Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 503

Chapter 503: A Place That Belongs to Him
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo looked at the mere ashes Ren Pingchuan had been turned into and stood there being dazed for a while. That fireball was just meant as a warning, and he was sure that if Ren Pingchuan had wanted to dodge it, it wouldn't have hit.

Pity, he still had some questions to ask him, f.e. where the spirit well was. But now, he couldn't find out the easy way.

Ye Mo searched around the Gourd Cave, and only found some stone rooms and prisons. He didn't find the entrance to the spirit well. What a pity, if those 4 magical crystals were spirit stones, perhaps he could've used them to reach stage 5.

Perhaps the spirit well wasn't here in the first place. Ye Mo left the Gourd Cave on his flying sword in disappointment. From then on, there would be no more Gourd Cave. As for the spirit well, he would go ask Feng Wu. Perhaps he was now the only one who knew its whereabouts.

When Ye Mo came back to the entrance to the ancient tomb, he saw that everything had collapsed and that Song Yangzhu was also gone. She had probably left. He suddenly thought of that small fox. If he saw it now, he would be able to capture it easily.

This past couple of days, Ye Mo had gone through too much.

He wondered how Qingxue and co. were. Thinking about them, Ye Mo no longer had the mood to stay and shot into the clouds on his sword.


Although he hadn't left Flowing Snake for long, when Ye Mo came back, he felt the change. There were construction teams everywhere, Xiao Huo was bringing people around on patrol. There were no longer those forced businesses on the streets.

Ye Mo nodded. This was the Flowing Snake he wanted to see. When the land truly became his, perhaps he could build a city.

Ye Mo knew that it was impossible to cultivate to the point where he could ascend to the immortal realm here. Since that was the case, he might as well find a place to live with his loved ones for the rest of his life.

He didn't know if Qingxue came back already, but Ye Mo felt very uneasy. He felt guilty towards her. He knew that Qingxue had wanted to properly consummate their marriage, yet he went and had -that- with someone irrelevant.

Ning Qingxue sat in her office, looking at the plans for construction, when she suddenly stood up. She had the feeling that Ye Mo had returned, a feeling that was inexplicable.

"Yifei, I'm going out for a bit." Ning Qingxue went downstairs and onto the streets.

Ye Mo suddenly stopped as he saw Ning Qingxue run towards him from afar and suddenly felt a lot more peaceful. This was his family.

"Ye Mo!" Ning Qingxue saw that her feeling was right. Ye Mo was really back! She excitedly ran into Ye Mo's arms.

Ye Mo hugged Ning Qingxue and saw the merchants around him laugh. Ning Qingxue, who had always been very reserved, ran into his arms in the middle of the street. She must have really missed him a lot.

"You're back." Ning Qingxue woke up from her reverie as she realized they were in the middle of the street and struggled out of Ye Mo's embrace. Her tone was very soft.

"I'm back." Ye Mo grabbed her hand and felt at ease. This was what he wanted.

"Brother Ye is back!" Xiao Huo was like a trumpet and immediately ran over with the patrol team.

Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue didn't have any time for intimacy after that. Xu Yuehua, Yu Miaodan, Zang Jiayan, Xu Ping, Er Hu and Ye Ling all came over. Ye Mo felt warm, this was his home. He had decided that no matter what happened, he wouldn't let anyone come to Flowing Snake to hurt those around him.


Half an hour later, Ye Mo and all the management level staff of Flowing Snake sat in a huge meeting room.

Yu Miaodan stood up first and said, "I'll talk about the situation of the company first. Luo Yue Pharmaceutics has very little variety in products, and the prices can't attract those with lower economic capabilities, which isn't good for the market. The majority of the market are in fact those middle-class citizens, so I suggest we expand into the lower price ranges of the market."

Ye Mo nodded and replied, "Sister Yu is right, but right now our products are being supplied worldwide with high demand and low supply. When the beauty pill slows down in sales, we will push out the beauty medicine. Right now, we need more capital, and we're lacking producing power, so we can't excavate the lower end of the market yet. Also, how go the negotiations with Lu Se and Vietnam?"

That was what Ye Mo cared about the most.

"Things are still in the negotiation phase, but the two countries seem interested in our products, and they aren't planning on passing on them," Xu Yuehua said.

"No rush, if they don't agree, I will think of ways to make them agree," Ye Mo sneered. Although his territory officially belonged to the two countries, if he hadn't built Luo Yue here, this land would still be a dumping site. Now that their company was doing well, they all wanted a share.

Yu Miaodan intervened, "If we build a city here, we have to take into account the land near Gui Lin which belongs to China. Should we start negotiations with them? Also, the Chinese military has sent people to negotiate with us wanting to sell the health pill together with us. Though due to issues concerning the pricing, we haven't reached a consensus yet."

"No need, we're in no rush for that piece of land. They can give us that wilderness at a later time." Ye Mo waved his hand and smiled. Then he turned to Zang Jiayan, ordering, "Build two more factories for me. They need to be larger than the ones before and built in the same style as the beauty and health pill factories."

Ye Mo needed large amounts of money, and his factories were like money printing machines. Ye Mo still felt like that was too slow, though.

"Er Hu, did a young man called Zhang Hua arrive here?" Ye Mo thought of that young man who was capable of making medicine. Perhaps he would be of good help.

"Master, he has come. He's in the Herbal Research Facility. He likes the environment here; should I call him over?" Er Hu said.

"No need, try to help him when needed, he has good talent. It's even higher than yours. Our two new factories will be depending on you two." Ye Mo was very happy with Zhang Hua.

"Brother, there's me too. I have great expertise in herbs-" Ye Ling noticed how Ye Mo didn't praise her and was unsatisfied.

Ning Qingxue smiled and pulled Ye Ling towards her, "Your brother is definitely praising you in his heart."

The meeting went on for two hours and Ye Mo thoroughly understood Flowing Snake's progress by the end of it. He didn't point fingers at people that much. He only needed to point out a general direction, and they could do the rest.

After the meeting, Ye Mo made Xu Yuehua and Xu Ping stay behind. Ning Qingxue didn't leave as in everyone's eyes, when Ye Mo was not around, she was the owner of Flowing Snake.

"Sister Yuehua, do you have something to say to me?" He noticed that she wanted to say something but didn't.

Xu Yuehua nodded and said, "After we had a negotiation with Lu Se, Lu Se increased the number of their military near Flowing Snake. I suspect they could launch an attack at any time. I'm very worried about this. If their military comes, then no matter how prosperous Flowing Snake is, it would all be for nothing. Not to mention, it's completely legal for their military to come, since 80% of our land is actually theirs."

Ye Mo frowned. This was indeed a problem. If he had any better alternative elsewhere, he wouldn't want to stay here either.

Xu Ping nodded, "She's right, hence I've started secretly gathering troops."

Xu Yuehua continued, "Although Brother Xu had started gathering troops, we have no weapons nor heavy armaments."

Ye Mo didn't worry about weapons. The gangs in America he knew were perfect for that, and even if he couldn't get weapons from them, he could always go to the US Military's vault for some. He would need to increase the space in his storage ring first, though.

Suddenly the phone rang, and Xu Yuehua spoke a few words before her expression changed rapidly.

"What is it?" Ye Mo asked. He had heard some of the call but not all of it.
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