Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 514

Chapter 514: Everything Within His Calculations
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

It was Liang Shiguo who was apparently by himself. He was heading towards Otherworldly Entertainment. Ye Mo rejoiced. To him, Liang Shiguo looked the easiest to control as he had no cultivation, while that Peter and Chen Zhui were quite powerful. Although Ye Mo could kill them, it would be hard to control them and get what he wanted from their mind.

Liang Shiguo seemed to have a lot on his mind and kept frowning. Ye Mo didn't touch him at first and waited until he went into a room by himself before finally jumping in after him.

Ye Mo stayed invisible and knocked Liang Shiguo out before taking him out of Luo Cang with him.

In order to make Liang Shiguo think this was all a dream, Ye Mo didn't land anywhere. He covered his face with some black cloth, before pointing at Liang Shiguo's forehead.

Seeing Liang Shiguo's confused look, Ye Mo asked, "Introduce yourself and tell me why you came to Luo Cang?"

Liang Shiguo answered without hesitation, "I'm Liang Shiguo, the person responsible for Northern Sand's Chinese base. I came here for the Extreme Energy Stone."

"What is an Extreme Energy Stone?"

"It's the power source for Super Equipment."

"What is Super Equipment? Where do these energy stones come from?"

"All equipment that can't be powered by energy from Earth is called Super Equipment, such as the Space Flower. The Extreme Energy Stone comes from the main designer of the Space Flower, Feng Ji. He is the source of 8 Extreme Energy Stones."

Ye Mo was wondering who this Feng Ji was. How could he design something that the whole world fought over? This person wasn't simple. Would he be another transmigrant from another civilization?

Ye Mo continued asking, "Where is he now? What's the main purpose of the Space Flower?"

"Feng Ji fled Northern Sand half a year ago. The last time he appeared was in the Taklimakan Desert. Northern Sand is currently doing all they can to look for Feng Ji. If we can't bring him back, we are to terminate him on the spot. The Space Flower is a super war machine that combines marine with aerial warfare. It could easily annihilate an entire country or defend a region. I don't know the specifics of its capabilities, though," Liang Shiguo replied.

"Why did he run away?"

"When Northern Sand found Feng Ji, they signed a contract with him. It was for him to design the Space Flower and afterwards, they would let him go. Feng Ji finished the design, but Northern Sand regretted their promise and kept him to design other things. Feng Ji continued to design many things, but when he ran, he took all his blueprints with him, including the Space Flower blueprint."

So that was it! Ye Mo thought, 'Had that picture with Luo Ying in it also been taken near that desert? If it was, why did Luo Ying go there?'

But no matter what, finding out that she might have been there, Ye Mo was so excited that he wanted to fly there immediately to see if she was still there.

"How many bases does Northern Sand have? Where is your base?" Ye Mo asked.

"Northern Sand has 6 bases; I only know of the Asian base, which is in Vietnam's Baiwei Creek. I don't know anything else."

Ye Mo estimated that he wouldn't be able to get much more out of him, so he knocked him out and brought him back to his room.

Liang Shiguo woke up not too long after Ye Mo left and got up immediately. What had happened before was very clear in his mind. It was as though he had truly been in mid-air and told a black-clothed man everything he knew.

Liang Shiguo was shook. If even one of Northern Sand's secrets were spilled, it would be his death, yet he had spilled so much, and it was all extremely important information.

Wait- he probably didn't, right? It had to have been a dream. How could he possibly have been floating in mid-air? Liang Shiguo let out a breath of relief, but that dream had been way too real. He had even felt the wind brush past him.

Liang Shiguo patted his head and washed his face with cold water, trying to forget that nightmare. Even if it was just a dream, if the higher ups of Northern Sand knew about it, he would be dead for sure.


Although Ye Mo wanted to find Luo Ying immediately, he didn't go just yet. Firstly because a few months had already passed since Luo Ying had last been there, so a few days later or earlier wouldn't make much of a difference. And secondly because he still wanted to earn that 10 billion USD from Liang Shiguo.

When Ye Mo came back to Yun Shang Pearl, Luo Yin was already soundly asleep.

Ye Mo didn't disturb her and just cultivated on the deck.

The second morning, when Ye Mo got up, Luo Yin had already finished cleaning herself and was waiting for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo scanned her with his spirit sense and knew that she had half recovered already and would be able to protect herself.

"I want to go to Flowing Snake to see Luo Fei," Luo Yin uttered with some hesitation. After one night of thinking, she knew that it wouldn't be appropriate to keep following Ye Mo like this, and Ye Mo still seemed to be wary of her anyway.

Although she had only been with Ye Mo for a short while, Luo Yin understood why Luo Xuan trusted him this much and why she had pleaded for her to not say bad things about Ye Mo. Ye Mo was indeed a good person. Luo Yin thought that Luo Xuan would've just randomly lost her virginity to Ye Mo, but now it seemed that she had been thinking too much. He wasn't the same type of person as Qi Yulin.

With Luo Yin's beauty and her being injured, Ye Mo still didn't look at her with any ulterior motives.

Just as Ye Mo was unsure about how to keep Luo Yin busy, she chose to go to Flowing Snake. That was perfect for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo called Ning Qingxue to tell Luo Fei to go to the Gui Lin Airport to pick up Luo Yin. At the same time, Ning Qingxue told him that Zeng Zhengxia had arrived at Flowing Snake and was waiting for him.

Hearing this, Ye Mo immediately thought of the spirit well. He probably came for that. If Zeng Zhengxia knew where the spirit well was, Ye Mo would honestly just want to kick Feng Wu out of the game.

After sending Luo Yin away, Ye Mo decided to earn the 10 billion first and then go back.


In the secret room over at Otherworldly Entertainment, Liang Shiguo, Peter and Chen Zhui were talking about something.

Liang Shiguo's face didn't look too good. He was still suspicious of the dream he had had last night; it was just too real.

A black-clothed man knocked on the door and said, "CEO Liang, someone called Ye Mo is here to see you."

Peter and Chen Zhui were dazed. Ye Mo had been here only yesterday, why did he come again today?

"Invite him in," Liang Shiguo said calmly.

"Director Liang, do you know why he is here?" Chen Zhui saw that Liang Shiguo seemed very confident and asked.

Liang Shiguo smiled, "If I'm not wrong, it should be about the crystal."

"How do you know?" Peter asked.

"He seemed hesitant when I mentioned the crystal being worth 10 billion, so from that I guessed that he might actually have it on him," Liang Shiguo said contemptuously.

"Mr Liang, you're really amazing!" Peter applauded.

Chen Zhui couldn't help but feel amazed at Liang Shiguo's meticulousness. He then said, "10 billion is no small amount even for us, are we really going to give it to him? If we can confirm it's on him, we might have other ways of getting it."

Liang Shiguo shook his head, "You are underestimating Ye Mo. As did I yesterday, but I won't anymore. He will still need to prove he has the power to take my 10 billion, though. If he doesn't, then tough luck."

Chen Zhui sighed. No wonder Liang Shiguo was still above him even when he didn't have any powers.
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