Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 495

Chapter 495: There are People Deep in the Mountains
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It took another two days, but finally Song Yangzhu stood at the bottom of the valley and she was filled with joy. She knew she had found the place that lead the tomb, it was only 10 meters away from the bottom of the valley.

Song Yangzhu wanted to find a place to stay for the time being. She was planning to cultivate while digging out the ancient tomb. But in this moment, a voice sounded.

Were there people talking in the depth of the snow mountain? Song Yangzhu looked behind in shock and saw two men carrying big bags. They had shot guns in their hands and they were walking towards her as they spoke. Two hunters? What were they doing there? Song Yangzhu didnt head towards the tomb, she couldnt expose it.

When Song Yangzhu spotted the two men, they also saw her. The two hunters said something to each other and headed towards her with their guns.

When they got close, Song Yangzhu saw that one of them was a white-skinned foreigner. He had a bulky build. The other man was Chinese, he was very short but sturdy. His face had many scars on it, which made him look very hideous.

They were obviously surprised to see Song Yangzhu there.

"Who are you? Why are you in the depth of the Mei Nei snow mountains?" the short man asked. He was vigilant, as though one wrong word and he would fire.

"Who are you guys?" Song Yangzhu rested easy. These men were probably really hunters. She could smell the blood in their bags.

But Song Yangzhu couldnt understand why they were all the way there.

As though they felt Song Yangzhu posed no threat, the short man put the gun down and said, "Im Jiang Chuanwu, this is my friend Ericson. We came here for hunting."

"Hunting." Song Yangzhu looked at the two men with confusion and suddenly said, "Did you come to hunt the snow fox?"

She was more and more certain they had come here to hunt the snow fox. Snow fox fur was very precious, and it was said that only the Mei Nei snow mountains had these animals. These animals were not only nationally protected, but also internationally.

Jiang Chuanwus expression didnt look good but he still said, "Are they that easy to find? We just came here to hunt some regular animals."

Song Yangzhu didnt continue asking, it didnt concern her. It was good as long as they didnt come for the tomb.

"What are you here for?" Jiang Chuanwu looked at Song Yangzhu confused. She was that pretty and young, yet she was alone in the depths of the snow mountain. It seemed eerie.

"Im just hiking, but I got lost." She could no longer be bothered to talk to the two hunters, so she turned around and walked away. With them there, she couldnt dig the tomb. She had to wait until they left before she could.

Jiang Chuanwu turned to the foreigner and said, "Ericson, do you believe her?"

The tall white guy looked at Jiang CHuanwu and smiled, "Mr. Chuanwu, the woman is really pretty."

Hearing this, Jiang CHuanwu thought about it and wanted to say something, but Ericson continued, "Mr. Chuanwu, weve been in this place for half a month but we still havent seen any snow foxes. I dont think its worth it if we continue like this."

Jiang Chuanwu immediately knew what he meant. He was hired by Ericson, if they found the fox, he would get a large sum of money; if not, he would just be a tour guide.

He knew that Ericson wanted the woman, but he had his concerns. A young beautiful woman that dared to venture the depths of this mountain, he couldnt believe that she didnt have the means to protect herself.

"Mr Ericson, shes no regular woman if she can wander in the depths of this mountain. There are many capable people in China. If she has an important background, then we-" Jiang Chuanwu said worriedly.

Ericson smiled, "Wed be sent to jail for poaching snow foxes. Now that she knows our purpose, if she reports us, then we would-" he didnt finish the sentence.

Jiang Chuanwu knew what Ericson meant. He also longed for women, but he had heard about ancient martial arts and he knew there were a lot of masters. She might be one, since she dared to venture there herself.

Ericson waved a pouch and said, "I know what youre worrying about, but this scent can make people weak, even lose their mind."

Jiang Chuanwu was shook and cursed. That guy had such thing. If he used it on him, he would be dead meat. It seemed that he needed to be warier of him.

Although he had these thoughts, Jiang Chuanwu didnt show it and smiled, "That thing is not bad, but if we smelled it too, wouldnt we be also disabled?"

"Dont worry, I have the cure for it here." Ericson took out a green capsule and gave it to Jiang Chuanwu.

Seeing this, Ericson smiled and said, "Mr Chuanwu, I can let you go on that woman first.."

Hearing this, Jiang Chuanwu thought carefully. Was Ericson really that nice? It wasnt like his cunning nature; thinking about this, Jiang Chuanwu became even warier.

Seeing this, Ericson quickly said, "Mr Chuanwu, dont misunderstand me, I also have some conditions. I brought the scent and the cure. If you go on her first you must give me the short sword you found."

Hearing this, Jiang Chuanwu took out a short sword from his bag and said strangely, "You want this short sword?"

He had found it by the river yesterday, he didnt understand why Ericson wanted that normal-looking sword.

"Yes, yes," Ericson said excitedly and even reached his hand to grab it.

Jiang Chuanwu put the sword away and said casually, "Mr Ericson, we dont even have her yet. No need to rush."

"Oh, right, yeah." Ericson rubbed his hands.

Song Yangzhu found a place to shelter from the wind and cleaned it before setting up her tent.

Just when she finished setting up the tent, the two men were approaching it. Song Yangzhu immediately became vigilant. She didnt want to talk to them, why were they here?

What Song Yangzhu didnt expect was that they set their tents near hers. Song Yangzhu frowned. She decided to pack up her tent and leave. She wasnt a very feisty person, but if they followed her again, they couldnt blame her for her actions.

Before she came out, the man called Jiang Chuanwu came over and stood at the door saying, "Young girl, help us! There are a lot of beasts around the snow mountain. Itll be safer if we stay together. Weve made roasted rabbit meat, lets eat together."

Song Yangzhu said with a cold face, "No need, I dont like living with strangers. Since you guys like it here, Ill move away."

"Hi, Im Ericson. Nice to meet you." Ericson approached her politely and reached out his hand.

Song Yangzhus face was cold, as though she hadnt seen his hand.

Ericson took back his hand awkwardly and passed over a cigarette to Jiang Chuanwu, before lighting up his own.
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