Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 510

Chapter 510: Pretty Woman Found
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10 billion wouldn't be used up in a long time even in Flowing Snake. This Northern Sand really was wealthy. If he killed them, wouldn't all that wealth be his?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was excited, but then he thought, 'That doesn't seem very possible.' It's said there are a lot of Northern Sand bases - how could he annihilate them all?

It wasn't just killing 30 people like today. It was reasonable that he killed today, because it was Northern Sand that offended him first. But if he really pissed off Northern Sand, he wouldn't be able to protect his people with his current power.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was dejected. He was a mighty cultivator, yet he couldn't even protect those by his side. It seemed he would need to cultivate faster and increase the power of his men.

No matter what, he needed to know what the crystal was for. He couldn't ask questions with all these guys around, so he had to come back at night and ask privately. Other than that, the 10 billion also interested Ye Mo. He wasn't going to pass on that.

Thinking about this, he asked "Mr Liang, if that crystal is only fist-sized, wouldn't Yuan Zhirong have hid it in a secret place, and you guys might have missed it?"

Liang Shiguo shook his head immediately, "That's impossible; we have a detector which can detect it within 1000 meters, and it didn't find anything at the Yuan family."

No wonder even with the power of Northern Sand they didn't attack him straight away. They did suspect him and probably even went to Flowing Snake to check, but of course, they hadn't found anything.

Storage rings were really good things, weren't they? Ye Mo knew that there was no hightech in the world that could detect what was inside his ring. Ye Mo suddenly looked intensely pensive, as though making a hard decision.

"Mr Ye, although we don't know why Yuan Zhirong would blow up his mansion, the secret meeting's footage that was leaked was probably related to you, right? You've been to his house, and that's why we're asking you if you know where it was." Liang Shiguo reacted to Ye Mo's expression just the way he wanted, and this made him excited.

Ye Mo smiled, "I was the one who moved the bomb to their mansion and you're right, I made the footage too. Although I don't know what that crystal is, I will go try and find it. Simply for that 10 billion alone, it's worth it."

Liang Shiguo frowned. He didn't quite get what Ye Mo was thinking, but he thought Ye Mo didn't know where the crystal was.

"In that case, we won't disturb Mr Ye anymore. I'm deeply regretful about this misunderstanding. Of course, if you do manage to find the crystal, please contact us at first notice. This is my card." Liang Shiguo got up and handed Ye Mo a golden card.

Ye Mo suddenly reached out his hand to Liang Shiguo and said, "I'm very sorry, Mr Liang. I didn't think it was something this small. If I had known, I wouldn't have offended the Northern Sand. I hope you can understand my desperate feeling at the time. At the same time, I wish to help Mr Liang find that crystal as fast as possible."

"Mr Ye, this is like getting to know each other through conflict. If Mr Ye can really find the crystal, then even bigger conflicts wouldn't matter at all," Liang Shiguo said with a smile.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew that Liang Shiguo was implyong that this thing wasn't over. If he found the crystal, things might be better, but if he didn't, he would be receiving Northern Sand's fury.

Ye Mo shook hands with him just so he could mark him with his spirit sense. He wasn't going to let this Northern Sand off easily.

"Naturally, since I've decided to help you find the crystal, I will look for it wholeheartedly. How much time are you willing to give me?" Ye Mo knew that he hadn't completely started war with Northern Sand yet. He needed time to develop his own strength.

Liang Shiguo was dazed. He thought Ye Mo was just agreeing on the surface, but wouldn't be doing anything, yet now it seemed that Ye Mo really wanted to help them find the crystal. Liang Shiguo said happily, "I think if Mr Ye can find it in a year, then not only will you get the 10 billion easily, but you will also get other surprises."

What Liang Shiguo didn't expect was that after shaking hands with him, Ye Mo shook hands with Peter and Chen Zhui too. His expression was hospitable and deeply regretful as though this misunderstanding was all his fault.

Not only Liang Shiguo, but also Peter and Chen Zhui were weirded out by Ye Mo's drastic change in attitude. They didn't think of Ye Mo as someone timid, so after thinking about it a bit, only that 10 billion could explain things.

Ye Mo left Otherworldly Entertainment, but he didn't leave Luo Cang yet. He still had some business to take care of that night. He had marked them all.

After making sure no one was following him, Ye Mo went into another busy district and wanted to find a bar. Then he heard someone call out his name.

"Brother Mo!" a young girl's voice sounded.

"It's you, Yang Yi?" Ye Mo remembered her; this was the girl which sat in the same carriage as he did when he first came to Luo Cang by train. She wasn't that pretty, but she was a very kind soul.

After finding out that Ye Mo had had his wallet stolen, she wanted to give Ye Mo money, but Ye Mo didn't take it.

"It really is you! Brother Mo, it's been so long. After you and Er Hu left, you never contacted me again," Yang Yi said happily.

Ye Mo looked at her awkwardly. If he didn't see her here, he would've forgotten her indeed.

"Xiao Yi, who is he?" a guy of medium build walked over and looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

Yang Yi quickly said, "This is Brother Mo Ying. He's very good at medicine. Brother Mo, this is my boyfriend, Liu Shang. By the way, how is your clinic going?"

Yang Yi spoke a lot.

"Hello, I'm Liu Shang." Yang Yi's boyfriend shook hands with Ye Mo in a friendly manner.

Ye Mo then said embarrassingly to Yang Yi, "Sorry, Yang Yi, I should confess that due to certain circumstances, I didn't tell you my real name in the past. I'm actually called Ye Mo, and I stopped by clinic. Er Hu is doing very well. You're welcome to come hang out with us when you have time."

Before Yang Yi could reply, a group of people came.

"Yang Yi, Liu Shang, what are you two still doing here, let's go!" a young girl called out. She was a little short, but her face was very exquisite.

"Okay, okay, we're coming!" Yang Yi turned to Ye Mo and said, "Sorry, we're about to graduate, and we're having a celebration. Why don't you come with us?"

"I don't think it's appropriate for me to go" Ye Mo wanted to go find Liang Shiguo and co. at night. He wasn't interested in these gatherings.

Yang Yi whispered in Ye Mo's ear, "This time, it's the richest person in my class paying for everyone at Yun Shang Pearl. It'd be a waste not to go."

Ye Mo knew that restaurant. It was a 5 star restaurant, but right now, he wouldn't want to go to even an 8 star restaurant.

Before Ye Mo could reject, Yang Yi said, "You'd get to see an extremely beautiful girl today. Gu Mingnan literally found her."

Ye Mo smiled, but didn't talk.

"Do you not believe me? He really found her. Last time when he went deep into the mountains to play with some friends, they found her unconscious and injured. Gu Mingnan saved her, and she stayed at his house. It's said that she's getting better, and so he's bringing her tonight to show off," Yang Yi explained.
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