Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Whos Threatening?
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Lu Se increased their military at the border of Flowing Snake again and sent two business management personnel requesting to fully take over Luo Yue. They said all management personnel has 24 hours to leave Flowing Snake, yet all the technical personnel must stay. Right now, Fang Nan and CEO Yu are buying time with them," Xu Yuehua said worriedly.

They're this unreasonable? Ye Mo almost didn't believe her words.

"You're saying while they take back Flowing Snake, they will take our company and our technical staff too?" Ye Mo was really stunned.

Xu Yuehua nodded.

Ye Mo sneered. If Lu Se had only told them to give Flowing Snake, that would still be reasonable - it was their land after all. But if their greed included his men and his company, that was too domineering. They clearly knew that their company wasn't registered in China and thus thought Luo Yue wouldn't be able to take their entire country on.

"Leave this to me. Sister Yuehua, you and Qingxue further discuss the building of a city. Second Brother and I will go." Ye Mo stood up immediately. He wasn't angry. In fact, he was happy. He didn't think Lu Se would really dare be that domineering, it was clear that they were simply trying to bargain.

Seeing Ye Mo walk out, Xu Yuehua didn't understand, but Ning Qingxue did. She knew Ye Mo's means, but there were some things which she couldn't reveal, so she said to Xu Yuehua, "Sister Yuehua, he told us to discuss about building a city; we should listen to him."


Before Ye Mo had gotten downstairs, a gunshot shook the silence apart.

Two parties were facing off at the level one foyer. There weren't many people from Lu Se present, only ten armed soldiers and two people who seemed like negotiation representatives. Yu Miaodan, Fang Nan and Zang Jiayan were there too, as well as Yang Jiu who had more than ten guards with him.

A member of the patrol squad laid on the ground. Xiao Huo looked at the Lu Se soldiers in anger.

From their contemptuous expressions, one could tell they didn't care about some weaponless Luo Yue people. They didn't care even though they'd killed someone.

"Don't fire," one of the Lu Se representatives who didn't have guns quickly commanded, but his expression showed that he didn't care at all that someone had been shot dead.

Perhaps in their eyes, they of the military were above all. No matter how good Luo Yue was doing, they were still nothing but a bunch of citizens and merchants. They could treat them however they liked.

"CEO Ye!"

"Brother Ye..."

As soon as Ye Mo came, everyone greeted him, but everyone was visibly angry. They didn't have guns. Ye Mo understood that these people had come to assert their dominance to increase their bargaining position.

"Are you the president of Luo Yue? My name is Maisa. Our troops have misfired, which I am very sorry about. We will give the victim appropriate compensation and wish to express our sincere apologies," the man said very genuinely, as though his men had really misfired.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew these people had come to assert dominance and test Luo Yue's bottom line. If Luo Yue acted overly timidly, they would send troops to take over the place then and there. If Luo Yue acted tough, they would negotiate about some form of cooperation.

They weren't afraid of Luo Yue, but they were afraid of Luo Yue causing too much drama on the international stage.

Ye Mo was calm and didn't say anything.

Seeing this, Yu Miaodan said angrily, "These guys are too unreasonable. They clearly killed one of ours on purpose, yet they call it an accident! These people now not only want us to leave Flowing Snake but also want us to give Luo Yue."

"CEO Yu, Flowing Snake belongs to us, and as we need to set up barracks here, of course you need to move away. For our troops having misfired, we have already apologized and will definitely offer compensation," Maisa said.

"Bullsh*t, how about I kill one of yours too and give you some compensation?" Yu Miaodan was very angry. She had never been this angry yet ever since leaving the gangs.

Maisa saw that Ye Mo didn't talk and started to look down on him. This Ye guy was a coward. Everything would be easy for them now. Hearing Yu Miaodan's words, his face sunk, and he said, "CEO Yu, things don't work like that. This is our land; it doesn't matter if our military killed someone here. Us wanting to offer compensation is simply thanks to our humanity. We didn't actually do anything wrong."

"Are you threatening us?" Yu Miaodan asked coldly. Ye Mo didn't speak, but that didn't mean she was going to back down.

"If you must think like that, that's up to you," Maisa said.

Yu Miaodan sneered, "Flowing Snake belongs to Lu Se? How come I heard this place was ownerless. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, this was the home of a tribe called the Guang He. Because there was no good land here, and it was just barren mountains everywhere with a lack of a reliable water source, the people living here moved away. 100 years ago, a Lu Se fugitive escaped here and gathered a bunch of men to rob by the borders, forming the Flowing Snake Fort. You're saying that this is your land because that fugitive was one of your men, right?"

"You're making up stories!" Maisa didn't know about that and was so angry he couldn't talk. His soldiers raised their guns.

Ye Mo's eyes brightened up. He didn't know about this story either.

Keeping that in mind, Ye Mo immediately ordered, "Sister Yu, you stay, everyone else should leave."

Although they didn't know what Ye Mo meant, they still left.

Seeing this, Ye Mo sneered at Maisa, "You've got some balls killing people at my place."

Maisa was about to answer in derision, but before he could talk, Ye Mo flung out what seemed like tens of lights.

"I've used these needles for quite some time already, you can enjoy them now. Using the military to threaten me? A small place like Lu Se has no right!" Ye Mo's tone was cold. If he wasn't afraid of sullying his territory, he would've just used wind blades on them.

Slump- the soldiers fell to the ground. All of them had a red dot at the center of their forehead.

This man was crazy! He dared to openly kill their troops? This was like challenging their entire country.

"You!" Maisa pointed at Ye Mo, not knowing what to say.

Ye Mo sat down, and another gold needle shot out. The assistant by Maisa's side was also killed.

"What? I'm leaving you alive so that you can tell the person in charge that I will be visiting him tonight. If you don't order your army to retreat from the border within 24 hours, you can all collect his body. Now, piss off!" Ye Mo was very contemptuous of this guy.

Ye Mo felt more and more that this world was one where if you don't kill, someone will kill you. You take a step back, they abuse you harder. If these soldiers hadn't killed and had only threatened, then he would have at most mutilated them.

"Second Brother, when Maisa leaves, tell him to take those trash bodies with him. Also, break his arms and legs," Ye Mo said to Xu Ping.
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