Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 529

Chapter 529: One Man Army
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

The sound of more desperate footsteps sounded as a few more marines charged in. Ye Mo didn't have any mercy and cut them all with his wind blades. He was stage 5 now, and he wouldn't feel pressured even if he used a hundred or so wind blades at the same time.

Louis saw that Ye Mo had just waved his hand and his fully armed soldiers fell down one by one, and he couldn't even stand up. He lied collapsed on the floor.

David and the two other technical engineers inside the room also witnessed this eerie scene in shock. Ye Mo hadn't killed the commanding officers in there yet, though.

The command center was bloodied, but no one dared make a sound.

"Does any of you here understand Chinese?" Ye Mo scanned the rest and asked.

A Half Chinese man stood up and said hesitantly, "I'm from China. I understand Chinese."

Ye Mo looked at the man in contempt and said, "Who's the commanding officer here? Make him make all your ships stop."

The man conveyed the message to the other two.

Then the fat man understood what was up and spoke in something that was obviously not English. Ye Mo frowned and asked the translator, "What did that pig say?"

The man quickly answered, "He asked who you are and why you came here, killing so many of our men. There's no way he would surrender."

"Oh-" Ye Mo waved his hand and a windblade sliced that Louis in half. Then, he turned back to the half-blood and said, "Ask who else doesn't want to surrender."

The man translated and the remaining two quickly said they would surrender.

Ye Mo gave them a few black pills and said, "I'm going to keep killing those who don't surrender for now. After you eat that, put up a white flag. This is poison. If you truly surrender, I will give you the antidote, otherwise you can go die."

The three all ate it and promised they would truly surrender.

Before they finished talking, though, Ye Mo had already dashed out of the command center.

"Who is he? God, he's a demon!" the tall skinny white man said after Ye Mo left.

David sneered, "Didn't I say there's a lot of people with magical powers in China? See, I was right! This person is definitely a mutant. I'm sure that it was him that the radar had scanned at first, but he could even hide from the radar. Li Lan, is he a mutant?"

Li Lan who was the half-blooded man shook his head and didn't reply.

Just as the three were getting anxious, Ye Mo came back and asked David, "Who's the commanding officer here?"

"The highest was Louis before, David is the second in command," Li Lan said.

"I see, you and David can come with me, then." Ye Mo pointed at the two. The two didn't dare resist at all and followed Ye Mo to the deck, notifying all crew members to gather.

"David, announce your surrender and make them put down their weapons," Ye Mo said coldly.

The couple of hundred people present heard that and exploded in fury. They clearly had the advantage and with one charge, Luo Yue would be theirs. Why surrender?

Many officers charged out and yelled, "Why are we surrendering? We want to see General Louis-"

Ye Mo wouldn't give them the chance to keep talking, so before they finished, Ye Mo sent out tens of wind blades, and they were all sliced in half.

The seawind spread the smell of blood, and the atmosphere on deck got quite ghastly. The boisterous scene from before turned extremely silent with the tens of bodies sliced in half laying around. This wasn't an era where war was common after all. This bloody scene was too much for a lot of marines to handle. Some even started puking.

This time Li Lan knew what he needed to do. He felt that Ye Mo didn't really like him, so he quickly called out, "This decision to surrender was made by Vice Commander David. Who dares not surrender, come forward!"

Ye Mo nodded in satisfaction. He thought that it was lucky for this Li Lan that he had some eyes, or he would be the first Ye Mo would kill.

"David, I'll leave this place to you. Make them understand the situation. You and Li Lan, come to the second ship," Then, Ye Mo went to the second ship.

As though sensing the anomaly on the commanding ship, the other ships were all ready for battle, but Ye Mo controlled the captains just like before and killed all those who resisted. Just tens of minutes later, Ye Mo had controlled the entire fleet.

An hour later, Ye Mo had acquired a patrol ship, two chasing ships, two normal ships and 4 guard ships. Two nuclear-powered submarines had escaped, though.

"We'll go back and fire at him. He's just one man by himself!" When one ship's crew realized that Ye Mo was just by himself, they wanted to turn back to him.

Ye Mo sneered and turned invisible before appearing on that ship.

The people aboard saw how Ye Mo was clearly on the other ship just a moment before, far away from them. How had he suddenly appeared on their ship? No one could even react.

Ye Mo knew that if he didn't keep killing, more people would rebel. Ye Mo had only killed 13 men before and there were still about 300 remaining. So now, Ye Mo flung out wind blades as the marines were like balls, either killed or kicked into the water.

A few people who reacted quickly had opened fire, but they still couldn't avoid their fate.

The other ship's captain who had also been planning to rebel subconsciously ducked his head and put away the gun in his hands. He had the feeling that the moment he opened fire, he would just be the first to die. He was screaming in his heart, 'Is this guy still human?' This was out of everyone's comprehension.

Seeing Ye Mo's ferocity, many marines who had still been struggling before didn't dare move anymore.

One marine saw that one of his colleagues was swimming to his ship and wanted to throw out a rope, but as soon as he did, he was sliced in half and fell into the sea.

Seeing this, no one dared move again at all.

Ye Mo had decided that if any other ship rebelled, he would immediately kill them all.


Guo Qi suddenly saw that the incoming black ship had raised a white flag. Just as he thought his sight was getting blurry, his troops reported the same thing as well.

Guo Qi now realized that he had seen right. Was this a scheme? But what would raising a white flag do?

"Let's go over and check." Guo Qi waved his hand.

"It's Brother Ye, I can see him!" Fang Wei put down the telescope in excitement.

Guo Qi also saw Ye Mo and became excited. So their big boss had attacked! No wonder those fearsome pirates had surrendered.

"Go over as fast as possible." Guo Qi no longer felt stressed and waved his hand in excitement. It seemed that Ye Mo had controlled all of their ships and if this fleet joined Luo Yue, their maritime power would increase manyfolds.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "All these ships belong to us now. Take care of the surrendered marines and kill those who resist. We'll talk about other things once we get back to shore."
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