Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 502

Chapter 502: A Centimeter Faster Than You
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

As Ren Pingchuan watched Ye Mo jump out of the cave, he was angry. He didn't expect Ye Mo to not care about what he was talking about and attack him.

"You don't want to reach great heaven?" Ren Pingchuan tried to suppress his anger, but it was still obvious that he was furious.

Ye Mo flicked his flying sword and said coldly, "Great heaven? I've seen it before already; nothing much. There's a great heaven in Beijing too, so I can always ask him about it. Why stay here in this terrible place? This is just too disgusting."

Ren Pingchuan frowned, "There's no way, the essence chi of the world is very low on the outside. There's no way to reach a high stage in inner qi cultivation out there. How can there be a great heaven cultivator? Unless he has Water Wolves too, but only the snow mountain water is capable of keeping Water Wolves alive."

Ren Pingchuan didn't mention that even if you had Water Wolves, without understanding the laws of the great heaven, you can't reach great heaven either. He had gone into solitary cultivation for 18 years, yet wasn't able to reach great heaven. He was only finally enlightened on the great heaven laws when he experienced Ye Mo's flying sword. Of course, he wasn't going to tell Ye Mo that.

"There's someone called Tan Jiao who reached great heaven. Although he isn't as strong as you, but he's also a master." Ye Mo didn't say that he fought with Tan Jiao. He really wanted to know why there was such a huge difference.

Ren Pingchuan sneered, "Insolence, that's called great heaven too? If I'm not wrong, that Tan Jiao is at most the same as Xiang Mingwang after reaching 'great heaven'. He probably wasn't even able to increase his longevity. Once you reach great heaven, your life increases by 60 years. If I hadn't been injured by the bomb, I would look much younger now."

Before Ye Mo asked anything, Ren Pingchuan continued, "There are many ways to reach great heaven: one is to keep up cultivation until you open up the Ren and Du meridians. I tried that for 18 years with the help of the Water Wolves, yet I wasn't successful. The second way is to, when your chi reaches its peak, find an opportunity to gain sudden enlightenment-"

As though only then realizing that he was revealing his secret, Ren Pingchuan suddenly halted his sentence and said instead, "Without the help of the Water Wolves, there's no way to reach your qi's peak. That Tan Jiao might've used an incomplete method of reaching a type of fake great heaven, pseudo great heaven. Pseudo great heaven is also a type of great heaven and, once stabilized, it is indeed far stronger than the peak of earth level."

Seeing that Ye Mo was still listening, Ren Pingchuan slowly reached his hand into the cloth. Ye Mo didn't seem to mind, so he continued, "The main mark of being great heaven isn't having opened the Ren and Du meridians, but having formed a sea of qi. Pseudo great heaven cultivators can't form a sea of qi. They can only store their qi in the Ren and Du meridians. Thus, fake great heaven martial artists aren't that much different from earth level ones-"

Suddenly, Ren Pingchuan pressed some device, and the place Ye Mo stood on suddenly collapsed. At the same time, Ren Pingchuan pushed himself off from his chair and flew up palming towards Ye Mo's head. The strong qi slapped above Ye Mo's head, and there was a clank - the sound of a metal cage closing.

Ren Pingchuan was sure that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to escape from that. As long as he kept Ye Mo in a cage, Ye Mo wouldn't be able to escape. He was sure that Ye Mo would tell him everything after he tortured him.

Ren Pingchuan felt something was wrong though, but before he could react, a fierce killing intent pierced towards his ribs.

Ren Pingchuan cursed. He didn't have time to think about how Ye Mo had escaped and managed to ambush him. He quickly flipped in the air, wanting to dodge the attack.

But since Ye Mo attacked, he wasn't going to let Ren Pingchuan dodge. This was his only chance. Ren Pingchuan had no way of gaining momentum in the air while also being heavily injured, but when Ren Pingchuan landed, he would be at the disadvantage.

Rumble- even in the air, Ren Pingchuan's fist force still shattered Ye Mo's sword chi, making it so that it could only lightly slash his ribs.

This was what Ye Mo expected, he only used 80% of his chi in the two previous strikes for this last coming attack. He never expected to be able to kill Ren Pingchuan in the air from the onset.

Ye Mo focused 100% of his chi the final time and shot out a searing-white swordlight from his flying sword with infinite killing intent at Ren Pingchuan.

Ye Mo knew this was his do-or-die moment. If Ren Pingchuan had any back-up measures, he would be dead today. He was betting on Ren Pingchuan having no means left.

Ren Pingchuan was furious. He knew that Ye Mo wanted to kill him before he could land, but Ye Mo underestimated him too much! He was still a great heaven master. Even if he couldn't get momentum in the air and was heavily injured, he wasn't someone an average martial artist like Ye Mo could face.

Ren Pingchuan punched as fast as he could at the sword light. He saved some of his power, which he would use to counterattack when he landed to give Ye Mo the lethal blow.

He believed that Ye Mo's two attacks must have used up all his power.

But this time, the sword clashed with Ren Pingchuan's fist and sliced off his arm as it cut a 5 cm deep gash into Ren Pingchuan's waist.

'Not good!' Ren Pingchuan's face changed. As he landed, he punched out again. Ye Mo was sent flying, but Ren Pingchuan was also forced to sit down on the ground with a pale face.

Ye Mo's dantian was churning, and he immediately spat blood but felt relieved nonetheless. Although he was injured again, his plan had been fulfilled to perfection.

"Such a sneaky brat, you actually conserved strength. Last time you were almost killed, but you still didn't use 100% of your power - was all that just for today?" Ren Pingchuan didn't bother stopping his bleeding. He knew that even if he did, he had lost completely today. He just didn't expect Ye Mo to be this scheming.

Ye Mo sneered and didn't say that he had simply gotten stronger. He just stared coldly at Ren Pingchuan with his flying sword at the ready.

Thinking about Ren Pingchuan's power, Ye Mo was still shocked. If it wasn't for Ren Pingchuan trying to sneak attack him, putting himself in the air, he might not have won the battle today. Furthermore, if he hadn't powered up a little, he wouldn't have won either.

Ren Pingchuan was very unsatisfied. He had only reached great heaven for a few days, yet he lost his legs and was going to lose his life to this young man.

If he knew that Ye Mo was hiding his power, even if he got injured, he wouldn't have lost his hand and gotten this wounded.

Ren Pingchuan spat blood and stared at Ye Mo before saying, "How did you know that I was going to ambush you? If you won't tell me this, I won't be satisfied in my death."

Ye Mo moved far away from Ren Pingchuan. Although he wasn't injured heavily, if this guy tried to put out a last attack, he would be the one to suffer. He only needed to waste time with this old man now and throw a fireball or wind blade every now and then.

Hearing this, Ye Mo smiled, "You know I have a spirit sensing ability, but you're still this careless. I was wondering about what the grey button did on your chair from the beginning. Oh, and I have a small magic art called 'wind control'. Precisely when your hand was 1 cm from that button, I started using it."

Seeing Ren Pingchuan's face turn uglier, Ye Mo was getting happy. He wiped the blood from his mouth and smiled, "I was 1 cm faster than you during your attempted ambush. I was waiting for you to press that button. Good thing you were a good boy and pressed that button, successfully ambushing my afterimage."

Ren Pingchuan spat out more blood.

Ye Mo smiled even brighter, "Sect Leader Ren, you can die with peace of mind. I will make sure no such thing as the Gourd Cave exists among the hidden sects any longer. Don't worry about that. By the way, eat a fireball!"

Then, Ren Pingchuan saw a fireball charge over at him. He was more shocked. There was such an art in the world? His eyes were full of disbelief as he stared at the fireball piercing his chest.
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