Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Renting A House

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You two can leave, I wont sell my things to you since this guy here is annoying me, Ye Mo pointed at Wang Peng and said to Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen was so troubled by her moms condition that she seemed very fatigued. She had already lost hope for the hospital. She heard from someone that her mom could be haunted by an evil spirit and as long as she bought a spirit-repelling artifact, it could cast away the spirit and make her mom wake up. She bought quite a lot of artifacts, but her mom still didnt have the slightest sign of waking up. Now that someone said that his charm could wake up her mom, how could she let that pass?

Even if this person was tricking her, it was only tens of thousands of dollars, and that really wasnt much for her Su Family. As long as there was a sliver of hope, she wouldnt give up. Although in the depth of her heart, she also knew that this persons words were probably 99% fake, she still wanted to try nonetheless.

Hearing Ye Mo say that, how could she not be worried? She hurriedly said to Ye Mo, Im sorry master, I have no relations with this person, after she had finished her sentence, Su Jingwen stared coldly at Wang Peng and said: Mr. Wang, youre free to leave. Please stop following me or I will be calling the police!

Hearing Su Jingwens words, Wang Peng stared bleakly at Ye Mo. Silently, he vowed bitterly that Ye Mo would face the music for his swindling. When he returned, he would call people to break this guys arms and legs.

But since Su Jingwen already said that, he no longer had the face to stay and could only turn away and leave. Ye Mo saw Wang Pengs eyes and knew what that person wanted to do. However, he was only going to do this business during these few days, and as soon as he was finished, he would leave. He didnt have the time for other things. More so, he wasnt afraid of this Wang Peng at all.

I want all of your spirit cleansing charms here, how much is it? Seeing Wang Peng had left, Su Jingwen asked desperately.

Ye Mo took the two spirit cleansing charms and said: I worked my heart out for this, so of course, there wont be much; only these two, but you only need this good one. As for the other one, you can store it in a jade bottle and, usually, it would still be working in ten years. It will be 30,000 dollars for the two of them.

As he spoke, Ye Mo took the two spirit cleansing charms and gave them to Su Jingwen, while showing her the one that was close to level 1.

Su Jingwen took the two charms but gave him a 50,000 dollars cheque. Since Ye Mo wasnt someone who liked to take advantage of others, he took out another protection charm and fireball charm and gave them to Su Jingwen. He said: Since you gave me 20,000, Ill give these two to you as well.

This one is a protection charm. When you go back, put it in a small pouch and wear it on your body. As for the fireball one, its for self-defense. If you encounter someone who tries to harm you. Just throw it over and say Lin[1].

Seeing that Ye Mo didnt want to take advantage of her, Su Jingwen immediately had greater hopes for these two charms, and Ye Mo didnt look like a swindler anymore. After hearing Ye Mos words, she hurriedly asked: Master, how do I use this spirit cleansing charm?

Ye Mo took the cheque and said, Just like the other one, simply throw the charm at the patient and say Lin.

Um, what is your last name, and would it possible for you to come see my mother with me? I will double that cheque as commission, taking the spirit cleansing charm, Jiang Li felt that her hasty mind seemed to be gradually calming. On top of that, this paper-looking charm weighed quite something which gave her more confidence in Ye Mo, and thats why she thought about inviting him.

Obviously, Ye Mo wouldnt go with Su Jingwen and waved his hand: I dont need to go, this charm will definitely save that person! When they saw that Ye Mo didnt want to go with them, Su Jingwen and the woman called Xiao Yue could only take the two charms and rush back to try them.

When the two ladies left, Ye Mo turned and pack up his stall in order to cash out the money at a bank, as he desperately needed money right now.


Sister Jing, this person was wearing a big pair of shades, and we couldnt even see his face, Wang Pengs words made sense, and I think he might be a fraud, although she clearly thought that Ye Mo was a scammer, Xiao Yue still expressed it euphemistically.

Su Jingwen sighed. She also thought that Ye Mo was a fraud but even knowing that, she still had to try out of desperation. Even if she knew she was being cheated, she still had to try.

Seeing Su Jingwens sigh without saying a word, Xiao Yue, as her bodyguard, seemed to understand her thoughts. Her face was also sad, but she didnt add anything further.

The first thing Ye Mo did after getting the 50,000 dollars was to find a place to live because he needed some herbs to make some serums, and it wasnt convenient for him in the school; it would be much better if he rented a house outside. Although he would see his dorm mates only once in a few months, what he did was highly secretive, and he didnt want to expose it like that.

It was very easy to rent a place in Ning Hai as long as there was enough money, but he couldnt find a place that would satisfy him. This was because he needed, not only good living conditions but also a place where he could practice martial arts.

It was already very hard for him to cultivate right now but he didnt want to also forget his mortal martial arts from his past life. He needed some measures for self-defense.

The Ning Du district and the Ning Hai University where Ye Mo went to school were coincidentally on the north and south respectively. Although it was all in the same city, there were more than 30 km of road in-between. When Ye Mo had found Ning Du, it was already almost midnight.

There were two reason why he wanted to find somewhere to live far from the university. The first one was because he didnt want the people in the school to know his secrets, and the second was that he wished to run to the school in the future in order to train his body.

Just when Ye Mo gave up on looking for a house for the night, a little yard with faint traces of spirit Chi appeared in front of him. What gave Ye Mo an unexpected joy was that there was actually a sign saying For Lease on the yard.

Before even entering the house, Ye Mo had already decided to rent this place, only because the spirit Chi here was relatively decent.

Who are you looking for? as the door was knocked open by Ye Mo, a woman in her fifties appeared and scanned him. Meanwhile, Ye Mo forgot to reply to this woman because he saw that there was actually a Silver Heart Grass here. No wonder spirit Chi was emanating. He was surprised to see this herb here. However, there was only one stalk of this herb which was way too little. Silver Heart Grass was the main ingredient for making a Chi Gathering pill. How could it even exist on Earth?

Ye Mo forced down the excitement in his heart and faced the woman who looked at him with a weird glance before he hurriedly said: Aunty, I saw that this place was for lease and I want to rent it. hearing Ye Mos words, she finally understood for his presence. It was someone looking to rent the house, so she quickly let Ye Mo come in.

After the conversation with her, Ye Mo finally understood how this place worked. This yard house had two rooms on the east and west as well as a living room. The house owner didnt want to rent the living room, and the room on the west side was already rented by someone else. Meanwhile, the room on the east was where the house owner originally lived; however, the house owner was now going to the Ning Bei district where the owners son lived. Therefore she wanted to rent out the east side as well, and thats when she met Ye Mo.

What took the woman by surprise was that she set the rent to be 1100 a month but this not-so-wealthy looking young man didnt even say anything and just paid out a years rent straight away.

1: The Lin here literally means arrival/arrive.
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