Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Depth of the Snow Mountain
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

The helicopter rose up very quickly with only Ye Mo, Xiang Mingwang and the pilot in it. Ye Mo and Xiang Mingwang didnt talk. He felt like it was too strange. Xiang Mingwang organized two separate helicopters, and Feng Wu was also sent away by him. Ye Mo knew that Xiang Mingwang probably had some schemes going on, but he wasnt afraid.

If it werent that he wanted to find the crystals, Ye Mo wouldve really wanted to kill Xiang Mingwang right then and there.

Xiang Mingwang sat down and never said a thing. One hour later, Ye Mo noticed a snow mountain underneath the helicopter. The mountain was at least tens of kilometers long, and its peak pierced into the clouds, making it quite a spectacular view. Ye Mo decided that once he got the spirit stones, he would have a good look around it.

"Is this the Mei Nei Snow Mountain?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously. He suddenly thought of that ancient tomb the Fu Brothers had talked about. Was all that here?

Although Ye Mo was talking to himself, Xiang Mingwang still replied calmly, "Yes, this is the Mei Nei Snow Mountain. The spirit well is also here. We can all open it together when Brother Feng and Sect Leader Zeng arrive."

Ye Mo nodded. If this Xiang Mingwang played ant tricks on him, he would kill him. There would still be Feng Wu who knew the whereabouts of the spirit well.

Looking down from the helicopter, Ye Mo saw a small river, probably the Lian Cang River.

The chopper flew past the peaks for another hour before landing at a flat platform at the waist of the mountain. The man called Yan Kai was already waiting there. Other than him, Ye Mo didnt sense anyone else.

Ye Mo got off and found that this place had to be at least 3 or 4 kilometers above sea level. Everything was covered in snow.

This would be a fitting place for immortals, Ye Mo sighed silently. If a hidden sects were to be founded here, it would definitely prove to be a good place for them to develop.

"The spirit well is here?" Ye Mo looked at Xiang Mingwang confusedly.

Xiang Mingwang said coldly, "The spirit well isnt here, but this is the origin of our Gourd Cave - the valley beneath those clouds is our sect."

Ye Mos voice turned cold, "Xiang Mingwang, do you think I dont dare kill you or that I cant kill you?"

Xiang Mingwang didnt resemble a rash person at all now and just said, "If youre scared, you can immediately get the pilot to fill up gas and take you away. It was our sect who discovered the passage to the spirit well. To be precise, the spirit well belongs to us."

Ye Mo laughed. He wouldnt believe that the Gourd Cave would be so honourable as to share their own spirit well.

Xiang Mingwang didnt seem to notice Ye Mos scorn and just kept talking, "The spirit well can only be opened by great heaven masters or 4 masters who exceed the earth level peak stage. The duration it opens for is only 3 days. Our Sect Leader has been in solitary cultivation for more than ten years, and so we cant open it ourselves. Thus, we invite other sects to open it together. Usually, its me, Brother Feng, Wang Lenchan and Bian Xihai, but this time, those two didnt come, so we invited you and Zeng Zhengxia."

So that was it. Ye Mo nodded. This was actually quite credible, but Ye Mo felt that there had to be a hidden reason why Xiang Mingwang had sent Feng Wu away. Whatever it was, he simply needed to be careful.

Thinking about how he had even succesfully sieged Dian Cang, Ye Mo couldnt help but feel prideful. So what if it was the great and mighty Gourd Cave? Even if they were the number one sect, he wasnt afraid of them.

Xiang Mingwang then turned to Yan Kai and said, "Yan Kai, take Ye Mo to the spirit well. I will meet with Brother Feng first."

Then, he went on the helicopter and quickly left.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Yan Kai opened his hands and said with a smile, "Sect Leader Ye, please come with me." Then, he just walked down the stairs to the Gourd Cave.

Ye Mo smiled and followed without hesitation.

Seeing this, Yan Kai smiled even more. As he walked, he started to talk about the snow mountain like a tour guide.

Ye Mo listened, and even though he wasnt interested at all, Yan Kai kept on talking like a woman. An hour and a half later, the two had walked over countless barriers and harsh terrain before reaching a metal chain bridge. Ye Mo scanned it: the metal chain was at least 500 m long. His spirit sense couldnt see the end of it.

His eyes were covered by white mist, so he could only see tens of meters ahead. It couldnt have been easy to set this chain up. Thats the number one sect for you.

Yan Kai turned around and said to Ye Mo, "After this chain, we will be almost there."

Then, he jumped on first, and his figure soon disappeared into the white mist. Ye Mo smiled in contempt and went onto the bridge too.

Yan Kai was very fast and in just a few moments, he had passed more than 700 meters of metal chain. He let out a breath of relief and looked back subconsciously, but then, he found out that Ye Mo was already standing on the platform with a sneer on his face.

Yan Kais heart skipped a beat. He didnt even know when Ye Mo got in front of him. He was an earth level middle stage! Thinking about this, he couldnt help but shiver. If Ye Mo had wanted to kill him just then, he would already be a body by now.

Yan Kai smiled up to Ye Mo fawningly and informed that after ten more minutes on this road, they would be reaching the Gourd Cave.

Ye Mo had a plain expression on his face and said, "You just need to lead the way, dont worry about anything else."

"Yes, Sect Leader Ye, please follow me," Yan Kai said carefully.

As Yan Kai twisted and turned a few times, the view opened up to show a broad terrain.

Ye Mo couldnt help but be amazed at the hidden sects searching skills. Whether it was Dian Cang, or Serenity, they were all too well-hidden. Without someone to lead the way, he wouldnt be able to find the place even after half a month.

Ye Mo was even more bewildered to find that the landscape did indeed resemble a gourd.

After arriving there, Ye Mo clearly felt the temperature rise up. Ye Mo suddenly thought, If one day, I am sick of city life, it wouldnt be bad to live here.

The only thing Ye Mo didnt like was that the terrain was a valley, and it didnt have that view you can only have from the peak of a mountain.

Ye Mo walked down a stone tablet road which led to a huge palace and a square.

At the door, Ye Mos face sunk. More than 30 people walked out from all directions, and he saw that Xiang Mingwang had already returned. Did he believe they could kill him?

An old face appeared from the middle door, and someone stood on the square looking at Ye Mo as they said, "Youre the Ye Mo who killed so many of our sect members?"
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