Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 496

Chapter 496: The World is Really Small
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Piss off!" The two had dared smoke in front of her tent and make all the smoke go inside. Song Yangzhu couldnt endure any longer and decided to give those two a lesson.

Jiang Chuanwu suddenly spat the smoke onto Song Yangzhus face and creepily muttered, "Young girl, in the depths of this barren mountain, wouldnt it be good if we accompanied each other? Itll be warm.-"

Killing intent flashed across Song Yangzhus eyes. Just because she had never killed before didnt mean she wasnt able to.

Song Yangzhu kicked out, sending Jiang Chuanwu flying tens of meters away. He couldnt crawl up from the ground for a long time. Then, Song Yangzhu kicked Ericson the same way, and he flew far away, harshly landing next to Jiang Chuanwu.

As soon as she did that, she felt something wasnt right. She felt weak and extremely lustful. Song Yangzhu immediately realized that there must have been something fishy about that smoke, but she didnt even have the strength to step on the cigarette to put it out.

"Didnt you promise the smoke-" Jiang Chuanwu didnt finish complaining, because he saw Yangzhus stumbling.

"Hehe, this is made from authentic African Red Snake Grass. No matter how conservative she is, she wont be able to control herself." Ericson smiled and rubbed his waist, crawling up slowly, "This woman is really frightening, though. Her kick was too powerful."

Jiang Chuanwu also felt fear. If it hadnt been for the smoke, the two of them combined wouldve been no match for this woman.


Ye Mo stood up. After a day of recovery, his outer wounds had disappeared, and his bones had healed. Even his spirit sense had recovered by half. His chi, however, had only recovered less than 1%. Ye Mo knew that that was due to his injured dantian. If he wanted to recover all of his chi, he had to heal his dantian first.

But he knew that without the lotus life pill, it wouldnt be easy to recover his dantian. If it wasnt for his flying sword, he would want to leave this place already.

He was sure that no one else other than Xiang Mingwang and Ren Pingchuan couldve survived the blast. Xiang Mingwang was even most likely dead as he had been the one holding on to the bomb. The only one Ye Mo was worried about was Ren Pingchuan. If Ren Pingchuan wasnt dead, then Ye Mo would be if he met him again.

But no matter how badly he wanted to leave, he needed his flying sword. Without it, he couldnt escape these mountains. His flying sword was also very precious, it would be far too difficult to find enough materials to make another one.

Ye Mo looked for many hours by the river but didnt find anything. He was lacking in chi and felt tired quickly.

A white animal passed by Ye Mos eyes rapidly, so fast that Ye Mo almost didnt notice it.

Such a pretty thing! Ye Mos spirit sense immediately noticed that it was a fox. He knew that these things were very rare on earth, especially such a beautiful white one.

Ye Mo immediately took a liking to it. He thought that since Qingxue had Silver, if he gave this fox to Luo Ying, she would be very happy.

Thinking like that, Ye Mo followed after the cute creature. As though sensing that Ye Mo was chasing it, it ran faster. If Ye Mo had his flying sword or his chi, it really wouldnt take long for him to catch it.

But now, he was only a little stronger than a normal person. He ran for a couple of hours and didnt even realize he had entered the inner parts of the snow mountain. When Ye Mo was puffing heavily and close to losing his breath, he finally almost caught up to the fox.

Just as Ye Mo was about to catch the fox, he stopped himself. He had sensed his flying sword this deep into the mountains!

His flying sword clearly fell by the river, why would it be here?

No matter what, since his flying sword was here, Ye Mo had to go. Ye Mo released his spirit sense to the maximum and ran towards it.

The fox saw that Ye Mo stopped chasing it, so it halted too and stared at Ye Mos back.


Song Yangzhu felt as if her body were jelly, and it didnt take her long to realize that she was in trouble. She regretted merely kicking the two away instead of killing them.

Seeing Jiang Chuanwu and Ericson slowly creep over, Song Yangzhu began to worry. Her heart sunk to the bottom - she knew that if the two came to her tent, it would be over for her.

Song Yangzhu wanted to force out the mist from her body, but she couldnt.

Jiang Chuanwu took out the sword and dumped it over to Ericson, "This is yours, Ill be going on her first."

Ericson smiled and didnt pay Jiang Chuanwu any heed. He focused on the short sword and sliced it at some rock. The rock was sliced in half like tofu.

Ericson was shocked. To him, women were something he could get anywhere, but he had never encountered such a powerful sword before. Was this one of the 10 Great Swords of China or something? Even if he didnt get the snow fox fur, hed earned big this time. But that Jiang Chuanwu, the idiot, actually gave it to him.

Seeing Jiang Chuanwu walk over, Song Yangzhu was shaking.

"If you had just co-operated, things wouldve been great. I wont be the only one feeling pleasure here. Youre not really losing out, why are you so serious?" Jiang Chuanwu put out his hand as he spoke casually.

"Animal, if you dare come over, I will kill you!" Song Yangzhu yelled. She truly wanted to kill him, but she was completely powerless.

Hearing this, Jiang Chuanwu laughed, "You dare threaten me? How about I kill you after f*cking you, b*tch."

Although Jiang Chuanwu was only threatening her now, he did have thoughts of killing her. She had been able to kick the both of them that far with one kick. He didnt dare to let her live.

As Song Yangzhu was falling more and more into despair, she suddenly felt some strength return to her. She rejoiced and wanted to take out her sword but before she could, she felt a sudden intense desire in her heart.

That lust made her feel very shameless.

In the meantime, Jiang Chuanwu had taken off his top and was depravedly walking up to her. Song Yangzhus eyes were red, and her skin was shivering. She was finally able to gather up some strength to resist it for some reason.

"Hehe, soon youll understand how good it is." Jiang Chuanwu grabbed her shoulder and helped her take off her clothes. Song Yangzhu bit the tip of her tongue to cling onto the little inkling of reason she had left and kicked Jiang Chuanwu in the stomach, and he flew out of the tent again.

Immediately after though, she sunk into deep desire and started ripping off her clothes.

"Ericson-" Just when Jiang Chuanwu wanted to reproach Ericson for the weakness of his mist poison, he saw Song Yangzhu take off her clothes in a frenzy and took back his words.

From Song Yangzhus resistance, Jiang Chuanwu knew that the mist was indeed very potent, but that Song Yangzhus will was simply very strong as well. It seemed that after this was over, he needed to get some from Ericson. With such a fearsome poison, what woman couldnt he get?

Hearing the call, Ericson said slowly, "Hurry up and do your business, that mist is very strong. If you leave her untouched for too long, shell go crazy.

Jiang Chuanwu could no longer hold himself back and took off the rest of his clothes as he charged over to the tent.


Ye Mo happened to walk into the valley right on time to witness Jiang Chuanwu rushing into the cave. What shocked him especially was that Song Yangzhu seemed to be ripping off her clothes. Ye Mo couldnt help but sigh - this world was really small.

Ye Mo immediately knew that Song Yangzhu had to have been drugged. He couldnt let this go, especially since Song Yangzhu had saved him before. Ye Mo let out a sneer, "Great, abusing women in the depths of a mountain, huh!"

Jiang Chuanwu heard it and quickly stopped. He saw Ye Mo walk over, and he reacted quickly, calling out, "Ericson, kill this guy, quick!"

Ye Mo saw the flying sword in Ericsons hand as he was putting it down to take out his gun.

Ye Mo laughed at the irony and manipulated his flying sword to slit Ericsons throat in an arc.
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