Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Never Saw Someone As Shameless As This
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Mr Ye Mo, I didn't expect us to meet again this soon. Please, take a seat." As soon as Ye Mo arrived, Liang Shiguo got up with a smile.

Ye Mo sat down and didn't seem to notice the irony on Chen Zhui's face, "Mr Liang, I'm really sorry about yesterday. I have found that crystal indeed, but just like you said, that thing is of no use to me. If you can really pay 10 billion fir it, I don't mind giving this crystal to you."

Liang Shiguo got up excitedly and said, "Mr Ye is really an honest man. I knew you were a good person indeed. I thought you would need some time before you can find it, but you found it this quickly. I've prepared the 10 billion already, it's in the card."

Liang Shiguo immediately took out a gold card which had many diamonds embedded onto it.

It must've cost a few million just to make this card. Ye Mo shook his head, this Northern Sand was really earning an uncountable amount of money. They were so extravagant!

Ye Mo scanned the card and soon knew what was going on. This card was a bomb, a small bomb.

So that was it. Ye Mo sneered. He knew that Liang Shiguo had picked up on his intentional look of hesitance and prepared this card for him. The moment he gave his Extreme Energy Stone would be the moment he died.

Although it was just a credit card bomb, Ye Mo wouldn't underestimate it. Who knew how powerful it was?

Ye Mo took the card and seemed embarrassed, "Um, Mr Liang, I haven't even given you the crystal yet. To be taking your card already, this is a little embarrassing."

Liang Shiguo sneered in his heart, 'You sure took the card without hesitation. How come I don't see your embarrassment at all?'

But of course he wouldn't say that. He laughed and said, "If I didn't trust Mr Ye, I wouldn't be taking out the card. There's 10 billion in the card, please check on the computer."

"Okay, in that case, sure." Ye Mo went to the computer and tried to log into the card.

There was indeed 10 billion. Ye Mo smiled, seemingly not seeing Liang Shiguo's contemptuous look, and asked, "Mr Liang, what is the transaction password for this card?"

Liang Shiguo's face changed. He didn't expect Ye Mo to want to transfer immediately, but his face soon recovered. He said casually, "You can keep this card Mr Ye. We might have future business interactions at which point we'll send the money into this card too."

Ye Mo said with a troubled look, "That's not really suitable-" He changed his words, "Even if I take this card, I'll still need the transfer password."

Liang Shiguo cursed and could only tell Ye Mo the password. Ye Mo transferred the 10 billion to his own account immediately.

Then, Ye Mo gave the empty card to Liang Shiguo, "Mr Liang, I've transferred the money, but I don't dare take this card, it's too precious."

Liang Shiguo cursed. This person was really shameless. He took the 10 billion USD, but was acting embarrassed about taking a card! He quickly pushed it back, though, and said, "Mr Ye, this is what you deserve. We are really grateful to you for getting the crystal. One card means nothing. Perhaps we can work together in the future."

Ye Mo knew that Liang Shiguo wouldn't rest easy if he didn't take the card, so he took it.

Seeing this, Liang Shiguo rejoiced, 'After you tell me where that crystal is and you leave this place, you can go die. After you die, we can still get the 10 billion back from your company.'

Then, Ye Mo took out a small bag and gave it to Liang Shiguo, "Mr Liang, see if this is your crystal."

Liang Shiguo almost spat blood. He didn't expect the crystal to be in Ye Mo's pocket. He opened it as quick as he could, and what was inside was the Extreme Energy Stone he had lost indeed.

Not only Liang Shiguo's face was bad, but even Peter's and Chen Zhui's as well. This Ye Mo was slapping their face. This guy had used their precious property to earn 10 billion and had simply been keeping it in his pockets. The despicable thing was that he had even pretended to not know anything yesterday.

Ye Mo didn't care about this. He smiled and said, "Mr Liang, if that's the crystal then I'll be going. If you have anymore business, be sure to come find me. I love doing business, haha."

"Okay, of course, of course! This crystal we have all thanks to you, Mr Ye. Thank you." Liang Shiguo was so angry he was about to puke blood, but he still kept thanking Ye Mo. He had decided that as soon as Ye Mo stepped out of Otherworldly Entertainment, he would detonate the bomb. He wouldn't care how many other people died.

When Ye Mo walked out of the room, he used a trick and put the card into a corner of the door without them noticing. If he didn't fear that the bomb would be too powerful and destroy the crystal, he would've left it in Liang Shiguo's pockets. Also, he didn't want Liang Shiguo to die just yet. If he did, then even if Ye Mo would be getting 10 billion out of it, he would be fully starting war with Northern Sand.

He didn't have the power for that right now, so he could only annoy Liang Shiguo and co. a bit. After the crystal was shipped away, Ye Mo would be following it. He was planning on taking the other ones too.

Ye Mo got to the bar as quickly as he could and didn't walk out. He asked for a drink.

Liang Shiguo stared at the camera with a deathly gaze and was furious, but he couldn't do anything. If he blew it now, it might blow Ye Mo up, but Otherworldly Entertainment would also be done for.

Although the place was worth nothing compared to Ye Mo, he was still here too, and he wouldn't lose anything if he waited for a minute, so why not wait a bit?

Ye Mo sneered. He didn't care about drinking, but was leaving a message for Liang Shiguo.

He wrote a few lines on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for a waiter, "You have to give this letter to Mr Liang. You don't need to give it to him now, though; he's in a meeting. After he finishes work, you can give it to him."

Then, Ye Mo gave a few hundred dollars to the waiter before leaving.

"He has left!" Chen Zhui saw Ye Mo leave and immediately got excited. He will soon be able to see how this cocky guy dies.

Liang Shiguo took out a remote and sneered, "Mr Chen, I'll leave you and Peter to deal with Flowing Snake. Ye Mo being dead, those in Flowing Snake won't be able to escape. Luo Yue is a good money-making machine. We can keep it for ourselves."

Liang Shiguo pressed down on the button.

Rumble- There was a huge explosion as bricks and dust fell everywhere, making Liang Shiguo and the other two dumbfounded.

The explosion was huge, sure, but something didn't seem right. It should be on the streets, but why then was he feeling such a huge shock and was his wall falling?

A metal rod pierced Liang Shiguo's shoulder, making him cry out in pain.

"Not good, it's our building that exploded!" Chen Zhui reacted first - he grabbed Liang Shiguo and jumped out of the window.

"How could that be? The explosion should be in the street. Why is it here?" Liang Shiguo murmured.

There was another rumble.

A waiter charged into the bar and saw Liang Shiguo on Chen Zhui's back. He quickly passed the envelope, "CEO Liang, a customer called Ye Mo left this for you."

Liang Shiguo opened the letter, but the content made him spit out blood. He cursed, "Shameless! I've seen shameless people before, but never someone as shameless as this!"
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