Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 511

Chapter 511: Shes Called Luo Luo
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"Come on, let's go together, Brother Ye. I still want to go see Er Hu after dinner, though." Then, Yang Yi dragged Ye Mo along.

Ye Mo shook his head and thought he might as well go.

"Yang Yi, who is that?" That small girl asked as she saw that.

Yang Yi let go of Ye Mo and said, "He's my cousin. If you're interested, I can introduce you."

The girls laughed and started asking about Ye Mo.

The group entered the Yun Shang Pearl in laughter and joy.

The place was indeed very grandiloquent.

Yang Yi's gathering took place on the ninth floor. When Yang Yi brought Ye Mo in, there were already more than 10 people there. Seeing Yang Yi, everyone greeted her and soon started talking about the girlfriend Gu Mingnan had found.

Eventually, even Ye Mo got curious. He wanted to see what sort of woman would be able to cause such a ruckus. After listening for a while, Ye Mo only found out that the woman was called Luo Luo and that she was much prettier than even movie stars. Other than that, he also heard that Luo Luo had been found near the Duan Heng Ranges.

It was said that Luo Luo had been very depressed ever since waking up and didn't talk much.

"Brother Ye, if it wasn't for the fact that she was found by Gu Mingnan, I would think you two match quite well. She seems to have the same temperament as you. It's that feeling you can't really describe," Yang Yi said.

Ye Mo smiled and didn't say anything.

Liu Shang quickly said, "Xiao Yi, don't say that, if Gu Mingnan finds out, he won't be happy."

"Hm, aren't you a bit too timid?" Yang Yi said loudly, and her voice caught the attention of many other students.

Liu Shang blushed and didn't say anything.

Ye Mo quickly signaled for Yang Yi to sit down. He could tell Liu Shang was a careful person and cared about her a lot.

"Mingnan and his girlfriend, Luo Luo, are here, let's applaud!" At this time, someone clapped.

A young man and a woman in her 20s came in. The woman had a faint white veil over her face and even though she wore a dress, her figure was quite easy to make out nonetheless. She had a small waist and pearly white skin.

Ye Mo moved his eyes onto the woman and immediately felt like he was familiar with this woman. Ye Mo soon realized who it was, 'It's actually her! No wonder she was found in the mountains.'

"Mingnan, take her veil off, let us see her!" People all around cheered.

Gu Mingnan laughed and said, "Luo Luo didn't want to come, but today is our graduation celebration, so she still came to see everyone, but she'll be leaving immediately."

"Luo Luo, take off your veil-" Gu Mingnan said, but he noticed how her eyes were glaring at a student in the room. Gu Mingnan also looked over.

Ye Mo shook his head. He knew that this woman had recognized him, so he could only stand up.

Just as Ye Mo wanted to say something, this woman ran up to him and grabbed his hand. She seemed to want to say something yet not be able to.

Although Ye Mo also wanted to ask why she was here, he knew that now wasn't the time.

Gu Mingnan looked at the two dazily and didn't know what to say. After a long while, he reacted and asked desperately, "Luo Luo, who is he? What are you doing?"

"Sorry, Mingnan. I just saw my brother here, and I remembered some things. Thank you for taking care of me during this time, but I'll be going back with my brother," the girl spoke while taking off her veil.

But no one was paying attention to her words anymore as they all stared at her face. It wasn't extremely beautiful, but it had a royal and heavenly vibe.

Ye Mo touched his nose and didn't disagree. Although he was wondering why Luo Xuan's big martial sister had reached a state where she lost all of her inner qi, he didn't deny knowing her.

On Luo Xuan's account, he would help her if he could. Besides, Ye Mo suspected that the Ni Luo Sutra was on her, so he still needed to ask her about it.

"You're saying he's your brother?" Gu Mingnan didn't react for a long time.

Luo Yin nodded, "Yes, I didn't remember before, but now that I saw him, I remembered."

Gu Mingnan looked at Ye Mo with suspicion. Ye Mo didn't look like a brother who just found his lost sister, but he couldn't force her to stay with him. He had saved her but hadn't even been able to touch her hand when she woke up. His frustration made him think, 'I must get this woman! With my family's power in Luo Cang, so what if she found her brother?'

Ye Mo could already tell that Gu Mingnan wanted to take advantage of Luo Yin. Thinking about this, he sneered at Gu Mingnan's ignorance. Ancient martial artists like her were ruthless. They weren't innocent souls like Luo Xuan. Although Gu Mingnan had saved Luo Yin, if he kept trying to take advantage of her, Luo Yin would kill him all the same. The reason she hadn't was because she was heavily injured.

Yang Yi and everyone in the room froze. They didn't expect Ye Mo to be Luo Luo's brother. This was too comical! Those with a meticulous heart could already see the problem, though. There was no excitement of the reunion of siblings to be seen.

"Ye Mo, you're Luo Xuan's boyfriend, can't you look a little happier seeing me?" Luo Yin obviously wasn't happy with Ye Mo's attitude.

Ye Mo was shocked. If Luo Yin was injured like this, how would Luo Xuan be? Luo Xuan was very innocent and kindhearted - she had even given Ye Mo two of those important golden papers. She had even been willing to jump off with him. In his heart, Luo Xuan was just as important as Ye Ling or Tang Beiwei.

"What happened to Luo Xuan?" Ye Mo grabbed Luo Yin's hand with a worried face.

Luo Yin felt a sliver of envy; if only she could have someone who worried about her like that...

"Luo Xuan is fine, don't worry. Luo Xuan doesn't know what happened to me. If nothing unexpected has happened, she should be in a safe place at the moment," Luo Yin said.

But Ye Mo was still concerned, and he still had a lot to ask her about, but he knew this wasn't the place to talk.
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