Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 525

Chapter 525: Genius Scientist
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo was too familiar with this figure. He had seen him on many pictures. This was the person Northern Sand wanted to capture. The designer of the Space Flower.

But all of a sudden, that person disappeared.

Ye Mo immediately appeared at where the figure had disappeared from and let out a breath of relief. There were so many unexplainable things about the desert that even he didn't dare to be careless now, but that place right there he knew all too well.

The area was just a barren, plain landscape, but he did find a large patch of Purple Heart Vine and a dried up spirit well. That figure had disappeared right here, so it had probably gone underground. This guy really knew how to hide. No wonder the Northern Sand people hadn't been able to find him.

Ye Mo kicked the fine sand away, which revealed a stone board. Ye Mo opened it, and it in turn revealed a stone staircase. As soon as he went down, there was a gunshot.

Ye Mo caught the bullet and looked at the man who had fired.

He looked very young, younger than 30, but was very skinny. His face was also very pale, and he had messy hair, but his eyes were very calm. He didn't seem shocked by Ye Mo catching a bullet with his hands at all.

What truly surprised Ye Mo was that there was a monkey-like animal next to the man, but upon further scrutiny, it appeared to be quite different from a monkey. Ye Mo soon recognized it. The reason why the man had been able to find this place was most likely this creature.

This thing must have ambushed him, and he probably chased it underground. This man had actually trained it. Both the monkey and the man were looking at Ye Mo vigilantly at the moment, though.

"If I'm not wrong, then you're the man wanted by Northern Sand?" Ye Mo said plainly.

"Who are you? Did Northern Sand send you here to capture me?" The man didn't seem worried at all.

Ye Mo shook his head, "I'm Ye Mo. I'm not from Northern Sand. In fact, I have a feud with them, because I stole something of theirs, although they don't have any evidence. However, I believe they will realize soon enough. So no, Northern Sand and I don't really mix."

"Oh, in that case, there's no conflict between us. Why are you on my land?" The man's pale face had a sliver of surprise on it. He imagined Ye Mo had to be quite capable, being able to take things from Northern Sand.

Ye Mo smiled, "You're a bit mistaken. First of all, we do have conflict. Secondly, this place isn't yours. I've been here before, but when I last came, there was a lot of Purple Heart Vine, and I used that spirit well behind you."

"You've been here before?!" The man looked shocked. He hadn't expected someone could have been to such a hidden place. If it weren't for his Small Ball leading the way, he would never have been able to enter the place.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "You don't need to be that anxious, I'm not here to kill you. If I were to change my mind, though, I could attack you in no time. But since fate let us meet and we have a common enemy, I believe we can work together. How about it?"

The inventor shook his hand, "No need. You're no match for Northern Sand. I won't work with you. If you really fought with Northern Sand, you'd stand no chance at all."

"Why?" Ye Mo asked. This man came from North Sand, so he probably knew a lot.

The man seemed to know that his gun couldn't threaten Ye Mo, so he put it away and said, "Northern Sand is a very strict organization. They have the most advanced weapons in the world and the most excellent engineers. They even have their own land. They can easily annihilate a country. Do you think you're a match for them? You would only make me die faster."

Ye Mo thought for a bit and asked with confusion, "Northern Sand has the most advanced weapons in the world? That's not necessarily true, how can a private organization have the most advanced weapons in the world? Are their arms even better than the US's?"

The man sneered, "The US is nothing! I designed many weapons and battle equipment for Northern Sand, how could I not know? You know the Space Flower the entire world is fighting over, right? That's not even the strongest thing I designed. The US truly is nothing."

Ye Mo frowned and looked at the man, "Who are you? How can you know technology so much more advanced than the world's standards?"

The man's face went more pale as he shook his head and said, "I don't remember who I am. I do have some recollection of coming from some country, but I can't even remember which one. I forgot a lot of the technology too. I can only remember 10-20%."

"How did you join Northern Sand then?" Ye Mo continued.

"Apparently, I was unconscious in a valley when a Northern Sand member saved me. I then quickly became their number one designer, but I felt like I was working too hard and our ideals were different. They wished for worldwide domination and to enslave the human race. So, I signed a contract with them that I would leave after finishing the Space Flower. But before I finished it, I noticed they regretted their decision, so I secretly made a flying device and escaped." The man then sat down, not wanting to discuss any further about it.

Ye Mo thought, 'Did this person also come from a different world like me?'

But this guy was really lacking in EQ. If Northern Sand actually let a genius like him go, they wouldn't be Northern Sand.

"But you can't just keep staying here, right? Are you going to stay here for the rest of your life?" Ye Mo asked with other intentions.

The man scanned Ye Mo, "Although it's harsh here, but with Small Ball, I can still live. I'm sure that as soon as I leave this desert, I'll be caught by them."

Then, he patted the monkey.

"I can take you to my territory. I want you to help me with some things, but you'll be completely free. How about it?" Ye Mo decided to just voice his idea. He couldn't let a genius like this pass.

"Your territory? You can promise me freedom, but can you promise me my life? I trust you won't kill me, but can you stop Northern Sand? Also, don't you understand that as soon as I step out of this desert, they will know?" The man looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

Ye Mo smiled, "Since I said it, I can do it. I made a company called Luo Yue, and I moved it to a place where I'm building a city. But there are some people scheming for my land, so I need a technological expert to help me."

Hearing the name 'Luo Yue', the man suddenly got up, "I've heard of this company, they are very powerful. Even I can't imagine the recipe for the beauty pill. Its designer is very good, did you make it?"

Ye Mo didn't answer directly but kept enticing the engineer, "My place is different from Northern Sand. They just want to dominate the world, but I simply want the people around me to live peacefully with no one oppressing them. I want my place to be a place where everyone can live happily without corruption or crime. So you can rest assured that I don't have those ambitions."

"Where did you move your company?" The man seemed interested not because of Ye Mo's ideals, but because of Luo Yue - that beauty pill was too absurdly powerful. Of course, he did also want to live the sort of life Ye Mo described.

"A place with the ocean on 3 sides and one part connecting to forest. It has an area of about 20.000 sq km, and we just moved there. We're still building the city. Hence, I'm on the weaker side now. If you can join us and help us design more advanced battle machines, I believe I can help you leave this desert and assure your safety," Ye Mo said.

The man smiled pridefully, "If this land of yours is really as you say, then let me design it. I'm sure that even if the US were to send all their warships, they wouldn't be able to do anything."
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