Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Far Off Living Place

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Ye Mo said after a moment of silence, Brother Zhuo if you trust me, leave me an address. After my business here is over, I will go to your place to have a look, and perhaps I can cure him. However, I need to tell you that the Dark Purple Root cannot cure your sons disease, I dont know where that old Chinese doctor heard it from, but it is definitely bullsh*t.

Ah Zhuo Aiguo yelped in surprise and grabbed Ye Mos hands: Brother Ye, can you really help cure my son?

Ye Mo nodded and said, It shouldnt be a big problem.

Of course, I believe you, of course The stuttering Zhuo Aiguo took out an exquisite name card and gave it to Ye Mo: This is my home address and contact number. Please, brother.

He didnt think that Ye Mo was lying and believed that Ye Mo wasnt the type of person to brag either, much less after seeing Ye Mos magical performance today. Although he hadnt been with Ye Mo for long, he felt that Ye Mo was a trustworthy person and a good friend.

Ye Mo looked at the name card and nodded: However, I cant go to Beijing now. It would probably have to wait until a year from now. Ye Mo knew that he would be probably throwing himself into a trap going to Beijing now.

Dont worry about it, as long as Brother Ye remembers, its fine. Zhuo Aiguo didnt seem the slightest displeased at all; instead, he was euphoric. Even if the Dark Purple Root could cure his son, it needed at least 2 to 3 years; on the other side, even if Ye Mo said that he couldnt cure now, it meant that as long as he went there, it probably should be solved. Zhuo Aiguo knew which was the better choice.

As for why Ye Mo didnt go with him now, he didnt think too much about it. Ye Mo was a magical person; he had his own errands to deal with. Plus, this wasnt his first day in the world; Ye Mo had to run to the borderline of the country, meaning that he had his troubles. As a friend, one didnt need to ask about everything.

Haha, Brother Ye, Ill immediately order people to set up a feast to welcome you two! Fang Nans happiness wasnt about doing the business deal today, but being able to meet someone like Ye Mo was definitely something to celebrate, and most importantly, he would be staying for some time.

Just when Xiao Lei was panicking after waiting for so long, Ye Mo and Zhuo Aiguo came out, followed by a bulky, long-haired man.

After the meal, Xiao Lei could tell that both the guests and the host were happy. Whether it was Zhuo Aiguo or that ferocious looking man, they were all very respectful towards Ye Mo, and this respect came from the bottom of their heart. Zhuo Aiguo was the manager of a big Beijing entrepreneurship and was a wealthy man, but this big man didnt seem like the nice type; however, he was also extreemy respectful toward Ye Mo.

Although she had a lot of questions to ask, Xiao Lei knew that she wasnt familiar enough with Ye Mo; thus, she asked Xiao Yu a load of questions, but Xiao Yu didnt know anything either. Their living places were organized by Fang Nan; however, Ye Mo went out after dinner. As for where, no one knew, except for Zhuo Aiguo who had a vague clue.

Ye Mo went to the base of those 13 thugs, but to Ye Mos disappointment, it was empty. He really didnt know how these people didnt have any savings after doing zero capital business for so long which broke Ye Mos wish of getting rich.

Fang Nan came to Ye Mo and the others living place early in the morning. Right now, Fang Nans Pu Dao Clan was one of the three great clans of Flowing Snake. The worst of the three great clans was the 13 turbos. But now, the 13 turbos were no more. Thus, Pu Dao Clan became one of the two biggest clans in Flowing Snake.

Because of Fang Nan taking good care of Zhuo Aiguo and the others, they were very safe in Flowing Snake, and no one dared to harass them. The second day, Zhuo Aiguo bid Ye Mo farewell as he was leaving Flowing Snake.

Ill send a few brothers to help you get to the big roads, seeing that Zhuo Aiguo and the others were leaving, Fang Nan told them that he would send some of his men to help Zhuo Aiguo going back safely.

Ye Mo didnt stop him, the 13 turbos who blocked the road were already destroyed by him, so even without someone sending them, Zhuo Aiguo and company would be in no danger. However, since Fang Nan took the initiative to send them, Ye Mo didnt say anything.

Xiao Lei walked in front of Ye Mo and mumbled, Um, Ye Mo could you leave me your phone number? I would... I would like to be able to thank you for saving my life when you come to Beijing.

Although she mumbled at the start, she became more confident at the end; after all, she was a journalist. Ye Mo smiled and said, Thanks, but it wont be necessary. In fact, I dont even have a phone, so I dont have a number to give you. You dont need to worry about such small things.

Xiao Lei became dazed. From her perspective, Ye Mo wouldnt reject a beautiful lady like her who asked his number; no man would reject a pretty womans invitation, and yet, Ye Mo did. She didnt believe that Ye Mo didnt have a phone; in these days, who wouldnt have a phone?

Seeing Xiao Leis awkwardness, although Zhuo Aiguo knew that Ye Mo really didnt have a phone, he didnt correct her misunderstanding and only said, Lets go! Otherwise, we wont make it to the plane to Xian Shan today. Helpless, Xiao Lei could only endure the rejection and left with Zhuo Aiguo.

As for a place to cultivate, since there was Fang Nans help, Ye Mo didnt need Zhuo Aiguos help anymore.

The place Fang Nan arranged for Ye Mo was a pagoda nearly 10 km away from Flowing Snake. Initially, this place sheltered a wandering monk who knew Fang Nan, and it was built with Fang Nans support. However, three years before, this monk suddenly disappeared, leaving behind this pagoda.

If Ye Mo didnt ask for such a rural place, Fang Nan would arrange a luxurious place for Ye Mo. That day, Fang Nan got a few clan members to clean up the pagoda, while Ye Mo just moved in. His main purpose was to grow the Silver Heart Grass and research where the Purple Heart Vine came from.

According to Fang Nan, seven years before when he had been running for his life, he had found the body of a Tibetan Lama [1] in a valley near the border of Yue. On the body, he had discovered the wooden box and felt that this thing wasnt ordinary, so he had kept it, but only afterward did he realized that it was a Dark Purple Root inside. In the end, Fang Nan had buried the body of the Lama nearby since he got the precious plant.

Ye Mo asked for a map from Fang Nan with the exact location of where he buried the Lama as he wanted to see for himself. Since this Lama had a Purple Heart Vine, he probably had something else with him as well, so there was no harm in checking it.

The pagoda at which Ye Mo lived wasnt small. It was more than 50 square meters, but more importantly, Ye Mo opened up some land around the pagoda which he prepared to grow the Silver Heart Grass. Ye Mo didnt dare to plant all 39 seeds at once because he didnt know if this place was suitable for growing the grass, and if this place wasnt and he damaged all his seeds, he would be devastated. Although he wasnt sure if he were the only one to possess Silver Heart Grass seeds, Ye Mo knew that even if there were some elsewhere, he wouldnt necessarily be able to find them.

He planted only 19 seeds and then took care of their surroundings by making some protections. Afterward, Ye Mo prepared to go into the forest; after all, the seeds needed a month to germinate, and he didnt make any progress in his cultivation right now, so he wanted to check the place where Fang Nan buried the Lama.

After notifying Fang Nan, Ye Mo left Flowing Snake and headed to the place where Fang Nan was running for his life before. Right now, the most important thing for him was to improve his strength.


1: Lama is a title for a teacher of the Dharma in Tibetan Buddhism. The name is similar to the Sanskrit term guru.
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