Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 505

Chapter 505: Longing and a Kiss
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An hour later, Maisa, with both his legs broken, scurried away with some troops from the outside. Although Maisa had been the person in charge for this, he didn't dare order an attack without clearance. He had only come to threaten and apply pressure. He didn't expect this CEO Ye to be so decisive and kill almost everyone without hesitation.

He had wanted to assert dominance by killing one but immediately, all of the men he brought were killed instead. He would also be dead if he wasn't needed to return with a message.

This wasn't what had frightened him the most. What he was shocked about the most was how that CEO Ye had killed his men. He didn't even see it happen. That was too eerie and frightening. He had to report this to the president.

Yu Miaodan didn't wake up from her shock in a long time. Although she knew Ye Mo was strong, she didn't expect Ye Mo to be this strong. He merely waved his hand and more than ten men were dead in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo was much stronger than when she first met him.

Of course, she wasn't most shocked about this but about how openly Ye Mo had dared to kill Lu Se's soldiers.

"CEO Ye, this would make Lu Se furious. Won't they start a war with Flowing Snake? We don't have any fighting power," Yu Miaodan woke up. No matter how powerful Ye Mo was, what if their whole army came or what if they sent out airstrikes?

Ye Mo smiled. Although a war happening was possible, he wouldn't let that happen. He could of course kill the army that came, but that wasn't his goal. Even if he was to kill, he would kill the general or kill the highest commanding power in Lu Se.

"Don't worry, I will deal with the Flowing Snake business. Sister Yuehua will need to purchase large amounts of materials, so you and CEO Zang should cooperate with her." Ye Mo had decided to go to Lu Se himself.

It was best to take care of this early on. Ye Mo really didn't want war. War would bring no benefit to Flowing Snake. This matter was best settled without startling any international organizations. Luo Yue was just a company, after all. It wasn't smart for a company to go against a country.

If Ye Mo truly were powerful to a certain extent, even if it was just foundation establishment, that would be fine, but Ye Mo wasn't that strong yet.

Ye Mo was planning on visiting Lu Se at night, so he needed to ask Ning Qingxue about some things beforehand. He didn't even have time to be intimate with her.

As Ye Mo returned to his place, Ning Qingxue was already waiting for him there.

"Qingxue-" Ye Mo only just walked into the room, and Ning Qingxue already came up and embraced him, blocking his lips with hers.

Ye Mo hugged Ning Qingxue tightly. The two had been more apart than together. Ning Qingxue couldn't resist the longing for Ye Mo in her heart. Ye Mo lost himself in the softness and wetness, as that warmth and power she had made Ning Qingxue irresistible. The kiss went on for half an hour before the two breathed heavily and looked at each other.

"You have to go somewhere again?" Ning Qingxue didn't want to let Ye Mo go. She didn't want Ye Mo to be always running around. She wanted him to always be with her. Although she did want a calm and carefree home, if that meant Ye Mo had to work really hard for it, she would rather not have it.

"Sorry, Qingxue-" Ye Mo felt guilty about spending so little time with Ning Qingxue and about his affair with Song Yangzhu.

Ning Qingxue blocked Ye Mo's lips with her finger and said, "I just want to be with you. If building a city is too hard, then just forget about it."

"No, it's not hard for me to build a city, and I want a place that belongs to me as well. I can't just bring you deep into the mountains like the hidden sects, so we definitely need to build a city," Ye Mo said adamantly.

Ning Qingxue didn't try to persuade him. She nodded.

"In fact, I'm sorry about another thing. The other day, I..." Ye Mo was hesitant, but he still told her what happened with Song Yangzhu.

"Where is she now?" Unexpectedly, Ning Qingxue asked about her.

Ye Mo shook his head, "She probably left, I don't think she will come find me again. I just feel guilty to you and Luo Ying."

"Mhm..." Ning Qingxue didn't ask any further about Song Yangzhu and just laid in Ye Mo's arms. Ye Mo didn't know if she was angry or not and didn't know what to say.

After a while, when it was already dark, Ning Qingxue's soft voice sounded, "I want to stay with you this night."

Ye Mo felt warm in his heart. How could he not know what she meant? She was a conservative person, so for her to be able to say such words, it truly signified that Ye Mo meant everything in her heart. She didn't even mention anything about Song Yangzhu.

Ye Mo lifted her face up and kissed her again, "Qingxue, I said I would marry you gloriously. If I can't find Luo Ying, then when we build Luo Yue City, it'll be our moment."


There was something Ye Mo didn't say. He really wanted to have that with Ning Qingxue, but what he also really wished was to find lots of resources so that everyone around him could reach foundation establishment.

But that was very hard. Out of 1000 cultivators in Luo Ying, only one could reach foundation establishment. Ning Qingxue's talent was good, but if he took her virginity before she reached foundation establishment, it would be harder for her. He didn't want to make her lose that opportunity.

But he didn't want to tell her yet, since he didn't want to give her the mental burden.

"By the way, did those mutants come for you again?" Ye Mo remembered what he'd wanted to ask her.

"No, one time though, one of them apparently went to Yu state and Yi Fei found out, but she didn't manage to capture him," Ning Qingxue said.

Ye Mo nodded. This thing wouldn't just end like that, but since he had returned, he didn't need to worry about it.

After having dinner with Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo left Flowing Snake. Ye Mo went to the border and saw that the army didn't have any signs of leaving. He killed the scouts he saw on the way without hesitation.

At that moment, the security was extremely tight outside the president's office. The atmosphere there had clearly increased in intensity. Marshal Mohanse, Secretary of National Defense Youjin and that Maisa as well were all there.

Youjin was short and had bulging eyes, with which he stared at Maisa as he questioned, "Is what you said true? He really killed 12 of our troops in less than a second and said he would be coming tonight?"

Maisa was sweating, and he quickly confirmed, "I didn't lie about a single word. He really is that sort of person. I suspect he's a wizard. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth."

"Hmph, he wants us to retreat within 24 hours? Although our country is small, no mere merchant can abuse us. We won't retreat; instead, tomorrow, we move in! Secretary You, do you believe this wizard bullsh*t?" the tall and bulky Mohanse commented.

He was annoyed at Youjin asking this and that. It was just some guy who knew how to fight. He heard of many people who were strong at fighting one on one in China, but could they face an entire army?

Hai Modan, the president, frowned and said after a while, "That President Ye probably came from China..."

Youjin nodded, "That's right, we're still investigating more about him, though."
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