and all the guests left, the ghost city returned to its original peace.

The tournament had been very turbulent. Despite many people thinking it had been due to Ye Mo, no one dared to say anything about it. Ye Mo wouldnt care about what they said either. Now, he was preparing to go with Feng Wu, Xiang Mingwang and Zeng Zhengxia to the spirit well.

Zeng Zhengxia didnt know where it was and Xiang Mingwang and Feng Wu had no intention of telling them.

After seeing everyone leave, there were only the four grand judges and the top three left. A total of seven people.

It wasnt long before two helicopters landed there.

Feng Wu stood up and said, "Regardless of pasts discords, I hope that everyone will prioritize the big matters. The spirit well is everyones hope for ascension, we need to work together to open it."

Then, Xiang Mingwang arranged for Zeng Zhengxia and the top three to go on one helicopter.

After that one left, Feng Wu was just about to go on the second helicopter when Xiang Mingwang suddenly said, "Brother Feng, weve been in this city for so long, dont you think it would be a bit rude if we just left like this? Regardless, the government has helped us a lot with the tournament, I think we should go say goodbye before we leave. How about you guys leave first? Ill say goodbye and come back."

Hearing this, Feng Wu thought for a second and then nodded, "Brother Xiang is right. How about Brother Xiang and Brother Ye leave first? Its more suitable for me to do it like this."

Ye Mo felt something was off. If it was Feng Wu bringing this up, he would feel it was normal, but it was Xiang Mingwang.
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