Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 527

Chapter 527: Stage Five Chi Gathering
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo really liked the pure white animal, it was very cute. Although Ye Mo didn't know why it was staring at him instead of running away, he wanted to catch it.

But just as Ye Mo was about to move, it suddenly dashed and disappeared into the rocks in the valley. It was many times faster than when he had last seen it.

Such a strange-spirited animal! Ye Mo's spirit sense locked onto the fox and saw it pass through the crevices in the rocks and disappear into a hole. The hole was very deep and Ye Mo's spirit sense couldn't reach its inside.

Was the spirit well Zeng Zhengxia had talked about in there?

It would have been very hard for ancient martial artists to dig open that place, but for an immortal cultivator like Ye Mo it really wasn't hard. An ancient martial artist would have had to clear all of those rocks, but Ye Mo only had to scan with his spirit sense and find the nearest tunnel.

He could even move the earth and stones with his spirit sense and chi. It was much easier and time-saving than using inner qi. Moreover, Ye Mo had a lot of sharp tools. He still had a lot of good weapons those earth level men had used.

Ye Mo took out his collection and started digging.

Despite this, Ye Mo still spent an entire day to dig out the tunnel and broke almost ten earth level weapons. No wonder Feng Wu and Zeng Zhengxia had given up. If they hadn't managed to dig out anything, it would have been a big waste of time. And even if they actually started to dig, it would have taken half a month.

The main thing was that if the spirit well was completely covered by rocks, then it would be useless even if they dug it out. And taking into account how much the mountain had collapsed, it was highly possible that the spirit well had been crushed.

Ye Mo stood at the entrance of the cave, from where he could see a huge stone wall of tens of meters. Ye Mo approached it and immediately knew that it wasn't natural, it was man-made. No wonder Zeng Zhengxia said it would take four people to open it.

If he simply destroyed the stone door, without the protection of the stone door the things inside might get damaged- the spirit well might not even work next time someone needed it. However, the stone wall already had a huge crack on it due to the explosion. From the crevice, Ye Mo's spirit sense could scan a thin water creek. Was that the spirit well they talked about?

Ye Mo scanned around confused, and he saw four milky white crystals on the wall. He was immediately shook: they were spirit stones indeed. Although they were just a few especially low-grade spirit stones, they brought hope to Ye Mo. It motivated him.

If spirit stones could form there, there should be a spirit well. It was very precious in the cultivation realm for chi gathering cultivators, one couldn't imagine how valuable it would be on earth.

Ye Mo's heart started beating very fast, but he finally calmed down. He felt he had gotten too excited, it wasn't good for his cultivation. He just couldn't control his joy of finally seeing spirit stones.

Ye Mo calmed down for a while and then watched the inside with his spirit sense, after which he was dazed. He saw the small white fox, which was hiding inside the spirit well staring anxiously at the door. Clearly, he knew someone was here and that the place wouldn't be its from now on.

No wonder it had gotten so fast, it had been drinking spirit well water every day. Not even ge got that luxury.

Ye Mo took out his flying sword, hacked an opening on the stone door and went in.

The white fox was obviously wary of Ye Mo and stared at him closely, but it had no intentions of leaving. Naturally, it liked the place.

Ye Mo went to grab the four spirit stones immediately. The long-awaited feeling of spirit chi almost made him cry out of comfort.

"This is what I need," Ye Mo sighed. He then took out a small jade box and carefully placed them in it. If this had happened in the cultivation realm, people would have been laughing their asses off.

Ye Mo started looking at the place carefully. It seemed like a volcanic cave, and there was water seeping from the stone wall.

There were three stones bulging out. It was probably the place where the top three could cultivate at.

The four spirit stones had been formed by the water that seeped out of the wall. Ye Mo understood what was going on. He had suspected that there might have been a small spirit stone mine behind the stone wall, but when he scanned his spirit sense he realized there wasn't.

If it had been a spirit stone mine, then Ye Mo would dig the wall open immediately, but it wasn't. If he dug the wall open, it would destroy the source of the spirit well.

Ye Mo took out an egg-sized spirit stone, held it in his hand and sat in the middle of the spirit well. It was almost a luxury for Ye Mo, who had been accustomed to the deprivation of spirit chi.

The small fox saw that Ye Mo didn't touch the well and relaxed. It went to sleep in a corner of the cave and didn't disturb Ye Mo's cultivation.

Time flew by during cultivation, it was as though he was back in Luo Yue Continent and he was cultivating with his master.

Ye Mo just kept absorbing spirit chi, and he had to change to the next spirit stone after the first had been depleted.

His already achieved stage four middle level soon became stage four latter stage, but Ye Mo didn't stop at all. He just enjoyed the satisfaction of rapidly devouring spirit chi. His meridians were being nourished by spirit chi, they quickly became stronger and wider.

The powerful chi formed cycles in Ye Mo's body and when the third stone was almost used up, he reached the peak of stage four.

Ye Mo still didn't wake up. He subconsciously took out the fourth spirit stone and felt more and more spirit chi filling his meridians. He knew that the opportunity to breakthrough had come, so he increased his speed of taking in spirit chi.


As his chi charged at the limit of his meridians in an attempt to breakthrough, it finally broke through the dam and bursted out, right when the fourth spirit stone was about to run out.

Impurities seeped out of Ye Mo's body and that long river of chi made Ye Mo acquire a new sense of power. He was at least twice as strong as before and also felt lighter. Ye Mo wanted to howl, he knew he had reached stage five.

When Ye Mo subconsciously wanted to take out another spirit stone to consolidate his power, he found that he had used them all up.

Ye Mo opened his eyes and saw that the spirit chi in the spirit well was much more diluted. He had used up almost everything there.

He had only reached stage five, how could have he used up so many resources? Ye Mo subconsciously looked for the fox, but it had already left.

Ye Mo quickly consolidated his power and stood up. It was too hard cultivating there, he had such good conditions but he had only reached one stage higher.

Ye Mo casually threw a wind blade and it silently cut a huge hole on the rock. It was much stronger than a regular stage five attack.
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