Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Enemy? Benefactor?
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Ye Mo opened his eyes and found that he actually knew the woman who saved him. It was the cold woman he had saved twice before.

Ye Mo didnt realize that this woman wanted to kill him. After all, she had seemed to merely dislike him, not to the extent where she wanted his life. Perhaps she disliked him due to what happened at the special forces barracks?

He thought Song Yangzhu had saved him and upon seeing her, he felt relieved. Good people got good returns indeed. He saved her twice and now, she saved him. Thinking about this, Ye Mo forced a smile through the pain and said, "It seems Im quite lucky today."

Then, Ye Mo closed his eyes and started to heal himself with chi. Without the lotus life pill, he could only rely on himself to heal his injuries by performing inner chi cycles.

Hearing these words, Song Yangzhu was struck. It had been him, it had actually been him? She remembered how that night at the tomb, she was so scared she fainted, but she still had some bit of consciousness left. She vaguely remembered being carried and hearing the words, "Im in a good mood today. Its your luck, Ill bring you out."

When she woke up again, she found herself in her hotel room. She knew that hadnt been a dream but just didnt know who it was that saved her. The way that man had said lucky was the exact same way as Ye Mo just now.

Song Yangzhu was dazed. She didnt think the person she wanted to kill would turn out to be her two-time savior.

Enemy or benefactor? Enemy or benefactor?

Song Yangzhus hand was shaking. She wasnt sure if she should kill Ye Mo or not now. What should she do?

Ye Mo didnt know what Song Yangzhu was thinking and was fervently healing himself. He didnt expect himself to be wounded so badly this time.

Ye Mo knew that his power was at the peak of the outer hidden sects, yet he encountered this hardship. Without some fortune, he wouldnt be able to power up any further.

That Ren Pingchuan was really strong, but that bomb was pretty powerful too. Even Ren Pingchuan might not have been able to survive that explosion. It would be best if he died from the blast. Ye Mo was sure that all the other Gourd Cave members were dead.

Seeing the unconscious Ye Mo, Song Yangzhu struggled before praying by the river, "Grandpa, Ye Mo is an enemy of the Song family, but he saved me. I want to kill him, but I really cant kill an unconscious person, someone who has saved me before at that. Grandpa, what should I do?"

Song Yangzhu was crying helplessly by the river bank.

Ye Mo wasnt completely unconscious, and he heard Song Yangzhus words clearly. So she was from the Song family! Ye Mos heart went cold, and his chi nearly got messed up. He quickly calmed down, but he truly didnt know whether this was fortune or calamity.

The only thing he could do for now was to pray for Song Yangzhu not to kill him. He didnt have a single strand of chi or spirit sense in his current state, but even if he had some, he wouldnt be able to kill Song Yangzhu, because he couldnt move at all. Furthermore, he didnt have his flying sword anymore.

Without his flying sword, even if he recovered, his fighting power would be weakened.

Song Yangzhu cried as she picked up the dagger and walked in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo thought, Am I not going to escape death after all?

"Ye Mo, I can distinguish clearly between enmity and kindness. You saved me once, so I wont kill you today. Before, you brought me out of the tomb, and today, I pulled you out of the river. Whether or not you can survive is up to you. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other, but the Song family was still destroyed by your hands. The next time I see you, I will kill you to get revenge for my grandpa," Song Yangzhus tears kept flowing as she said this. Afterwards, she packed her things and left without turning back. She didnt know whether Ye Mo had been conscious or not.

Ye Mo could hear Song Yangzhus footsteps get further away and let out a breath. Although he was still in the middle of snowy mountains and if he wasnt able to recover, he would still die, that was definitely better than being killed right there and then.

In the depth of her heart, Song Yangzhu hoped Ye Mo would die from his injuries or get eaten by some wild animals, but she stopped herself from thinking about it.


Cang Lian River got very cold at night. Ye Mo was very grateful that Song Yangzhu didnt kill him. Who wouldve thought that someone from the Song family would rescue him. He had made up his mind that next time Song Yangzhu tried to kill him, he would let her go.

He had only killed a couple of the Song family members anyway. Since he had let most of them go, of course he could do the same for Song Yangzhu who had saved him. The main thing with Ye Mo was to never touch his bottom line. If someone did, then Song Yangzhu or not, he would kill them all the same.

Weird sounds were coming from the Peacock River, but Ye Mo didnt mind it and just laid still at the river bank. He was much happier than a few hours ago already. He could properly run meridian cycles with his chi now, which meant that his speed of healing would rapidly increase.

It was lucky that hed eaten that entire bottle of lotus life pills. If he hadnt, he would be dead by now.

A wild bird flew by Ye Mo and startled him as he was still healing.

Ye Mo opened his eyes and found that it was day already. Ice had formed on his clothes. He struggled around and found that his leg bones had started to heal, and his hands could move now. His spirit sense had also recovered quite a bit by then.

Ye Mo sighed and took out a few normal pills, quickly eating them. He was slowly beginning to recover. When he could mobilise most of his chi again, he would go back to find his flying sword. Once he did, he would go find some more herbs and concoct more lotus life pills. With that, he would heal even faster.

After digesting the ordinary pills, Ye Mo knew that it would be useless to eat anymore of them. He took out a sword to support himself in getting up. Regardless of whether he had managed to kill everyone at the Gourd Cave, it wasnt a good idea to keep staying by the river.

Ye Mo knew he was even weaker than an ordinary person at the moment, so he wasnt in a rush to find his flying sword.

A few hours later, Ye Mo appeared by a rock not far from the river and found a hole to slide into. Afterwards, he blocked the hole and started to recover once more.

Meanwhile tens of kilometers away, Song Yangzhu was looking for the entrance of the tomb with her map.
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