Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Trivial Matters
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Haha, Luo Luo found her brother - this is worth celebrating. Let's drink to celebrate this happy occasion!" Gu Mingnan said this before Luo Yin could leave.

Although Luo Yin really wanted to leave, she could only follow after Ye Mo. Ye Mo didn't want to leave Yang Yi in an awkward spot, so he brought her over to introduce her to Yang Yi.

Liu Shang might be timid, but he wasn't dumb. He could tell that Ye Mo wasn't Luo Yin's brother and that Gu Mingnan didn't like Ye Mo. If Gu Mingnan knew that Yang Yi had brought Ye Mo in, he wouldn't like Yang Yi either.

Ye Mo could tell what Liu Shang was thinking, but he knew that Luo Yin wasn't to be blamed for this, and he wouldn't let Gu Mingnan get revenge on Yang Yi.

Soon, the dishes came, and with Gu Mingnan's lead all the guys in the room drank to Ye Mo, wanting to get him drunk.

Luo Yin knew that Ye Mo cultivated ancient martial arts, but she was worried it wouldn't be enough with this many people drinking to Ye Mo. She was worried and hinted at Ye Mo many times, but Ye Mo didn't seem to notice her. He drank to everyone.

Gu Mingnan rejoiced at this. Eventually, even Yang Yi realized what was happening and pulled Ye Mo, wanting him to drink less, but Gu Mingnan saw this and only became even angrier at Yang Yi.

But as they drank and drank, even Gu Mingnan felt something was wrong. A few of his classmates were already drunk, but Ye Mo was still clearly sober. He cursed at Ye Mo's alcohol tolerance.

Just when Gu Mingnan wanted to think of another way, the door to their room was kicked open.

Gu Mingnan cursed, "Which bastard are you, do you want to die-" Gu Mingnan suddenly stopped. He looked fearfully at the woman behind the two men who kicked open the door and called out, "Big Sister!"

"Ms Qingcheng, you made the right call. If Ms Luo Luo wasn't here, your Gu family would be over," a weird tone sounded.

Before Gu Mingnan understood what was going on, he gained more courage upon hearing Luo Luo. He immediately stood up and said, "Sister, what's this?"

That cold looking girl didn't seem to hear Gu Mingnan's words and said to the rich second generation next to her, "Young Master Wen, I've already brought you guys here. Now, this has nothing to do with the Gu family anymore, right?"

"Hehe, it's not up to you to decide that," that Young Master Wen said creepily and then glanced lustfully at Gu Qingcheng's chest, before looking into the room.

His eyes soon settled on Luo Yin and immediately brightened up. He walked up, "Ms Luo Luo, I've been looking for you a lot."

But then, he seemed to have thought of something and quickly turned to the middle-aged man and said politely, "Second Boss, this is Ms Luo Luo. Is she the one-"

But Young Master Wen stopped his words, because the second boss he was so respectful of was staring at the room in shock and horror. He could even feel the man's body shiver.

He didn't know who the second boss could be so afraid of. This second boss was so powerful that even his father had to be respectful of him, yet now his expression was saying he had seen someone truly terrifying.

"You want to take away Ms Luo Luo?" Ye Mo suddenly glanced at Young Master Wen and asked.

Young Master Wen frowned and said, "What are you to dare speak to me like that?"

Slap- as soon as he said that, the middle-aged man behind him slapped him, "Idiot, how dare you be disrespectful to Ye-Qianbei, do you want to die?!"

Young Master Wen was slapped away and spat out a few teeth. He laid on the ground, looking at the middle-aged man in horror.

The middle-aged man then knelt before Ye Mo, "Ye-Qianbei, wanbei Yu Hongsheng didn't mean to offend Qianbei."

This made everyone freeze. No one knew the middle-aged man, but they all knew Young Master Wen. He was the number one young master of Luo Cang.

Just then, everyone had seen how respectful Young Master Wen was to this middle-aged man, even calling him second boss, yet this man was in turn begging Luo Luo's brother for mercy. Many people started guessing who Ye Mo was, some even thought he might be a young master from Beijing.

Gu Mingnan had wanted to look for trouble with Ye Mo, but his heart was cold now. He knew better than anyone who Young Master Wen was. His Gu family was nothing to them, yet the person he respected had to kneel down to Ye Mo.

Gu Qingcheng was also dazed. She didn't expect her brother to have such a powerful student at his party. He didn't say anything, yet could scare someone into begging for mercy. She thought of the Gu family's situation and that perhaps, this person could help them.

"Brother Ye?" Yang Yi looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

Ye Mo looked at the middle-aged man and didn't say anything. He didn't remember ever seeing this man. With his memory, he wouldn't forget anyone he had seen once before.

The scene became eerily silent.

Although Gu Mingnan loved Luo Luo to the bone, he wasn't an idiot. He could tell his sister had been forced here, and the survival of their family seemed to be at stake. No matter how much he loved Luo Luo, it had to be put aside in the wake of his family.

"Alright friends, I'm sorry, but the gathering will end here today. I will treat everyone next time," Gu Mingnan immediately told the classmates to leave first. He looked at his sister and knew that he had done well.

The classmates also understood that things weren't simple, and no one dared to stay.

Yang Yi also got up, but Ye Mo pulled her and said, "Yang Yi, I need to talk to you later, you can stay."

Seeing this, Liu Shang also stayed.

Soon, all the irrelevant people left.

"Ye-Qianbei, wanbei managed to see Qianbei at the Broken Top mountain," Yu Hongsheng felt that Ye Mo didn't know who he was and quickly explained.

So that was it! No wonder this guy was this scared of him. When he exerted his dominance, even Xiang Mingwang didn't dare say much. Those who went to the Broken Top Mountain would of course know about the hidden sects.

"Oh, and you want to bring Luo Luo away?" Ye Mo's tone was very cold.

Yu Hongsheng shivered thinking, 'I wanted to do that before, but with you here, I don't dare no matter what.' He didn't dare lie either, so he could only say, "Not me, it's Ping Jiang Sect-"

"Okay," Ye Mo stopped his words, "You may go. And this Young master Wen is only wasting food by living on this earth."

Ye Mo didn't care who was scheming for Luo Yin - him it was just a trivial matter. But he didn't like this Young Master Wen.

Gu Qingcheng saw Yu Hongsheng leave with his tail between his legs and wanted to say something, but Ye Mo said coldly to Gu Mingnan, "You two can leave too, I have some business here."

Gu Mingnan didn't dare say anything and quickly left with his sister. Gu Qingcheng was thinking that since Ye Mo was her brother's classmate, they would get a chance to get to know each other. That would be crucial to the development of their Gu family.

After they all left, Ye Mo looked at Luo Yin and asked, "Tell me about how Luo Xuan is now."
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