Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 501

Chapter 501: Rematch with Ren Pingchuan
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"Since you're here already, come in," Ren Pingchuan's voice was as old and slow as before.

Ye Mo tightly held on to his flying sword and carefully scanned Ren Pingchuan with his spirit sense. If he felt anything was wrong, he would immediately leave. He couldn't put himself within Ren Pingchuan's attack range. Also, Ye Mo had the feeling that Ren Pingchuan seemed capable of detecting his spirit sense. This old man was too scary.

Soon after though, he rested easy. No wonder Ren Pingchuan hadn't run out, his legs were blown off, and the area where they were supposed to be was covered by cloth.

Ye Mo felt relaxed. No matter how strong Ren Pingchuan was, he couldn't do anything to him without his legs, so Ye Mo walked in slowly.

"Your spiritual energy is very strange. I feel that even though you haven't come in yet, your spiritual energy can sense my actions and see everything about me. Tell me, how do you do that?" Ren Pingchuan sat on a stone chair. He didn't seem younger thanks to reaching great heaven but actually seemed to have gotten older instead. His tone was very bland, and he didn't seem angry that Ye Mo had blown his legs off.

Ye Mo sneered, "I have such great enmity with your sect, why should I tell you? Are you dreaming, or are you an idiot?"

There was a sliver of anger on Ren Pingchuan's face, but he soon calmed down. He then said plainly again, "You're cultivating something very amazing. I've never seen an ancient martial artist able to fly on a sword. You're the first and only one I know who can."

"That doesn't concern you," Ye Mo replied bluntly. His spirit sense was on high alert. This old man wasn't as calm and easygoing as he appeared.

"You can sense I'm injured and that my legs are broken?" Ren Pingchuan frowned. If Ye Mo knew his legs were broken, things weren't going to be easy.

Ye Mo said plainly, "Since I came inside, I'm of course not afraid of you. Regardless of whether your legs are broken, there is just as great an enmity between us. Stop wasting time, and tell me what you want to tell me."

Ren Pingchuan wasn't angry this time as he continued, "Young man, you're called Ye Mo right? Do you believe that if that bomb had exploded 3 seconds later, I wouldn't have gotten injured? I had just reached great heaven and didn't even have the time to recover my chi when that bomb exploded. You can call yourself lucky this time, but you won't always have such fortune."

Ye Mo sneered, "It's my business if my luck lasts or not. I was just passing by here, so if there's nothing else, I'll be going."

Of course Ye Mo didn't want to leave just like that. Ren Pingchuan's legs were broken, and he seemed to be injured. This was the best opportunity to kill him.

Ye Mo really wanted to kill Ren Pingchuan right away. He was at the great heaven stage, sure, but his legs were broken. He couldn't pose much of a threat to Ye Mo. Not to mention, Ye Mo had also powered up, so he was much more confident of his odds this time.

"Do you think I can't kill you with my legs broken?" Ren Pingchuan asked slowly.

Before Ye Mo could reply, he continued calmly, "Leave behind your heritage, and I promise I won't touch you. I will even give you great wealth. However, if you refuse, then see for yourself if this broken-legged great heaven master can kill you or not."

Ren Pingchuan then followed up, "You might be able to escape but after you do, I will go to Flowing Snake and start a carnage. I don't mind turning all of your friends and family into feed for the Water Wolves."

Ye Mo had already wanted Ren Pingchuan dead but now, he wanted it even more.

Ye Mo took two steps back and locked onto Ren Pingchuan with his spirit sense. He knew he didn't have a way to sneak attack him and could only clash with the man headon. But suddenly, he noticed that behind Ren Pingchuan was a metal lid that covered a well to the underground river and the strange fish.

Ye Mo felt disgusted, "So those strange fish are kept by you?"

Ren Pingchuan laughed, "Strange fish? After you find out how useful they are, you won't call them mere strange fish anymore. If you agree to my demand, I'm willing to take you in as my disciple, and I promise you will be able to reach great heaven within one year. But my guess was right; your spiritual energy can indeed see what's behind me."

Ren Pingchuan's eyes were glowing from excitement just thinking about attaining that magical cultivation method.

Ye Mo didn't speak yet and just kept his eyes focused on Ren Pingchuan. He knew Ren Pingchuan still had more to say.

"'Body Devouring Water Wolves' - they aren't fish. Their blood contains essence chi of the flesh. A cultivator who drinks their blood can use their inner qi more efficiently and get stronger faster. There are no side effects," Ren Pingchuan informed.

Ye Mo almost puked after hearing that. Even if he had to stay at the chi gathering stage 1 forever, he would never drink the blood of those disgusting animals.

"Keeping hundreds of thousands of these Water Wolves, no wonder you were able to reach great heaven," Ye Mo jeered.

As though not seeing Ye Mo's derision, Ren Pingchuan continued, "Do you think just any Water Wolf's blood is useful? It has to come from an adult Water Wolf. To qualify as one, it needs to grow 4 legs and 4 claws. You must've encountered them yesterday, right?"

Ye Mo was angry. This old thing knew about it, so that explosion had to have been related to him. Thinking about this, Ye Mo sneered, "So that explosion a few days ago was your work? You also knew about that ancient tomb?"

"Ancient tomb?" Ren Pingchuan shook his head, "I don't know about some ancient tomb, but the underground river Water Wolves are all kept by my sect. I caused the explosion indeed, because no one can spill the secret of the Water Wolves. Even if it meant losing a lot of them, I need to kill the person who knows about it at all costs."

Ye Mo suddenly realized that if they could just casually be used to get stronger, then wouldn't things be too easy? With that many Water Wolves, each sect member could eat one or two a day.

As though knowing what Ye Mo was thinking, Ren Pingchuan said, "Do you think you can just let them kill each other and they'll automatically grow 4 legs? I can only say you're naive if you think like that. Although killing each other can make them grow their two front legs fast, they could never grow their two rear legs with only that. They need to eat living people to grow properly."

"So you dumped the remaining Gourd Cave sect members into the water to feed those monsters?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

Ren Pingchuan confirmed without hesitation, "That's right. You blew apart the whole Gourd Cave, and without living humans, they would starve to death, so I could only feed my sect members to them. This was their contribution to their sect."

Ye Mo breathed out slowly and sneered, "You old piece of sh*t, you're really shameless. Eat my sword!"

Then, Ye Mo swung at Ren Pingchuan with immense killing intent. This time, Ye Mo only used 80% of his chi to confuse Ren Pingchuan into thinking that he was using his full power.

Rumble- Ren Pingchuan punched out, and Ye Mo felt his sword chi get shattered as he was smashed back by Ren Pingchuan's chi.

This time, however, Ye Mo was doing it on purpose. He flew out of the cave using that force, since it wasn't good for him to fight Ren Pingchuan in a small place anyway, especially when taking into account how Ren Pingchuan's legs were broken.

When Ye Mo landed, he felt that Ren Pingchuan's chi had gotten much stronger than it was a few days ago, but it was lacking in quantity. Ren Pingchuan was heavily injured indeed. Ye Mo was shocked. This old guy was this heavily injured yet still so strong. If he were fully recovered, Ye Mo would have nowhere to run.

Was a true great heaven master really that scary?
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